Friday, November 26, 2010

Let There Be Bleedfest Every Month!

What is Bleedfest?

"We are passionate about raising the visibility of awesome indie genre movies by female filmmakers.

BleedFest fetes the women who love writing, producing, directing, and watching badass genre movies: horror, thriller, action, sci-fi, western, exploitation, B-movie, and erotica. We also screen a few male filmmakers who have empowering, badass and edgy female protagonists; their work screens out of competition and receives our "Partnership Award". Our mission is to spotlight these edgy films and their fearless makers, and prove to the world that the derogatory term "chick flick" needs to be retired."

Agreed, ladies.

The very first Bleedfest took place this summer in sunny LA in sisterhood with the Viscera film festival. It was fucking incredible. Seeing these wonderful films with such a great horror crowd was awesome -- let me tell you, boys and girls, film making powerhouse sisters Elisabeth and Brenda Fies know how to throw a party. It was with great sadness that we packed our bags and headed back up to Canada after the fest. But we knew there would be another festival the next year and were excited to return again.

Hold the phone. Call your dad into the room. Get ma from out back. You don't have to wait until next year.

"The festival is the first Sunday afternoon each month. We feature shorts and features in and out of competition, works in progress, and student films. We also program Q & As, networking opportunities, and forums with noted Hollywood luminaries to explore issues facing women auteurs in the industry."

What an incredible opportunity to see and screen fantastic indie movies that often go unnoticed against the big studio blockbusters. From experience let me tell you, the ladies really know their horror shit. They are smart and they welcome you to the festival with a level of kindness and sincerity that makes you feel like family. It is a great event to showcase your work. This fast approaching December 5th marks the first of many upcoming Bleedfest, a bloody good time. Our short film, BADGIRLS, will be playing. Submit your films too, so we can all play together! Can it get any better? Yes. Yes, it can --

"BleedFest provides what filmmakers need to be successful. Our filmmakers are all official winners, and will have a new Winner Laurel to place on their press materials. Each filmmaker will receive an award and have a Q& A and photo moment in front of a red carpet Step and Repeat banner. Many of the films will be in competition to receive the Audience Award."

Awards and laurels are great to get recognition for new independent films. They especially come in very handy when it comes to distribution time. Studios dig that stuff. So, it's already a fantastic event that gives indies the opportunity to shine and brings the horror community closer together, how could it get any better. Um... I don't know... who likes booze? What if the booze was FREE!? Yes. The Fies knock it out of the park with an open bar. Ten dollars gets you a great night of films and an open bar.

Get your tickets here.
Submit your film here. This is a great indie event that supports indie film making. Please pass this around to your cool friends and check out the Monthly Fest. We guarantee that you'll enjoy yourselves!


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  1. You ladies need to come to Detroit for Motor city nightmares.. lots of sweet indie stuff. or I need to get off the computer and out to LA for this.