Monday, December 03, 2012

American Mary Hits Germany!

Springtime for Soskas! ATTENTION GERMANY!! Big American Mary news from Universal Pictures!

Some days ago we reported you over the British DVDs and Blu rays of the film “American Mary” with Katharine Isabelle.  The film is the second feature film of Jen and Sylvia Soska - also well known as The Twisted Twins - their first film being “Dead Hooker in a Trunk”.   
Universal Pictures announced now that the film in the 1st quarter 2013 in Germany will appear on DVD and Blu ray.  In addition the film of already the FSK was produced to the test.  With a running time of 98:10 minutes (25fps), the film received an age release from 18 years.  This corresponds the running time out of the BBFC database so that one can come from the ungeschnittenen film frame.   
The film should appear on the 28th of March 2013.  



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