Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Keep Your Peepers On These Five - Horror Directors On The Rise

From blood-soaked slasher flicks to spine tingling paranormal feats, scary movies rip at our souls. It's the thrill, the unanswered questions, the taboo, the unknown angst that makes us shudder, yet yearn for more. And that's what makes the genre special- what breathes new life into it. Horror hits a lot closer to home than most would care to admit- and that's what makes it appealing. And frightening.

Dozens of names have become synonymous with the genre: Wes Craven. John Carpenter. George Romero. Eli Roth. We've seen it all- from teenagers going on killing sprees, to tourists being forced into human torture chambers. And there's a lot of exploration left, but where else can it go? And who is going to take it there? We've taken the time to compile a list of the top five up and comers in the horror game. Some of them have already established their credentials, while others are just stepping into the limelight. - Andrea Albin, Miami New Times

I have to share, Eli Roth introduces us to some of the best people on the planet - I can't even begin to express how much his friendship and support have changed our lives. First, he introduced us to Hannah Neurotica who - if you're new to the class, is our separated at birth sister, we are just that perfect for each other - and over last the last week we met the sensational Andrea Albin, keeper of all horror knowledge who is brimming with so much talent and eloquence that it is impossible not to love who she is and what she does.

Andrea Albin is a professional writer - you can see her work on and Stiff Magazine, as well as her personal fierce blog, The Albin Way - with a knack for cutting through the bullshit and going for the proverbial kill. Which helps a lot if horror is your game and she is a master at it. In a culture where the safer road is often the one most traveled, it's a breath of fresh air to have someone like Andrea who prides herself on having one of the edgiest Hollywood blogs around. No bullshit, indeed.

It was a supreme pleasure talking to her about the industry, our work, and everything in between. The article is on its way, but she has bestowed another great honor on us by including us on her list of Five Up-and-Coming Horror Directors About to Hit It Big.

2. The Soska Sisters
Beautiful identical twins that thrive off of intensity and violence? Sign us up! These girls were busy brainstorming nightmares while others were planning fairytales -- and that we can appreciate. These sisters are right at the top of the watch list for the simple fact that their film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, is one of the best low budget, independent horrors circulating around to date. It's a bloody romp that's sure to impress even horror purists and captivate skeptical watch hounds. American Mary, their latest project, has eyes set on Cannes, and who knows where their groundbreaking films will lead them- hopefully into a cemented spot in terror history.

I am so honored to have myself and my twinnie included on this list that Andrea has really hit the proverbial nail on the head with this article. Daniel Stamm (THE LAST EXORCISM), Oren Peli (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY), Darren Lynn Bousman (REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA), and James Wan(SAW) are innovative, creative artists that films that are unique and are breathing a life into horror that big studio films often lack.

It is a true privilege to be included. For those of you that are unfamiliar with these names - I implore you to hit up the full list and get your knowledge on. These gentlemen are going to be creating the films that you will be talking about tomorrow.



  1. You guys have a rightful place on that list, and I'm glad to see that you are there with some of my super favourite directors too...especially James Wan! Such an amazing list. <3

  2. A most prestigious list! Congratulations on being #2!!