Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Jen, Sylv, & Katie Talk Mary to eFilmCritic

Brand new interview with Jen, me, and Katharine Isabelle from eFilmCritic's Jason Whyte?! - well, shit the bed, I'm reading this now ;)

What is the single, greatest movie that you've ever seen at a film festival?
Sylvia: Isabel Peppard's BUTTERFLIES was masterfully created and really touched me. All the crying people who fell under the spell of the beautiful stop motion piece will attest to that. I saw her in the bathroom afterwards and started to cry like a bitch, it was so emotionally accurate and honest, I found it hard to even tell her what it meant to me. One of my favourite new directors that I have discovered at a film festival.
Jen: That's a tough one. MANBORG introduced me to Canadian treasures, filmmakers "Astron-6". I laughed, I "aww~ed", I cheered. It came out of nowhere and we both fell madly in love with the filmmakers, who also appear in the film and the love they have for what they do that just drips off the screen. It was, in all ways, superb. If you don't know Astron-6, check them out and you're welcome.
Katharine: AMERICAN MARY. Seriously. I’m not just saying that. AMERICAN MARY.

Read the whole rad interview HERE!


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