Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten of the Horribly Awesome New Faces of Horror

"There’s no shortage of pissing and moaning online regarding horror remakes and sequel trash. Those bemoaning the lack of original horror films just need to scratch the surface. Never mind the mainstream, there’s a litany of young and hungry film makers willing to scare the hell out of you. In no particular order, here are ten you need to keep an eye out on."
- Mike Snoonian, All Things Horror

Bis repetita placent (A little originality please)

My grade eight science teacher, Mr. Dy; not d-y-e or d-i-e as he liked to say, liked to throw latin into his lesson plan. It was unique and always had these twins hooked. The above latin being my personal favorite. It could be said that the fabulous Mike Snoonian, supporter and true lover of horror, also of All Things Horror, feels the same way about creativity in the horror genre. If you don't know Mike, get caught up, my dears, and see why we adore the gentleman so.

With originality and perhaps even the thought of a new wave of horror filmmakers in mind, we have this list from All Things Horror: Ten To Watch Out For-The New Faces Of Horror. Jen and I are honored to be included in this list, which includes fellow filmmakers that I am just loving the work of and some new faces that have me adding new flicks to my 'must see' list.

Gregg Holtgrewe - DAWNING
Devi Snively - TRIPPIN'
Maude Michaud - RED
Patrick Rea - NAILBITER
David Matthews - MURDERABILLIA
Elisabeth Fies - THE COMMUNE
Matt Saliba - DARK LOTUS
Matthew Garrett - BEATING HEARTS

Tired of the same films getting shoved down your throat by the big studios that have seemed to have lost their grasp on what audiences want? Want something original please? Look no farther than this list and thank Mr. Snoonian for putting us and these fine indie filmmakers in a neat line to get us and our work out there!


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