Saturday, October 31, 2009


Have a gore~geous night, fellow creatures of the night. And please send us photos of you in costume and we'll happily show 'em off.

All our Bloody Best,
Jen and Sylv

Friday, October 30, 2009

Everyone Loves BAD GIRLS...

Thank you to EVERYONE for their tremendous support of BAD GIRLS. It truly means more to our demented little hearts than you know. Voting online is coming to a close and I humbly ask all of you to help us give one last little voting push. And by "little" I of course mean GI~NORMOUS (it's a word, it's the love child of "enormous" and "gigantic").

Thank you to ALL of you!!!

And, check out what they're saying about BAD GIRLS...




And all project info HERE:

Monday, October 26, 2009

bad GirLs.

The ballots are open and you can now watch all entries for the 2009 Bloodshots 48 hour fast horror film competition. bad GirLs. See it here then Click Here To Instantly Vote! (you can only vote once per email address). ENJOY!!Whore it out if you like it, send it around like crazy. The voting process is for the Audience Choice Award. If you like it, make it win.
Thank you for the bottom of our twisted little hearts!
~Sylv and Jen

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The Twisted Twins have entered this year's BLOODSHOTS competition. At 7pm tonight, our project BAD GIRLS. will be completely cut and polished and handed in. Almost done.

There will be an online voting process for people to pick their favorite for the Audience Award. Voting will be open from October 26th to 30th. Online audience members can vote by emailing the title of your favorite film (as the subject heading), only one vote per email address, to Please, if you like it vote and pass it along for your friends. We're really proud of this one, we can't hardly wait to share it with you!There will be a screening for this year's entries followed by an award ceremony at the Anza Club on Wednesday, October 28th. Doors at 8pm. Come out to see it live!

Talk to you after 7pm!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twisted Twin lends a hand on Indy Zombie Flick

Being true enthusiasts and endless supporters of anyone with the courage and balls (and you gotta have big brass ones!) to go out and make film independently, twisted twin, Jen Soska, came out to help on a Zombie short film this past weekend supervising the blood and gore effects. Despite the challenges that the crew professionally tackled without missing a beat, the project was a huge success. A special thanks to executive producer Matt Pegues and director Dylan Parke Horne Thompson for the irresistible invitation. And thank you to the amazing cast and crew for a gore~geous day on set. To see all the photos from set, look here!!


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Vancouver BLOOD SHOTS 2009 48hr Film Competiton

Something wicked this way comes...

Prepare for an upcoming short film from your favorite Twisted Twosome. A long time tradition in Vancouver at this very special time of year is BLOOD SHOTS. And, you may ask, is this "Blood Shots"? Happy you asked...

At 7:00pm on Friday October 23, registered participants are given envelopes containing a horror subgenre (in past years this has included haunted house, giallo, backwoods horror, necrophilia film and more!), a weapon, a prop and a line of dialogue. They then have 48 hours to return their finished 2-7 minute film on DVD!

Every year, there is a BLOODSHOTS screening hosted by The Celluloid Social Club, where the films are voted on by both the audience, and an in-person jury. This year's local jury consists of past Bloodshots winner Scott Belyea (TEN MINUTES BEFORE SHOWTIME), filmmaker Matt O'Mahoney (ELECTRIC FENCE) and genre cinema bad-boy Uwe Boll (STOIC, POSTAL)!

In-person jury prizes (from Rue Morgue, Maple Pictures, Happy Bats, Mondo Macabro DVD, Videomatica, The Rio Theatre and more) will be awarded on site immediately following the screenings and a short period of deliberation by the jury. Ballots will be handed out to the audience and collected after the screening. The results of these ballots will be combined with the online voting results to give us the overall Audience Winner.

These results will be posted online at on Monday Nov. 2. The jury winner and the overall audience winner are the two finalists that go on to the final round, being sent to the Grand Prize Juror for their shot at winning $1000!

This year's Grand Prize Juror is DAN O'BANNON (writer of ALIEN and TOTAL RECALL, writer/director of punk-horror classic RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD). We will be sending the top jury-winning film and the audience-winning film to Dan, he will NOT be at the screening in person.

SHOOTING: Friday October 23 - 7:00pm - Sunday October 25 - 7:00pm
SCREENING: Wednesday October 28 - 8:00pm at the Anza Club (3 W. 8th, Vancouver)

The 2009 Local Jury at the screening consists of past Bloodshots winner Scott Belyea (TEN MINUTES BEFORE SHOWTIME), director Matt O'Mahoney (ELECTRIC FENCE) and genre cinema bad-boy Uwe Boll (STOIC, POSTAL)!

So, what shall our entry be? Well, that's a secret and something we won't know 100% until we get our criteria on the 23rd. But you can expect, as always, nothing but the bloody best!!

For official information, check out their site HERE:

Stay tuned...