Thursday, October 04, 2012

American Mary Hits the Hollywood News after Grimmfest

"The gorgeous GINGER SNAPS herself, Katharine Isabelle, headlines this David Cronenberg/Takashi Miike-inspired body (modification) horror from equally-stunning ‘Twisted Twins’ Jen and Sylvia Soska, who previously helmed 2009′s exploitation thriller DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. I have to admit to having not yet seen their previous OTT-titled offering, but after this effort, it goes to the top of my list, because AMERICAN MARY is superb, twisted brilliance. In fact, mentioning both Cronenberg and Miike may be a touch unjust, as the unique, rising-star siblings have spun tale that is wholly original; however, like many of those legends’ movies, it’s firmly planted in the ‘what-the-fuck’ genre." - Craig Hunter, The Hollywood News (full article)
I really like weird. Ask anyone who knows Jen and me and that descriptive word will come up more often than not. When it came time to create the world of AMERICAN MARY, we took our experiences and personalities and plastered them across the pages. It was a very exposed feeling in that creation, but it was a story that often says things without saying them. We were even lucky enough to have our favourite actress, Katharine Isabelle - who we wrote the role for, come on board and bring vastly complicated and flawed Mary to life.

You never know how a project like this will be perceived. We set out to make something different and overshot by a shit ton, making something unlike anything else and hoped that people would enjoy it. If you are uncertain if this film is for you, please take a look at this incredibly thoughtful, intelligent, and insightful review by Craig Hunter of The Hollywood News. It is very beautifully said.

Thank you to Craig and everyone who came out to Grimmfest yesterday to see AMERICAN MARY when she opened the festival with the completely awesome SINISTER and the so good I sort of want to kill Andy Stewart and adopt his short, DYSMORPHIA. Many more screenings are coming and we'll be traveling too - hope to see you in the darkened theatre.


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