Sunday, October 31, 2010

Horrorphilia Podcast, Twisted Twins, and Scarecrows Galore

Halloween is a magical time. It is truly the best time of the year (yeah, that's f'n right, Christmas, take a bloody hike!!). This year we had the esteemed honor of co~hosting this special Halloween edition of the Horrorphilia Podcast, episode lucky #52. It was absolutely gore~geous.

A very special thanks to the gentlemen of Horrorphilia, Jason, Chuck, Gonzo, Jeremy, and James (who was there in spirit!) for inviting us on. It was a pleasure and wicked awesome and absolutely radcore. Here's the what...

"Here it is our second annual Halloween Special and we come out with all guns blazing with Jen and Sylvia Soska. They are the beautiful, talented twins, who wrote, produced, directed and acted in the new awesome indie film Dead Hooker in a Trunk. Not only do they give us an awesome interview but they help review three Scarecrow themed movies. First up is the terrible Scarecrow Gone Wild, then the action horror Scarecrows (1988), and finally we end it with the recently released on dvd and blu ray the awesome Dark Night of the Scarecrow. All this plus stories of McDonald happy meals, punching bears in the face, anal beads, and much more you dont want to miss.

Check out the ladies and more info for Dead Hooker In A Trunk at

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Contact us by email at or leave a voice mail at 512-254-7817"

Check out the full podcast HERE, boys and grrls!!
And do treat yourselves to a little looky loo around the horrorphilia archives. After all, you deserve a break today!!

Happy Halloween from your friendly neighborhood Twisted Twins~!!!!



  1. Nice one girls! Going to check this out later on today. Haha, Scarecrow gone wild, I know that's gathering dust somewhere in my "view once and archive" pile... Dark Night Of The Scarecrow is without a doubt one of the finest TV movies ever made, and my favourite Scarecrow-related film!

    Happy Halloween from your faithful Aussie ambassador


  2. Horrorphilia JasonNovember 3, 2010 at 8:58 PM

    The ladies rocked it out hard. Thank you so much. We listed our voicemail number wrong on there its 512-524-7817 if you want to tell us how much you loved the sisters on the show. I believe they are up and coming talent and a breath of fresh air for the indie horror community.