Sunday, March 20, 2011

Knit-Terrors are a Must Have for Horror Lovers

Look at 'em! Aren't they so cute they just make you want to commit homicide?!

Well, you should probably talk to someone about that... ha ha

May I present to you Knit-Terrors! These little darlings are custom made and can be custom ordered to re-create ANY badass you like! Recently, I've commissioned a set of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK Knit-Terrors. I've been treated to a sneak preview and let me just say that they're incredible. Outstanding attention to detail, beautifully crafted, and absolutely unique. They are a must have for any horror lover and a perfect gift for the horror hound who's got it all!
Stay tuned for the BIG REVEAL of our Badass, Geek, Junkie, and Goody Two Shoes Knit-Terrors.

Check them out on facebook here.

And their site here.

Uber props to Laurie Pizzi and Chad E. Young for their brilliant work!!

Bloody Best!