Friday, May 03, 2013

American Mary: The great film about body modification

American Mary (2012): An interview with the film directors, the Soska siblings, aka the twisted twins.

Who inspires you in the world of horror movies? Any favorite directors/movies?

S: My mom and dad inspire me. We were very lucky to have supportive and encouraging parents. Even if we were interested in something that they wouldn’t necessarily be interested in, they would be cool with it and even from a young age which a lot of kids interested in horror don’t get from their parents. It wasn’t like they threw us in the deep end and said good luck, they educated us. We would watch horror with my mom and discuss what we had seen – she explained the filmmaking process to me and they are happy memories to me. We still like watching movies together. Movies I love are Edward Scissorhands, Audition, Stand by me, Antichrist, Desperado, Ghostbusters, Suspiria, Hostel 2, Hellraiser, American Psycho, Wolf Creek, Human Centipede 1 & 2, A Serbian Film, Manborg, Excision, Martyrs, Hobo with a Shotgun, Pieces, New York Ripper – I love original voices with something to say. I know I’m forgetting some, I’m a horror junkie.

J: So many! Rodriguez and Tarantino are fairly obvious. Eli Roth is wonderful. I love David Cronenberg. He is a true trail blazer for Canadians. His films are deeply original and so unique and they escape classification and definition and I love that. Dead Ringers is probably an obvious favorite. We love a lot of world cinema, I feel Europe and Asia are coming out with the most exciting things in horror like I Saw the Devil and Let the Right one in.  REC was great. Takashi Miike is amazing. Joss Whedon is a director/writer I just adore. The way he can tell a story and the characters and dialogue he creates is just awe inspiring. He’s just a master. I feel he’s terribly underestimated, though I imagine less so after the success of The Avengers."

Read the full interview here!


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