Saturday, December 22, 2012

Appearances Are Everything in Creating Mary Mason

With a tagline like ‘Appearances Are Everything’ - everything about AMERICAN MARY had an huge emphasis on look and presentation. One of the biggest points to hit was our Mary Mason to give her an iconic look, that 1950s glam with surgically stunning attire. Scream Siren Magazine goes into the look of Katharine Isabelle as stunning Mary Mason from makeup to Enigma Arcana’s genius wardrobe in their new issue’s ‘Beyond the Screen’ style section.
”Horror Style Culture. Our mission is to focus on Independent and Foreign Horror films, women in the horror industry, events, edgy artists, killer style and “diy to die for”. We are the essential go-to source for all things horror and culture for women across this zombie infested planet. 10% of each print issue sold will be donated to charities that help women survive and succeed.”

Get inside the mind and creators of American Mary! Scream Sirens goes “Beyond The Screen” style/design and makeup, get yours here!


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