Friday, February 11, 2011

What The Fear Is Up?

"Like Roger Corman, Monte Hellman and Herschell Gordon Lewis before them, Jen and Sylvia Soska know the key to making an exploitation masterpiece lies in the perfect mix of cars, girls and copious amounts of gore.

So they rounded up a muscle car, some friends, a serial killer, and a mysterious cowboy pimp and slowly hacked them apart with various implements. Oh, and they did it in heels.

In 2008 the sisters started Twisted Twin Productions after their first film Dead Hooker in a Trunk caught the attention of fans and filmmakers alike."

Jen and I have been horror fans since we were little girls - I would ballpark that the love affair started when we were nine years old - as fans it is such an unbelievable thrill to actually be working within the genre we hold so dear. Even more amazing - the fact that we get to speak to be chat about our story and love with our favorite sites, and during Women In Horror Recognition Month, the viral world is just brimming with girl power (that's girl power for both the sexes) and we have a lot of people to be grateful to for making this possible.

One of those filmmakers who was wowed by the Soska’s homage to the grindhouse genre introduced them to a mutual friend, Hannah Neurotica, the founder of Women in Horror Recognition Month. That’s right kids. It’s one big, bloody family. And they say there’s no community anymore.

“Hannah and us have a very special relationship. We were introduced by mutual friend, feminist, and film maker, Eli Roth - he thought we'd get along and it's seriously like we were separated at birth,” Sylvia said. “It was our first interview and a great friendship came from it.”

WTF - What The Fear, Fear Dot Net - writer, feminist, and horror aficionado, Sara Castillo, has been interviewing various prominent women on the horror scene and it was a huge honor to have ourselves included in this series. The questions - were fun and gave us a chance to ramble and give a couple shoutouts to people who mean a lot to us. I don't know where I would be without them and you - yes, you reading this blog - you have contributed to these weird little horror nerds' greatest ambitions coming to fruition and we promise you the work will be a thank you for your faith in us and our work.

No more tidbits. Get your whole read on here. Thank you so kindly for taking the time to chat with us, Miss Castillo. It was a pleasure. Thank you for reading, boys and girls. We have something really special planned to thank you for putting us here. Most humble thanks. Times two.


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