Monday, January 31, 2011

Women In Horror Recognition

I am in pre-production, so I realize what a crazy promise this is to try to make, but here goes -- there are twenty eight days in February which is Women In Horror Recognition Month. I will use this opportunity and these days to recognize and maybe even introduce you to some fantastic females that are inspirations on the horror industry.

I'll see you here tomorrow the first lady of the month. See you then. Happy Women In Horror Month! Thank you to all the incredible women who have inspired me and made me feel strong. I hope you enjoy.


Who is American Mary?

What does a DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK get you - other than the obvious best night of your life? Well, if you were one of the generous and driven folks that stood proudly behind the film and got the word out - it means that we will never forget your kindness. You are the reason why we have the privilege of making our second feature, AMERICAN MARY.

I will never forget the beautiful words and huge honor of making his Top Twenty Horror Films of 2010 list. I am speaking about the wonderful, Scott Ruth - The Horror Examiner. The gentleman will forever be in the twisted twin inner circle with every and all delicious tidbit disclosed. Good thing the guy can keep a secret (and he only has to for one more day!)

"The Twisted Twins have a big treat for everyone! Along with the special appearances from some of the horror genres most memorable ladies, there will also be a special appearance by the actress who will be playing the title role in their upcoming film! That's right, American Mary! We've all been waiting with bated breath to learn more of the details surrounding the second feature film from the Soskas, and at last, the name of the actress tapped to play Mary herself will be revealed!"

That's right. And Scott knows it all! Read and be teased here with the entire yummy piece. And give blood. On a personal note, I've had people I love more than anything suffer and need donated blood. It saves lives. It helps people. If watching horror movies doesn't bug you, then some little needle is nothing. Plus they give you juice AND cookies. It's like a non-stop party - get your party faces on!


Teasing for a Bloody Good Cause

Theron Neel could break into my apartment, steal my PS3, kill my cats and tarantulas, and take my supply of energy drinks and he would still be one of the classiest and kindest gentlemen I have every had the pleasure of knowing. There is a big announcement brewing and Theron is in the know. If you are new to reading our diary, catch up on all the awesome here. Now that the whole class is caught up, let's move along, shall we?

"Those crazy Canadians lovingly known as the Twisted Twins — Jen and Sylvia Soska, on their birth certificates — are releasing another PSA for their favorite cause, the Massive Blood Drive. Their first PSA was so awesome and beloved by all that the sisters decided it had to be topped. And from what they told me, it absolutely has been."

To celebrate Women In Horror Recognition Month, Jen and I host a worldwide Massive Blood Drive. It's simple. Go to your local blood bank and donate any time in February. Host one in your local city or with a group of your friends. You get to do something good for people who are in desperate need. And all the cool kids are doing it (I overheard them talking about it before they proudly pronounced me a 'nerd' and inserted me into a nearby dumpster). Send us your pictures and stories and get presents.

In order to further inspire donation and get over needle phobia, we create a new PSA yearly to get people in the bleeding spirit. This year we collaborated with artists around the world to make a blood drive anthem, give a sense of unity (because that's really what feminism is about), and even announce who will be playing the title role in upcoming AMERICAN MARY with a cameo appearance in the video. Theron, being the good friend that he is, has been sworn to secrecy but has this to offer --

"Now, I can't speak her name, but I can tell you that the woman they've cast is a wonderful actress that you've enjoyed in past horror favorites. Wait, maybe you can guess. That would be fair, right?"

When does it all happen, what is going on, c'mon, Sylv, spill with the details. Well, the closest you will get is here - by reading the whole tantalizing teasing article. Tomorrow, the video. Be still my fangirl heart.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Starting Women In Horror Recognition Month off with a Bang!

This year we'll be doing our part to start Women In Horror recognition month off with a bang! For any late comers to the party, Women In Horror month is February, with world wide celebrations, film festivals, and special events!!

How will we be celebrating this year? Just with a little PSA for our MASSIVE BLOOD DRIVE. It happens all month long, world wide, wherever you are, whenever you can. Just donate blood. That's all. It's that easy. Send us proof via photos and video, and you'll be rewarded. Last year, we began getting behind this very worthy cause in celebration of WiH month and this year we are happy to be continuing this proud tradition with a new WiH Blood Drive video with very special appearances from incredible women in horror.

And we also have a little extra treat in store for everyone. We'll have an appearance by... (wait for it) the actress who will be taking the title role in our upcoming film, AMERICAN MARY. Yes, on February 1st via our site, you will not only have an amazing new Blood Drive video featuring some incredible ladies with original music from the Scarlet Ending, (if that's not enough for you!) you will also meet our Mary. And this, boy and grrls, is going to be some very big fucking news.

Horror Community prepare to go bat shit crazy.

