Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bloody-Disgusting Talks to Mary

Bloody-Disgusting: You spend a lot of the movie conversing with someone who is surgically altered to look and sound like Betty Boop. Is it hard to maintain character through that?
Katharine Isabelle: Tristan Risk, who played Beatress, is fucking amazing. Not only did she have to get there 4 hours early to get her prosthetics on, but she had an absolutely stellar shining attitude. She so utterly absorbed the part that there was no disconnect between myself and her, she literally just became Beatress. She came onset literally without any makeup on and people were like, “I’m sorry we’re going to have to ask you to leave.” No one recognized her [even though she's one of the stars of the movie]. She is brilliant, she exuded Beatress through every pore.

Bloody-Disgusting: Out of all the procedures your character has to perform in the movie, which one disturbed you the most?
Katharine Isabelle: I don’t think any of them disturbed me. There was the clitorectomy scene where I’m dropping bits of bloody vagina on the floor, and if we get a walkout that’s usually when it happens. But I’m not actually performing it, it’s just a tray with little bits of bloody latex. Honestly, I think the suturing of turkey got to me the most, I’m paranoid about raw poultry.



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