Tuesday, April 19, 2011

American Mary is Such a Tease

Another kitty has hopped out of the bag with the release of our Official AMERICAN MARY Teaser Poster. The poster features the beautiful Paula Lindberg as the film's Ruby RealGirl. This gore~geous poster was created by the disgustingly talented mister CJ Wallis.

Haven't seen it yet? C'mon! I know it's the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but surely you can spare a moment to take a little looky loo HERE.

A very special thanks to everyone who has checked it out and shared it with the world.

Check out the buzz!!

Carl Manes of I Like Horror Movies

James DePaolo of Wicked Channel

Marc Patterson of Brutal As Hell

Steve Barton aka Uncle Creepy of Dread Central

"Meh" of Horror-Movies.ca

Alex DiVincenzo of Arrow In The Head

Chuck Conry of Zombies DON'T Run

Mister Bones of Tales From The Batcave

Jennifer Cooper of Musings of a Morleysaurus

Brian Shirley of Geek Tyrant

Javier of Maximum Horror

Brandon Sites of Big Daddy Horror Reviews

Thank you so much for your incredible support of our new deranged offspring. If you thought DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK was a twisted tale, watch the fuck out for AMERICAN MARY. She's quite the gal...


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