Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Pretty Excited.

20 days away from Twisted Twins Productions' 2nd Anniversary and the release of the new teaser for our 2nd feature film.

We're pretty excited. We have been working to spread the word, but we're not alone. Here is what our cool friends are saying...

Monster Island Resort - teases a our tease for our teaser.

All Things Horror - speak about things to come and a girl named Mary.

FortyFPS Productions - worked with us on the teaser and now on the tease.

I Like Horror Movies - big time supporters of we Twisted Twins and Dead Hookers everywhere... and they liked our film, too! ;)

Kristy Jett - friend to Twisted Twins, dead hookers, and American Marys alike had this to say on the Bloodsprayer.

Dai Of The Dead – #2 Hot Women, Mummified Old Men, and Some Cool News!

Ken of Killing Boxx, the incredible site that's a community of like-minded creators, a place to speak and learn and exchange and promote and present art.

Thank you kindly for all the love and support -- this new film is for you, girls and boys.

~Jen and Sylv

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  1. I will make posts this week. I am having technical issues. =(