Thursday, April 07, 2011

Cult Cinema Corner Premieres In Blaze Horror Glory

Brian Harris of & Andrew Rose of DOA Blood Bath Entertainment spend an hour talking about the exploitation, trash, sleaze, horror and other cult/geek genres of cinema and literature with no-holds barred commentary. Special guests will join them from time to time. It truly is two filthy bastards with one stinking show that is so bad that it's good.

Do you know these guys? My horror heart hurts for you if the answer is no. That being said, I couldn't not introduce you to two of the best and the brightest in horror and indie horror review. On a personal note, Andrew has been in our corner since day one - screening 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' and premiering it in the US with the DOA Pretty Scary Blood Bath Film Fest, then bringing the final cut back to Blood Bath 2.

These guys know and love horror. To listen to their intelligent banter is to fall in love with horror all over again. It's like when your significant other does a drastic hair change, so it's the same thing but from a new angle and you're all like: bitch, you be looking fine. But 'bitch' is in reference to horror in this scenario and the gentlemen are the new look. I know you will dig, so without further ado - the premiere show of Cinema Cult Corner!

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May little Patrick Batemans and Pinheads fly you to sweet dark places and macabre day dreams, boys and girls.


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