Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alison Lilly

Women In Horror recognition month is truly one hell of a month. But why, Jen? What gives? What makes it so damn special? Do you chicks REALLY need a whole month to pat one another on the back? Well, as a matter of fact, WiH month is a whole lot more than simply celebrating the female artists who often get looked over and if you call me "chick" again, I'll tear off your baby maker.
We get to recognize the incredible artist contributions of women throughout the world, we female artists who may not have had the opportunity to meet before can get in touch with one another, and hopefully we can inspire women to stand strong and follow their dreams. But can't we do this all year 'round? That's the goal. Unfortunately, women aren't recognized as much as their male counter parts. Women In Horror month aims to change all that.

An artist that we have the esteemed honor to meet and befriend is one who isn't nearly as well known as she should be. Her unique and breath-takingly beautiful and dark art has blown us away. We were honored to have her attend our Vancouver screening of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. The rest is history. Allow us to continue on the proud tradition of this month and introduce you to an astounding female artist, Alison Lilly.

Alison Lilly is an artist who has an extensive background in textile screen printing, which she has incorporated into her fine arts practice. Currently she is working on mixed media print work and illustrative design projects.

Alison addresses her own interest in traditional male and female archetypes portrayed within pop culture and media of the past and present through her amazing artwork. With her powerful and provocative imagery, Alison’s work raises questions regarding how we choose to perceive media imagery, as well as how these portrayals influence our culture.

I couldn't HOPE to show you all the magnificent pieces Alison has created so please check out her OFFICIAL SITE HERE and follow her OFFICIAL BLOG HERE. We do.

She has also, as you can clearly see from her gore~geous poster above, has been a big part of and contributor to Women In Horror month. We'll certainly keep you up to date on her work. We're quite excited to see and share with you all what she does next. Now go check out her site and follow her blog!


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