Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth Talks American Mary to the Twisted Twins

TMS: Can you tell us about your next project? Will you be sticking with horror or are you going to move in a new direction for your next film?

S: It's funny, we never intend to make a horror film, even when we try to, it becomes this very us thing. We have a lot of scripts that we want to make, several of them I would not categorize as horror even with the subject matter. Our goal is to shake things up with each new project. There are two films, written by one of our favorite artists that we cannot wait to make big screen adaptations of; the next film is shaping up to be BOB which we are already in early prep work for. The tagline is: There's a monster inside all of us, sometimes it gets out.

No matter what we do, it'll have horrific aspects. I'm not into labels. I think a film, like any good art, really transcends definition. And it's interpretive. Depending on the viewer, it changes. It can be a lot of things, but, yes, there will always be bloody bits of horror in anything and everything we do. We make everything we do personal and there's just too much horror in us. It has to find a way out.



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