Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ted Brown of Bloody Disgusting gives DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK 10/10

"Every once in awhile a film comes out of left field that is such a innovation in film making that within moments of starting it you just know that you are witnessing something important that will one day become a cult classic that other aspiring film makers will look to for inspiration. This is exactly the sort of film Dead Hooker in a Trunk is and the twisted twins Jen and Sylvia Soska are destined to become a part of the next generation of iconic horror writers and directors." ~ Ted Brown, Bloody Disgusting

This morning, Ted Brown, of Bloody Disgusting, a truly gore~geous site that we adore, posted an outstanding review of our beloved DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. With the film being released in the UK and Australia on May 23rd and with official news of the world wide release just at the tip of our collective tongues, we were excited to see what he had to say. Bringing the film to where it is has been quite the epic journey and bringing the film to Ted Brown, who is not only an incredibly adept writer with a beautiful turn of phrase and intimate style, but also a true fan of horror and cinema. We are honored by his wonderful review of the film. Ted is exactly the kind of person that we made the film for and to get the right film to the right people makes us so happy.

I could easily go on and on about his review, which contains no spoilers, but you really ought to treat yourselves to a little read.

Check out the kick ass review right here!!

Please enjoy. I know we did.

And if you're not familiar with Bloody Disgusting, there's no time like the present to read up and make friends with this wicked site.



  1. The reviewer of obvious good taste and intelligence blessed by only a few of us :)

  2. Nice site ladies! Love what you create. I am working on my new site and will be searching for many horror bloggers soon. Stay tuned....