Saturday, October 20, 2012

American Thorpey Reviews American Mary in Canada

There are a few things that I love with the entire essence of my being. Some of those things being: Deadpool, memes, and my dear friend, James Thorpey. Now, everyone knows that if you make a terrible film that your friend hates, so ends the friendship and so begins the self mutilation. 

James flew all the fuck up from the American East Coast to be at the screening, so would he like the film? Would we remain friends? He wrote a review on his blog...

"The film itself just looks beautiful, so visually different than Dead Hooker. The content of the two films couldn't really be more different either, showing the range that the Twisted Twins have as both writers and directors. While Dead Hooker was an amazing first feature, especially given the complete lack of budget, Mary is a whole other animal. It gives the audience a chance to see what the Soska Sisters can do when given a budget. What's more impressive is that the entir
e film was shot in fifteen days. Fifteen! That's unheard of, especially when you consider the quality of the film.
And now the numbers: 
Film - 5 out of 5 Stars 
Radness - 8 out of 5 Human Corsets  
Tribal Scarings - Get out of here 
It seems like everything is coming up Milhouse for the Soskas and their American Mary crew. They were picked up by Universal Pictures for European distribution over the summer, which is mind blowing. Monster Pictures is releasing the film in Australia, too. But there was big news revealed last night, and that is that Anchor Bay has bought the Canadian distribution rights, which I'm so stoked about. Now we just have to wait and hope to hear about American distribution. But that's not all: after an already busy year of screening Mary at different festivals, Jen & Sylv are going to be staying on the road for a few weeks more, heading back to LA for Son of Monsterpalooza and then to Monsterfest in Australia, where they get to hang out with THE Elvira."


PS My favourite comedian, Brian Posehn is writing Deadpool starting this November, and James was cool enough to grab a Deadpool poster from NYCC so Brian - who would be at TADFF after I left could sign it. The TADFF team was cool enough to make sure that Brian would be signing. What does that mean? Somehow I am the luckiest chick in the world to have such dear friends that support not only my work but my nerdiness.

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