Stay Tuned...


Right here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bleedfest Returns with a Very Special Women in Horror Month Edition

BleedFest Hosts Blood Drive and Women in Horror Month Screening Event

Take a look at the two incredible women above. Boys and grrls, it's an honor for us to know these women. Brenda (left) and Elisabeth (right) Fies are not only incredibly gifted film makers, but also strong feminist voices, festival creators and heads of the gore~geous Bleedfest, and pretty much two of the coolest people currently walking the Earth. Bleedfest has become a bloody force to be reckoned with and is back with a vengeance this February. This month is a VERY special month as WOMEN IN HORROR month is on us again. Time to celebrate and recognize the outstanding achievements of women and to give a little back. Not only will this month's edition be in honor of Women In Horror, they will also be giving back. How they find the time to be SO radcore is beyond me.

In short, we adore these women and LOVE Bleedfest!! Here's what you have to look forward to this month!!

female genre film festival BleedFest is throwing an epic event February 6th, 2011 in honor of Women in Horror Month. There will be a Blood Mobile parked outside the CAP Theatre from 10:30am-4:30pm. Donation appointments can be made by clicking on this link: All donors are eligible for half off tickets to the BleedFest Film Festival until the event is sold out, in addition to a pint for a pint Baskin Robbins coupon.
The BleedFest WiHM screening event begins at 11am and ends at 4:00pm. There will be three red carpet opportunities with a dozen press partners and photographers from Getty Images and PR Photos. The event will feature an open bar with Bloody Marys. Screenings include short horror films written, directed, and produced by female filmmakers, including wunderkind Xstine Cook, international filmmaker Ana Almeida, tyro horror writer/director Tyrell Shaffner, festival stalwart Susan Bell, BleedFest co-founders Elisabeth Fies and Brenda Fies, Lori Bowen with a short and a music video, alumna Marichelle Daywalt with the world premiere of THE MANY DOORS OF ALBERT WHALE starring Tara Cardinal and Kit Williamson. The feature film is the US premier of SLAUGHTERED, a slasher whodunit by Australian writer/director Kate Glover. VIP guests include Lil Zane, award recipients Katt Shea and Stacy Title, genre journalist Nic Brown from Kentucky, underground filmmaker Lori Bowen from Florida, actresses Tara Cardinal and Michelle Tomlinson, and horror director Kevin Tenney. Carl Manes of I Like Horror Movies will reprise his popular horror trivia with giveaways. A showing of Dark Art and Fine Art will be available for purchase by internationally renowned horror photographer April A. Taylor.
The Awards Show will include the audience’s choice for best short in competition, and Elisabeth Pinto will receive the Best Producer Award. Horror icon Katt Shea will be given the Inanna Trailblazer Award. Stacy Title will be awarded the Inanna Best Social Statement Award. The Inanna Award was designed exclusively for BleedFest by amazing horror filmmaker and mask-maker Neal Harvery of Rubber Gorilla.

BleedFest sponsors are Film Radar, Werewolf for and B Movie Man, WriteWord PR, Burris Image, Monster Island Resort, Rubber Gorilla, Christina, Love That

BleedFest operates on donations, and is holding an IndieGogo Fundraising campaign at:


Date: 02/06/2011

Time: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

: BleedFest

: CAP Theater - Blood Mobile

: 13752 Ventura Blvd.

Collection Goal
: 20 pints with 2 donors per 15 minutes

BleedFest Film Festival


Sunday February 6th, 2011

TIME: 11am-4:00pm

Location: CAP Theatre

13752 Ventura Blvd.

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

$10 cash at door for all day ticket and open bar

Special Appearances by Lil Zane, Katt Shea, Stacy Title, Lori Bowen, Tara Cardinal, Kevin Tenney, Michelle Tomlinson, Nic Brown. Schedule subject to change, personal appearances dependent on schedule.

11am-11:10am RED CARPET, MIXER


by Dave Reda (7 minutes)


Inanna Award presented to Katt Shea

11:30-11:50pm AWARD: Best Female Producer

NIGHT OF THE HELL HAMSTERS Produced by Elisabeth Pinto (17 minutes)

11:50-12:00pm AWARD: Best Social Commentary

Inanna Award presented to Stacy Title

12:00-1:25pm SHORTS: In Competition

*******Ballots given to audience*************

by Xstine Cook (10 minutes)

by Susan Bell (10 minutes) Q & A

by Lori Bowen (4 minutes)

AFTERSHOCK by Lori Bowen (3 minutes) Q & A Lori Bowen

MIRROR MIRROR by Sophia Segal (4 minutes) Q & A

MEOW by Sarah Brown and Cyriak Harriss (3 minutes)

by Ana Almeida (7 minutes)

