Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fear File #3: Twisted Twins Jen and Sylvia Soska

"I'll be the first to tell you how overtly absurd DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK sounds. It's a messy, straightforward title that leaves little to the imagination. In fact it's that title alone that has recently caused a censorship upheaval and serves as a deterrent for light-hearted movie goers.

As Juliet so eloquently said in her famed Shakespearean tragedy- What's in a name? Sure, there is a dead hooker and they do find her in a trunk, but the film goes much deeper than that. It's as if Tarantino took a stab at a chick flick and gave it a welcome dose of steroids and blood. Intrigued by the film's raw, side-splitting intensity, I tracked down the filmmakers- surprisingly sweet identical twins Jen and Sylvia Soska. These two women are a breath of fresh air, an inviting balance to a testosterone filled world. They're the yin to my yang (what can I say, we've bonded) and two of the genre's most talented up and coming filmmakers.

Ladies- I think we may have found our anti-heroes." ~ Andrea Albin, Bloody Disgusting/The Albin Way

Bloody Disgusting
is fan~fucking~tastic. If you don't know that by now you've been spending too much time living in that cave. For horror news, reviews, and assorted goodies, it just can't be beat.

And speaking of the fantastical and wicked awesome, let me say that it has been a great pleasure to have met and been interviewed by Bloody Disgusting's Andrea Albin, writer, reviewer, and interviewer extraordinaire. It was an esteemed pleasure to speak with this brilliant and talented woman. Not only that, but through our communications we now have an incredible new friend that we have much more in common with than simply horror (sushi, religion, OCD... the list goes on).

We were delighted to speak with her and be featured on her Fear Files. Fear File #3 is an in depth interview with us with a very special guest appearance by everyone's and our favorite badass director, Eli Roth.

"People often ask me for advice, and truthfully, a lot of people don't want to hear an answer like 'try again' or 'it takes years,' they just want everything solved instantly. The Soskas are the opposite. They are very, very smart, and if they don't know something they learn it fast. I have also seen how they handle themselves in interviews, and how they face the attacks for their feature, which is a very self-aware and absurd title, and they can eloquently defend what they do and why they do it." ~ Eli Roth

For the full FEAR FILE (#3), grab a shot of Jack (or whatever it is you moisten your palate with) and enjoy it RIGHT HERE.

Want the FULL INTERVIEW with we Twisted Twins AND hear what Eli Roth has to say about us, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, AMERICAN MARY and more? Boom. RIGHT OVER HERE.

A very special thanks goes out to Miss Albin for the gore~geous interview. It is such a pleasure to walk away with not only an outstanding article and interview, but also a wonderful new friend. And on the note of wonderful friends, thank you to our favorite Bear Jew for being precisely that that.

Jen and Sylv

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