Sunday, February 20, 2011

Emily Perkins

"The horror genre always has a lot to say about what threatens mainstream culture, and is an excellent venue for psychological and feminist discourse." -Emily Perkins

Maybe because Jen and I could relate to two morbid sisters that would make a photo series gruesomely detailing one another's deaths? Maybe because they were Canadian girls going through the glory of teenage angst at the same time as us? Maybe because when you see Emily Perkins on the screen, you just get sucked into that character? On further thought, it's probably a combination of all three and then some. Emily Perkins is a ridiculously talented and charismatic Canadian actress who continues to impress audiences whenever you are lucky enough to catch her on the big or small screen.

Emily Perkins was born in beautiful British Columbia, Canada in lovely Vancouver. It was May 4th, 1977, that Emily Jean Perkins came into the world and, shortly thereafter, she was starting her career as a child actress. She would be in three films in her young career: SMALL SACRIFICES (opposite Farrah Fawcett), ANYTHING TO SURVIVE (opposite Matt Le Blanc), and Stephen King's IT (with Seth Green and Jonathan Brandis). In 1998 she would play Carmen in the television series, DA VANCI'S INQUEST. They would bring her back in 2001 for the reoccurring role with a 34 episode arc of a prostitute named Sue Lewis. The performance would win her a Leo Award. In the small screen, she would appear on THE TWILIGHT ZONE, THE X-FILES, DEAD LIKE ME, and SUPERNATURAL.

"I had a crush on Jonathan Brandis. I think it was partly a test tube thing, but I thought he was pretty cute. He became, like, a teen heart throb after that, I think". -Emily Perkins

She would get the most notoriety of her career when she played Brigitte Fitzgerald in the dark comedy about becoming a woman told cheekily through werewolf transformation in the Canadian horror hit, GINGER SNAPS. She continued in the role for the entire trilogy of the film series: GINGER SNAPS, GINGER SNAPS 2: UNLEASHED, and GINGERSNAPS BACK: THE BEGINNING to critical acclaim: Best Actress award at the Málaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema, Fangoria's Chainsaw Award, and the 2nd Annual Spacey Awards' "Viewer's Fan Choice Horror Villian". Fuckin eh!

"I was able to connect with Brigitte because when I was a teenager I saw the process of becoming a sexually mature adult as monstrous. I now understand that it is constructed as monstrous by society (e.g. all the products we have for controlling our natural bodies), and that is the "beast" that attacks every girl when she becomes sexualized by our culture. The hardest thing about playing Brigitte was trying to keep the smile out of my eyes. I was having so much fun!" -Emily Perkins

"Ginger Snaps is FROM the female perspective and in many ways FOR the female perspective, but it is actually ABOUT the influence of the male perspective, so it already does encompass that." -Emily Perkins

"I'd love to do comedy. And I think I have pretty good sense of comic timing, so I`d really like to try that." -Emily Perkins

Emily would go on to act in SHE'S THE MAN, JUNO, ANOTHER CINDERELLA MOVIE, and BLOOD: A BUTCHER'S TALE. In 2004, Emily (at the age of twenty six) would adopt her two younger cousins because their parents were unable to take care of them. In 2005, she would go on to teach Acting at University of Wales, Aberystwyth. It was in 2006 that Emily and her husband welcomed son Dante into the world. She would return to Vancouver and her acting career later in that same year.

Smart, loving, and talented, Emily graduated from the University of British Columbia. You can see Emily on the new series HICCUPS, as Crystal Braywood. Her career started when she was only ten years old, her uncanny abilities seen from such an early age. She won a YTV National Youth Achievement award in acting after her first role and has been going strong ever since. Emily has a beautiful heart and, mother of three, is pretty much one of the coolest moms around. She is also sharp and eloquent when she speaks and she has the balls to stand up for things that mean something to her, like same sex rights issues.

"Yes, it should be legalized. It is legal in my province, and I have always said that I would never myself be married unless gays and lesbians have the right as well. As things stand globally and historically, marriage is an institution of male domination and ownership of the female body. If gays and lesbians can also marry, the meaning of marriage will change for the better. I believe that all people should enjoy the same rights regardless of their sexual orientation. Homophobia is as great a concern to me as racism, sexism or classism, and indeed these are all inextricably linked."
-Emily Perkins (on same sex marriage)

I have it from a very reliable source and good friend of Miss Perkins that she is pretty much a saint on earth in realms of being a cool chick. Yeah, I totally knew it.



  1. Hmmm, I wonder who that source is?? Ever think of doing a script that would bring Em and Katie together as sisters? I wonder where you could get some ideas for such a script??

  2. She's absolutley Gorgeous. <3

  3. Emily Perkins is amazing! Not only is she a phenomenally talented actress but her beliefs and her insights are beyond reproach. I have more respect for her than words can express.


  4. Emily Perkins is just gorgeous. She is capable of doing comedy roles and especially horror. She immediately became my fav horror scream queen after Ginger Snaps 2 so glad that she's returning to horror genre again in 2014.
    Now I really hope you and Emily will work together someday somehow. ya know? ;)