Thursday, October 28, 2010

Second Scarlet Ending Video Released

Here is the second music video for the very talented and charismatic band, The Scarlet Ending. The song is 'Phoenix' off their second album, 'Ghosts'. These folks are the real deal - so genuinely sweet and kind, so creative and interesting, and completely self-sacrificing to make their dreams come true. Please check them out and pass it along to your cool friends. This band is going to be huge, one member has be approached by American Idol... trust us, you're going to be hearing and seeing a lot from them!

Now, allow me if you will, to introduce you to the talent that came together to create this video and a little more information on the band.
"Taken off of their sophomore album release "Ghosts," The Scarlet Ending's single "Phoenix" is played against a loose nod to F.451 featuring David Barkes, David Lovgren & Katrin Bowen as The Fireman.

Direction & Editing by CJ Wallis. Camera & Lighting by Robert Walsh. Additional Camera by Jeffrey Zablotny. Crew: Jen & Sylvia Soska. Make-Up by Ashley Hogan.

Produced in large part from the generous donations made via Kickstarter. Thank you from all involved in the production. Additional thanks to Mr & Mrs Soska, Dale Wallis & Marilyn Thomas."

Thank you for all your support, girls and boys. I often imagine your little faces glowing from the computer screen, reading our diary, and it always makes me smile.


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