Thursday, May 26, 2011

Canadian Grindhouse Hits The Texas Theater!

From the coasts of the Great White North comes two of the greatest exploitation films made in recent history! From the west coast the Soska Twins bring us DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and from the east coast Jason Eisener brings HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN.

And only, in Dallas, Texas at The Texas Theatre can you see them both at the DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK AND HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN DOUBLE FEATURE!

Come dressed as a hooker or a hobo for a chance to win one of many prizes to be presented by DOA Blood Bath Entertainment!

This coming Monday, May the 30th, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK will be playing at the incredible Texas Theater in a double feature billing with Canadian grindhouse gory masterpiece, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN. How is this possible? Andrew Rose and DOA Bloodbath Entertainment have made it so - that's right, the man who also premiered DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK originally in the US is also the man behind the double billing.

If it hadn't been for the amazing collaborative, GRINDHOUSE, our film would have never came into existence the way that it did. Having a Canadian filmmaker as a part of the fake trailer team really hit home the old Rodriguez wisdom of making your own film your own way. It is an absolute honor and privilege to be screening with Jason Eisener's great film.

If you can make it out, promote the event, or have friends in town that would dig - please help get the word out. It's going to be a hell of a show and you don't get too many of these double features anymore.

It will be the perfect date night. Guaranteed.


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