Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shock Till You Drop Talks to Mary

Shock Till You Drop: You have starred in two highly influential feminist horror films: Ginger Snaps and American Mary - do you fancy yourself a bit of a feminist icon these days? 
Katharine Isabelle: I would gladly take that title. I’d be fucking enthusiastic as hell about that. I was gifted with the role of both those characters. It was just a fucking blessing to be involved; to be given the characters that I have is terrifying. Mary is so fucking great and I loved her so much.  I really didn’t want to fuck it up. It’s funny. She really has no redeeming qualities. I think she only smiles twice in the film. It’s very rare to see a female character portrayed on screen that isn’t one of the five main stereotypes of women in film. [She is] someone who is so smart, so interesting, so quirky, so dark, and so loveable. It’s hard to define why you feel the way that you do about her. I hope that everybody finds some kind of power in watching what Mary goes through – especially girls. I would love to have that title of feminist icon. I don’t even know what that means, or how to properly take on that title and live it, but I would be fucking stoked to try.   
Shock: I think you just need to keep up the good work.  
Isabelle: Thank you. Hopefully I will be blessed with more awesome female characters like Mary and Ginger.



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  1. Fantastic photography. Love the one with selective focus on the baby, the
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