Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Austin Chronicle Chronicles the Twisted Tirade at Fantastic Fest

Do you want to know what it's like when you get Jen, me, Katharine Isabelle, and Tristan Risk alone in a room together while we're promoting AMERICAN MARY? Complete, unabashed insanity.

I love this article so wholly because it's exactly what happens with Daken-amour, shit tons of good ole fashion cussin', and body modification film-making antics. The intro --

"There's a trick to telling Jen and Sylvia Soska apart. One has fangs, and the other doesn't. Even though the latest film from the Canadian film making duo, American Mary, deals with body modification, their dentine difference is all natural.  
Let's cut to the chase: There may have been bigger names at Fantastic Fest, but the interview everyone ended up wanting was the Twisted Twins, the endlessly cheerful, endlessly nerdy joint force of nature. No other film maker would have booked a third day of interviews, not would many have had to.

Heading up to the Rapper's Delight karaoke room for the interview, I got my first real taste of the Soska experience. Jen sprinting down the corridor, handling the arrangements for the day herself, grinning broadly: Sylvia inside, prepping the room, while their actors, Ginger Snaps star Katherine Isabelle and Vancouver-based burlesque performer Tristan Risk are AWOL somewhere. When they finally arrive, Jen calls down the hall. "Is that the movie star?"  
"Nah," yells Risk. "It's just the stripper."  
"Well, look what the werewolf dragged in," laughed Jen. It took about 15 seconds for me to get enveloped by the madness.  
Dragging up one of her straight-to-SyFy low budget performances, with a straight face Sylvia turned to Isabelle and said, "Richard's a big fan of Ogre. Nah, he's a fan of Ginger Snaps. Nobody's seen fucking Ogre." 
Isabelle sighed. "Well, he's going to go see it now." 
Too late. Already seen it. Cue whoops and hollers from the American Mary ensemble." 

 Read the whole awesome Austin Chronicle piece here! A huge thank you to Richard Whittaker for one of the most fun interviews we've had and for putting all that insanity so eloquently together in the piece.


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