Saturday, February 26, 2011

Got Head Cheese?

We have a lot of fun talking to the wonderful James DePaolo. Here are some past moments for those of you late to the friend-ship. We had the pleasure of sitting down with James and having a great, lengthy chat with some fucking rad, unique questions. Here is a little morsel of that rad --

You both are workaholics. You do the blog, website and podcast circuit it seems by the hour. When you are not promoting you are working on American Mary or touring with Dead Hooker, you barely have down time. Do your regular jobs understand this, or do you guys quit a job and then when home get another?

S: Oh gawd, this is embarrassing. We are still waiting for HOOKER to get sold and we're still a couple of weeks away from being able to just focus on MARY, so we do have day jobs. It's a very humbling experience to be hiring all these incredible people for the team and all the excitement that comes with a career that is developing so extremely well, then put on your apron, and wait tables so you can pay all these bills we've accumulated over the last three years.

I will never forget for a moment how lucky we are to be doing this and where we came from. You get a lot of rude people when you wait tables - and it can be rough work. Be nice to your waitresses and tip them well. I got a generous tip during Christmas of sixty dollars and I almost cried because I knew it meant I would be able to pay for presents for my family.

J: I was actually working for HMV when I started this all. I liked it because I got to see check out and, of course, stock their film selections and they had a ton of cool world cinema and horror titles. I had scheduled to have our first day on DHIAT and booked the day off a month in advance. When schedule time came, it turned out they had still scheduled me. When I tried to tell them why I couldn't come in, they told me either I come in that day or I don't come back. It was shitty. I left and thought how I couldn't wait for them to carry our DVDs. I'll be sure to go check it out when it happens.

We are pretty much married to our careers. All work, very little time for play. So we make damn sure to spend our down time wisely. We work day jobs together which know about our careers and they really do try to help accommodate our schedules. I do look forward to having only the career to worry about. Multiple jobs do suck a bit. I wouldn't want it any other way, though. I think the time we put it makes a lot of difference. We make sure to respond to every email we get. the only ones we don't respond to are either "show me your tits" or "make me famous".

See? Delicious interview piece for Cinema Head Cheese. Get your fill on the full piece here. A big humble thank you to James who has been a huge supporter of us and our work who always takes the time to do cool interviews. Thank you kindly, sir!


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