Thursday, March 03, 2011

Stilettos Making Ladies Look Good For Years - Hooker Style

As you may or may not know - shame on you! (get caught up here, boo) - DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK played on the 27th of Women In Horror Recognition Month aka February at The Stiletto Film Fest, hosted and created by the writer/director/actor, Megan Sacco.

"Dead Hooker In A Trunk had its premier which was excellent by the way"

This is the lovely Megan introducing the film before it plays. Photo courtesy of our homies at Killing Boxx. Sadly, we can not travel to all the festivals that HOOKER plays at, but it's very fucking cool to see these pics and get messages from those in attendance that dug the flick.

A huge and humble thanks to Megan for this brilliant event and congratulations to all the ladies who screened at Stiletto. Thank you those of you that were at the screening and sent us messages. Those mean the world to us! Thank you from the bottom of our black little hearts! Mwa ha ha.


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