Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bloody Good Time at Bleedfest

In conjunction with the Viscera Film Fest, Bleedfest was a festival in which features from female film makers could be featured (this sentence was brought to you by the letter 'f'). Bleedfest was brought to everyone by Elisabeth Fies - director, writer, producer, actor extraordinaire.
"Bleedfest is a one-day Los Angeles, California event screening three feature length horror/thriller films directed by women! On Sunday, July 18th 2010 at the Two Roads theater, you can see The Commune (directed by Elisabeth Fies), Dead Hooker in a Trunk (directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska) and Amanda Gusack's rare In Memorium as an all-day triple feature."

These Fies women intrigue me. Let's get a closer look. Their shorts - 'Consumed' (Elisabeth Fies' short) and 'Distraught' (Brenda Fies' short) - both won awards at the Viscera Film Fest. You know the old stereotype that girls like cute and cuddly things. Well, if there is something cute and cuddly in either of these provocative film makers' films - it most likely will be dead and mutilated by the time the credits role.

Three features were shown that day in a fabulous triple bill - 'In Memorium' by Amanda Gusack. Which is a paranormal thriller shot via surveillance camera as a young man with his live in girlfriend capture his last days as he dies from terminal cancer. However, the motion sensitive cameras don't just catch the couple, but something else. Something very fucked up. This gem is ultimately what 'Paranormal Activity' ripped off. This one is actually really creepy. You'll find yourself looking over the footage with our doomed hero wonder what in the fuck is going on.

Next was Jenine Mayring's short 'Simone.' Check the trailer --

The second is play was 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk'. Sitting in a darkened theater, watching the final cut play in front of an audience for the first time is beyond stressful/exciting. When the first laugh happens, I feel calmer. Thank you to the audience that laughed, gasped, and cheered. While you were watching the movie, I was stealing glances at you. The film was followed by a Q & A session where we - Jen Soska, CJ Wallis, Loyd Bateman, and myself - answered questions about the film and the making of it.

The third film was 'The Commune' directed by Elisabeth Fies. It is a sexualized, psychological thriller about a young girl, Jenny, who is forced to spend time with her estranged father at his Commune. Shitty custody deal, eh? But her dad seems nice enough and she meets a total emo babe, so the summer should rock. It does not rock for her. The film however, does rock. Elisabeth's portrayal of Jenny's mother is raunchy and amazing. This lady is ballsy and there is one scene (I'm not going to spoil it) that I had to turn to her in the theater to be all like 'DAMN, girl.' It was that rad.

It was a cool fest. Cool folks were in attendance - including our scream queen pals, Tara Cardinal and Devanny Pinn - and very radly, Brea Grant came by to check our hooker out and, yay team hooker - she liked it! We brought a box of Hooker swag. Pimped our wares, pimped the film, and pimped our friendship. It was a great event.

Thank you to the Two Roads Theater for housing all the festivities and the Fies for having us at their party!

~Jen and Sylv

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  1. What an AWESOME write-up! Thanks for the feedback, ladies!!!

    We just couldn't love you more! It was fantastic to meet and play with your hooker family! <3