Friday, November 12, 2010

Horrible Imaginings is Anything But Horrible!!

In our life time, we've seen many things. We've seen the start of "comics to film craze" and seen many of our heroes brought to life on the big screen. We've seen films in 3D. We've seen the Atari give way to the PS3. We've seen the beginning of so many great things. We can now add to the list that we've seen the start of the HORRIBLE IMAGININGS HORROR FILM FESTIVAL OF SAN DIEGO.

It was a great honor to have DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK be part of this incredible event. A very special thanks goes out to everyone who made it possible. Thank you to the fans for coming out! Thank you to festival head and founder, Miguel Rodriguez, for making it all possible. Johnnie Wolf was the Projectionist for ALL the films... Lauren Way was the Bartender, Several local artists donated their time as well.. And Nicolas Simonin (Derailed producer) filmed all the Q and A's...

Countless others!!!!

And thank you to Beth Accomando and Gaaron O'Rourke Varner for these beautiful photographs... you can just see the wicked awesome~y goodness.

Mister Miguel Rodriguez

Miss Beth Accomando

Is that a needle in your mouth or are you just happy to see me?

The incredible Elisabeth Fies.

The sensational Brenda Fies.

The usual suspects

I don't know what it is, but I want that drink somethin' fierce...

Festival Head at, well, the festival.

Just awesome. Who doesn't love heads? ;)

Gaaron looking DAMN fine in his Dead Hooker~!!

The mad scientist. EVERY fest should invest in one.

Just cool.

Awesome decor~!!

Capturing all the behind the scenes magic~!!

The after party~!!

Blood soaked embraces to everyone who took part! We're truly looking forward to next year's festival~!!



  1. I should have made life-sized cut outs of you to put in all of those pictures!

  2. Ha! That would have been great Miguel!

    But I call bullshit on Jen and Sylvia being old enough to know what Atari is. Me? I had a subscription to Atari Age so I wouldn't miss out on important info like when their Superman and ET games released. Had to learn everything about those amazing graphics: