Friday, February 04, 2011

Jovanka Vuckovic

"My mother always says that I’ve loved monsters since before I could speak. When I could hold a crayon, I’d draw monsters. When it was my turn to choose a video on movie night, I’d run for the horror section of the video store. It’s just always been in my blood. I can’t explain it. When it comes to horror, I feel like Lt. Ripley in Alien 3 when she says, “You’ve been in my life for so long, I can’t remember anything else.” -Jovanka Vuckovic

For those of you with just a mild to moderate interest in horror may not recognize the woman being celebrated in this piece. For those of you in the know it's obvious - the flame red hair, the horror icons tattooed across her physique, the endless knowledge of everything and everything horror - because you have to when you're Editor-In-Chief of Rue Morgue, formerly. She's moved on to pursue writing and directing her first feature. And she is Jovanka Vuckovic.

"I admire every woman who’s contributing to the genre without selling herself out. But I’d love to see more women making movies. There are plenty writing horror fiction, but I’d like to see more ladies infiltrate the film business." -Jovanka Vuckovic

This ballsy Canuck is an award winning writer, Gemini Award winner for Best Visual Effects - she spent five years working for CBC Television as a digital effects artist - not to forget she studied forensic anthropology at McMaster University. So much knowledge of the dead - not just the fantastic we see on the screen or the page but also the harsh cold reality of the real dead.

"My career in horror began when I studied forensic anthropology in university and realized that there is a stark difference between what happens in real life and what happens on paper. Working with the dead gave me the perspective I needed to really appreciate living, which only made me appreciate my beloved horror films and literature that much more." -Jovanka Vuckovic

I feel so inspired by this woman. It's not only because she is a fellow Canadian, born in Toronto - although it gives me a huge swell of Canadian pride. I am excited as all holy (and unholy) fuck to see her first feature film - THE CAPTURED BIRD - which, from what I've seen online, looks so original and hauntingly beautiful. With Jovanka's extreme knowledge of horror and vast intellect, you just know we're all going to be in for a treat with this one.

Ok, I don't do this in the middle of writing usually - but you really should go to the film's official site and, fellow horror nerds, be prepared to be stoked. The style is incredible. It's not even finished and festivals around the world are requesting it. However, and this is a nifty piece of Canadian film makingness, the film is being funded by Bravo!FACT but they still need to raise another $60 000 to completely fund the feature. Are you a fan that wants in? This is the kind of movie you can proudly say you helped bring into existence. Go to the donation page here, learn a bit more about contributing, then feel radness wash over you as you help. It's rad.

I have never met or spoken to this astonishing woman, but my friends who have met her sing her praises. She's an incredible role model for any horror lover. She knows her horror and loves it enough to bring her own creepy visions to life for us. Can't wait to see the film and everything (and anything) this lady gets behind. Because if Jovanka Vuckovic is involved, it will be something phenomenal.

UPDATE: We met at TIFF and she is fucking awesome. I got to see THE CAPTURED BIRD and it was unreal.


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