Friday, November 26, 2010

Jesus Loves Zach Shildwachter

"You son of a whore that fucks his mother. I'm going to miss my youth group for this shit, you fist fucker? I'm going to get that dirty motel manager to ride your fucking ass. What do you think about that, cowboy? You ever been skull fucked after an ass rape? Jesus doesn't love you."


Completely cool and completely a random act of awesomeness, our friend Zach Shildwachter - of the Blood Sprayer - made this beautiful water color rendition of Goody Two-Shoes/CJ Wallis. The 'Jesus Doesn't Love You' banner is the knockout punch of fucking rad town and Zach is the mayor!

You don't know Zach? Get caught up here. And read his sweet-ass articles here.

Zach, I think the three of us have a big(ger) crush on you.


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