Friday, May 20, 2011

Total Film gets totally titillated over Dead Hooker In A Trunk

Please meet Sam Ashurst of Total Film. An excellent writer, reviewer, aka the man, but allow this wizard with words to introduce himself...

"Hello fright fans, my name's Sam Ashurst and I'm Total Film's resident cult horror expert. I spend so much time banging on about '70s giallo movies, '80s VHS trash classics, '90s serial killer flicks and '00s foreign chillers that TF have finally decided to give me my own column. Possibly to shut me up.

Each week, I'll be dissecting the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases, uncovering hidden gore gems, and rummaging through my VHS collection to bring you some of the most bafflingly beautiful video covers from the '80s.

And come back every Friday for exclusive clips, interviews and cool competitions to get your plasma pumping.

So, take off your razor-tipped gloves, hang up your cobweb-covered hat and gently rest your bone-blunted axe beside the door.

And welcome to my House Of Horror..."

On the new release hit list this week? The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Who Can Kill A Child, Queens Of Evil, C.H.U.D, and.... *insert cliche drum roll* ....DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. If you're anyone who's anyone, you know that DHIAT will be released this Monday, May 23rd in the UK and Australia. You know what that means? Yep, time to move.

"Honestly, this thing is packed with cool moments. They might not always be completely cohesive, but grindhouse geeks are used to that.

If you want a nuanced plot, watch Chinatown. If you want a thrill-ride that'll occasionally make you spit-take your popcorn and Coke, watch Dead Hooker In A Trunk." ~ Sam Ashurst, Total Film

Let's just say it is a positively glowing review that you'll certainly want to snap right up and, please, I hope you do.


And the VERY best part of NEW RELEASES? The whole new and releasing bit. So, please. Grab yourself a DEAD HOOKER of your very own.

Bloody Best!


  1. rocks- that all I can say- rocks- and anxious to read more!

  2. i like horror moves and i like sam. now i like you too.