Saturday, October 09, 2010

Shiver in Antici.............pation! Vancouver Horror Con is ON!!!

Are you over nineteen years of age? Hmmm. Well, how's your ID? We are tickled pink (or maybe red would be more appropriate) to announce the First Annual Vancouver Horror Convention! Appropriately scheduled for October 31st. Say whaaaaaaaaat!?
"On Halloween day, horror fanatics from across the lower mainland will converge on Main Street to celebrate horror culture. The convention brings together artists, film makers, special effects personnel and local vendors for an expose of what the horror subculture is producing in Vancouver. Hosted by the one and only Miss.Gory Rae this event will be one you wouldn't wanna miss! Make-up artists from renowned special effects schools are geared to compete for the Dr. Frankenstein Award for the most horrific creation. Local shops are also taking part by setting up vendor stands to sell horror-related products – comics, jewelry, fashion, video, posters and more. Other attractions include a performance of gore burlesque and a DJ set from Pyra Draculea aka DJ Drake, host of Vampire’s Ball on CiTR 101.9FM."

We, Twisted Twins, are joining the fine ladies and gentlemen of the horror scene this Sunday, October the 31st at noon til six at 2655 Main Street – two blocks south of Main and Broadway in Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia. So, join your fellow Canucks, pop on up over the boarder, take a quick flight, and come on down! Only for five bucks Canadian. Are you involved in the horror scene? Join in the bloody good times -- If you are interested in booking a vendor table, please contact Raien at


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