Thursday, November 04, 2010

How Horrible our Film Fest will be... Horribly Awesome!

"Halloween is over but you can still find something scary in San Diego. Here's a preview of the inaugural Horrible Imaginings Film Festival playing this Saturday at the Tenth Avenue Theater beginning at 1:00 pm.

If you're a horror fan like myself and are counting the 361 days left until next Halloween then here's something to make the wait a little easier: Horrible Imaginings Film Festival. The film festival serves up horror features and shorts both old and new as well as two floors of artwork. This celebration of horror is the brainchild of Baltimore transplant Miguel Rodriguez, who saw a need for more horror in San Diego and decided to try and fill it."

This is an exert from an article by Cinema Junkie - Beth Accomando of KPBS San Diego: Public Radio, TV, and Web News and we couldn't agree more - we're not ready to give up our love of the spooky and strange - hell, we embrace it year round. Coming up this weekend is the first horror genre film festival of San Diego - The Horrible Imaginings Film Festival - brainchild of Miguel Rodriguez who decided to bring the splatter to the people and the people couldn't be more stoked!
"What people can expect from the film festival," says Rodriguez, "is people can walk around, meet other people who are like-minded and like the same type of genre. They will be able to expect artwork of dark or macabre nature, and also a number of films including two classics that are being screened over the course of the 12-hour period.

Twelve hours may sound like a long time to spend in the dark getting scared but the festival is broken up into two halves representing two different kinds of horror.

"I wanted to showcase how the horror genre can bring out different ways that people communicate fear," Rodriguez explains, "And that could be either from a psychological way or from a more visceral way."

We met Miguel at this past year's Viscera and Bleedfest Film Festival and we horror aficionados know one another when we meet them. Nicest, most down to earth, funny gentleman ever who knows his horror inside and out. When he decided to bring the genre fest to the people of San Diego, we knew something special was a'brewin' and now the time is almost upon us! This weekend it happens. It was a huge honor when Miguel requested 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' to play in the fest --
"The enticingly titled "Dead Hooker in a Trunk." (I mean how can you resist a film with a title like that!)

"It's a very fun kind of grindhouse film," says Rodriguez who can't help but smile at the mere mention of the title. "Just go for the ride. Turn the brain off and have a lot of fun."

The film was made in Canada by identical twin sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska, and the female characters they play are anything but passive victims. The film is an uneven, ultra-low budget project fueled by wild energy and do-it-yourself inventiveness."

Exactly what we wanted when we created the film, something that is fun to watch, you have a blast, and makes the girls and the boys feel like they can kick ass! Badass has that affect on people, she's a special type of girl. Now read the whole article, girls and boys, you'll be glad that you did!

If you can get to it, call in sick and start driving now - go check out this festival and bring your friends. Now that The Horrible Imaginings Film Fest has arrived in San Diego, it's here to stay! Thank you to Beth for getting the word out about this fantastic fest, Miguel for creating it and giving a voice to horror in the community, and for all the fans and film makers alike for loving the genre - you are the best quality of people in the world!



  1. I am the luckiest monster kid ever to have friends like you, my lovely Soska sisters! Thank you for creating such a great film, being such amazing people, and continuing to SHOCK AND AWE!

    Love, Miguel

  2. Thanks for sharing my review. Sorry you lovely, twisted young ladies won't be in San Diego for the screening of your film. Hope you have another coming out soon. You rock!