Thursday, October 04, 2012

Artistic Intercourse with Ax Wound's Hannah Neurotica

"Ax Wound is no stranger to power house Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska. As we speak their second feature film- AMERICAN MARY- is making her rounds at some of the horror genres most prestigious festivals around the world. With such a busy tour schedule I am uber thankful they took the time to catch up with us and discuss the experience of sharing MARY with an audience for the first time. 
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It was an honor to catch up with these busy, brilliant, and gore-tastic ladies." 

There is something inherently cool about seeing your friends grow as artists. Years ago, Eli Roth introduced us to Hannah Neurotica of Ax Wound Zine telling us that we will get along great. Little did I know he had just introduced us to someone who would become one of our dearest friends and that friendship would strengthen as we continued our path in film and Hannah continued to fight for female artist recognition, even brainchilding the phenomenally uniting Women In Horror Recognition Month every February.

It's an honour to see this strong young woman grow and make the world a much more equal place where strange girls like Jen and I don't have to feel so strange or outcast. She even graced us with a cameo voiceover performance in AMERICAN MARY. 

We had a chance to catch with each other for this wicked interview --

Hannah: There is that great scene where Katie is talking to someone on the phone. Where did you find such a great voice actress? Have I mentioned what a fucking honor it is to have made an appearance in your masterpiece? Only a few zillion ;)
Sylvia: Like Scorsese, we like to have our family in the films that we make. You watch your own film a lot and there are things that make you smile every time that you watch it. I smile every time I hear Hannah’s voice being a bitch to Mary. It’s just the little touches like that that make film making a little more personal.
 Jen: I second everything Sylv just said. Sometimes in life you get lucky enough to find the family out there in that big bastard of a world. We were so blessed to have another sister come into our lives. Having you in the film just makes it all that more personal and make us smile.

Click here for the whole piece. A stupidly giant thank you to Hannah for taking the time to chat to us and supporting us since the DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK days. Without that kind of support, we'd never have been able to continue making films like this.



  1. How did I miss this!!!??? Awww I love you both so fucking much!