Friday, April 22, 2011

James Knows Horror Horror-ably Well

You know that friend that told you to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 because it was so scary and so you rented it and lost two hours of your life forever? A lot can be said about a person who knows good movies and can recommend good horror to watch. James DePaolo is one of those people. He recommended THE TAINT, we loved it, and we might have missed it had we not heard such a glowing endorsement.

Now, this is James' new top fifteen list of films you should go out and see immediately. You will find the highly satiristic and entertaining indie, THE TAINT, on the list. Much to our privilege and honor - DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK has also made the list. He does an excellent job of breaking down each film as to why you should see it and why you would enjoy it. For a person, like me, who has grown disenchanted with studio-derived, recycled, paint by numbers horror - this list is a godsend.

Now get ready for a trip to your local independent video store (may they exist forever) or get your VOD/Netflixing fingers ready for the list: My top 15 films…you need to rush and see asap by James DePaolo courtesy of The Wicked Channel.

Enjoy your flicks, have some popcorn, and let me know what you thought!


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