Saturday, February 26, 2011

Liberally Dead and Loving It!

First allow me to properly introduce the gentleman that is Justin LaLiberty. A small blerb that will make you dig this gent as we also do --

Student of the Selznick School of Film Preservation in Rochester, NY. I spend too much time on social networking websites, watching sexploitation flicks and reading (and re-reading) anything Garth Ennis has put his name on.

See? Rock and roll, totally awesome gentleman. He loves Ennis which means he and we could probably talk for hours about The Preacher series, but onto the actual point - I do often take the scenic route to get there.

Justin was cool enough to take some time to chat with Jen and I for a Women In Horror Month Interview. It was very hip and here's the very flattering and kind intro --

Women In Horror Month 2011 is almost at its end. This is unfortunate as the past twenty-four days have been an incredible experience for myself and, seemingly, for the horror community as a whole. It is time, in these final days, that we hear from two women/sisters/twins/filmmakers/actresses/stuntwomen and all around inspiring people: The Soska Sisters. I could write at length about how awesome these two, and their work, are. However, I decided I’d allow them to do it for you. What follows is a rather lengthy interview between myself and Jen and Sylvia. This is no mere fluff piece either, there is some serious thought and dedication present in their answers here, so take the time to read it through and enjoy the last few days of Women In Horror Month 2011!

Justin knows film and has excellent horror knowledge. His wit and intelligence are evident in his conversational questions that really delve into indie filmmaking and our goals with the work. Read the entire lovely piece here and get your HOOKER news, MARY news, and inside look at how a pair of girls from Vancouver, Canada, made a movie with a great team, crazy idea, and relentless ambition. Thank you for this gracious piece and interview, Justin. It was very cool to talk with you, sir!


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