Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Most Coherent and Lovely Ramblings of A Beloved Twenty-Something

"I've procrastinated writing about this film for a couple of reasons. 1) I didn't feel that my mediocre writing abilities could explain how much I loved it. and... 2) So many of my fellow "horror bloggers" were reviewing it on their blogs. Now that some time has passed since everyone else's review and I have a newfound self-confidence, I feel it's time for my review."
- Angela White

When Jen and I were little girls being spat on (literally) and being called witches for our love of horror, we dreamed of a world where we would find comradery with people who also loved the more macabre. For every prick I have encountered in my life, I have now been blessed with people so fucking cool and lovely - that I am beside myself with the love and support that we have received since stepping behind (with moments in front of) the camera with our debut feature - 'DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK.'

One particular very fucking cool individual is Angela White of 'Almost Incoherent Ramblings of a Twenty-Something' (awesome name, by the by) who took the time to review DHIAT, loved it, and went on to share her thoughts and information on the film with her radcore followers. Check this blog and blogger because it's good shit and you will enjoy your viral stalking. Very good times indeed.

"These ladies make a better horror film than most men could dream of. I'm proud to share a gender with them! Beautiful, Smart and straight up BADASSES! The Soska Sisters are truly talented ladies. Be sure to keep a look out for their newest film, American Mary. I look forward to seeing what else these Twisted Twins have up their sleeves."
- Angela White

The feeling is more than mutual, miss. I am so happy to meet these incredible horror aficionados who love the genre like me and Jen and are a strong, insightful, and clever voices for the horror community. Angela White is one hell of a lady. Keep being rad and I will continue to inter-stalk you and your very coherent and lovely musings, miss!


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  1. Thanks, you guys! This means so much to a small town, horror loving, nerd girl such as myself. I will gladly continue my stalking of all things Twisted Twins and share it with everyone! You are both Kick Ass chicks!