Monday, March 14, 2011

Canada's Best Kept Secret Weapon

'Some people are just so talented that it really isn't fair. CJ Wallis is one of those people. You probably haven't heard of him, but Wallis is an enormously gifted director, actor, cinematographer, producer, editor, writer and musician. And to top it all off, I have it on good authority from a certain female FanGirlTastic staffer that he's cute too. Totally not fair.'

Stole the words right out of my mouth, Mr. Neel. I am speaking in reference to the mother-fucking spectacular article written by Theron Neel of FanGirlTastic.

For those of you new to the bloggings - catch up on the gentleman that is Theron Neel here and check out FanGirlTastic - the site for the fangirl that has everything but a ... - for wonderful informative pieces on everything a horror nerd could ever want and more. The piece to which I am referring is 'CJ Wallis - Canada's Best Kept Secret'.

And Theron, as usual, hits it all on the nose with his wonderfully written article and you really get to know this man who is personally and professionally, one of the most important men in my life.

'When not tending goal for his team, Wallis and his dad spent hours playing an improvised game called Minis, which was "essentially a basement hockey equivalent of Pong," Wallis recalls. "The room was fairly small and the puck was often some unnecessarily overactive bouncy ball, which made for a very fast, challenging and competitive game."

But even as Wallis was developing his shooting skills, he was discovering another obsession. "Being competitive sorts, heated debates would often escalate. So, I grabbed the family video camera and created 'the Net Cam.' All debates were quickly erased by reviewing the footage frame by frame instantly," he says. "I started to notice more and more than I was becoming obsessed with where the camera should be put to better capture everything happening in the room . . . and suddenly my hockey marriage had an adulterous filmmaking mistress."'

Now I could pull genius quotes from the pitch perfect article all day, but it would take away from the fun and pleasure of actually reading the piece - which what I suggest you do because it's a inside look to our group that doesn't get explored all too often. Click here and read and love and share and repeat - like shampooing and conditioning. I could go on on how 'stupidly talented' this man is, but Theron in his entertaining and witty, informative writing has it mastered in his article.

Thank you so kindly to Theron and FanGirlTastic for getting the secret out about CJ Wallis and his career, skills, and contributions. I love this article to insane amounts. After I post this, I am re-reading it. No joke. It's that fucking rad.


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