Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Two Twins, One Ben

When I got the call to come meet Jen and Sylvia Soska for lunch soon after they’d landed in Melbourne for Monster Fest, I spent the entire time in the car on the way over repeating to myself ‘Be cool. Don’t get nerd goo on them. Be cool. Don’t get nerd goo on them. Be cool…” That mantra flew right out of my head the moment I met them. Talking to Jen and Sylvia is like hanging out with old friends you haven’t seen in a while. Old friends who understand that you’re a little creepy and have almost non-existant social skills and for some reason like you anyway. Old friends who laugh uproariously when the waitress at the restaurant you’re dining at forgets that you’re even there and walks off without taking your order. I knew then that I had met two very special people. 
And because it was like hanging out with old friends, I spent most of my time with them talking comics and bizarre internet porn instead of, say, getting an interview with them for the Monster Pictures website. So then I had the great idea of getting my very talented and hardworking colleague Zak Hepburn to come up with some interview questions that I could then take credit for and get the sisters to answer them while they were in Sydney, Perth or Brisbane, because you know, what is there to do in those cities besides sit in your hotel room and type stuff out on a computer? Of course none of that mattered because I didn’t email them the said questions until they were on the plane headed back home anyway. Lucky for me the twins are on the ball and I found all the questions answered and sitting in my inbox before anyone could get fired *cough* and now I present them for your reading pleasure.

READ THE WHOLE INTERVIEW HERE! Also, it's no holds barred, so enjoy the brutal honesty and cussin'.


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