THRENODY by Tyrrell Shaffner (12 minutes) Q & A

THE MANY DOORS OF ALBERT WHALE by Marichelle Daywalt (5 minutes) Q & A

*******Ballots collected from audience*************

1:25pm-1:45pm BREAK: Open Bar, Red Carpet, Mixer


HARD TO DO by Elisabeth Fies & Kit Williamson (8 minutes)

by Elisabeth Fies (8 minutes)


HOME by Cam McCulloch (11 minutes)

2:15pm-2:25pm AWARD CEREMONY

Award presented to Marichelle Daywalt

Award presented to Tara Cardinal

Inanna Statue presented to Cindy Baer (Audience’s Choice from December)

Inanna Statue presented to the Audience's Choice

2:25-2:35 BREAK: Open Bar, Bathroom Break

2:35-4:00pm FEATURE

SLAUGHTERED written and directed by Kate Glover (83 minutes)

Everyone's getting slaughtered in the pub tonight!

Do NOT miss this incredible festival!! They really should've had you at "open bar" and believe me, boys and grrls, there's nothing like a Bloody Mary after giving a pint of blood. Totally hits the proverbial spot.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eye Am Honored


One of the first things I ever learned about horror movies is that all that gore and blood and monsters and whatnot (some things are indescribable) are created by talented artists who pretty much design, build, rig, and create every aspect of your nightmare. This lesson came to me at the age of ten after seeing POLTERGEIST (I said I would be ok watching it/I was not). After learning the truth, it became so much more interesting what could be made to get a good scare. And what scared the shit out of me also in my youth was seeing a kid get him in the bat of the head with an aluminum bat - causing his eye to pop out of the socket.

There is a sequence in DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK that we are extremely proud of where all holy hell breaks lose ending with someone losing any eye. It was a beautiful eye made by the best - God. You see, pigs have different colored eyes just like humans - blue, brown, green, hazel - and they are just the right size too. Get them at a discount at the butcher shop. They are a godsend to indie horror. We used some fancy ten minute film school (a la Rodriguez - see DVD extras on ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO) and used a locked shot to blend our mold and our actress's face. The rest is eye-popping history.

It is with a gigantic sense of pride that I share this incredible news -- The Horror Digest, in an article written by the fantastic Andre Dumas -- has included our gore on fear-inspired list entitled: "BJ-C'S FEAR OF EYE TRAUMA TOP 9 PICKS OF TRULY TRAUMATIC EYE MOMENTS." She includes us amongst such gory gloriful flicks like: KILL BILL VOLUME 2, HOSTEL, THE BIRDS, AUDITION, SESSION 9, SAW 2, UN CHIEN ANDALOU, and ZOMBIE -- on Andre's list. Thank you for this sincere honor and beautiful your words --

"The Soska sister's Dead Hooker in a Trunk was one of the more entertaining and eye opening experiences in my indie horror watching career. A film that takes exploitation and runs with it and a film that is stuffed to the max with gore, gore and beautiful gore. One moment in particular however had me exclaiming with wonder, confusion and holy eye trauma madness. After the peak of the greatest scene in the film, Geek (played by Jen Soska) is standing in a parking garage when some dude with a baseball bat smashes her head---causing her eye ball to pop out.

I stopped trying to figure out how this scene was possible seconds after it happened because I realized it was just too fantastic to be talking logistics about. It is at once fantastic and extremely cringe inducing when you imagine such a thing happening to yourself."

There is a whole other list with rad eye-cringing moments for your thrill-filled fancy. Check the whole list here - it's the raddest of rad. Now, don't run with scissors, girls and boys, or you might... >insert eye gag here<


Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Stiletto Film Festival

Watch the fuck out, world! Women In Horror month is BACK and it's bigger and better than ever. After an amazingly successful celebration all February long last year where women were recognized and celebrated for their contributions, brought together, and films that were never seen before were premiered world wide. Even our first born bastard of a film, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, saw it's very first premieres in the UK and Texas.

A new, gore~geous film festival celebrating women and their work has been born by the brilliant and talented Megan Sacco, actress, writer, director, producer, model, and badass femme fatale. Her film, CUTZ, will be making it's premiere!
On Sunday, February 27th from 12:00pm - 6:00pm, the Stiletto Film festival will screen films directed by women. Megan Sacco's film CUTZ will be premiering, showing along with The Soska Sister's Dead Hooker in a Trunk, short horror A novia (the bride), and Susan Adriensen's Under The Raven's Wing.

We are honored to have our HOOKER at the party!! Women In Horror month will also mark the end of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK's film festival run. Which means only one thing, this sexy beast will be coming home soon. We'll be dropping the BIG OFFICIAL NEWS soon, so stay tuned, boys and grrls...

For more on WOMEN IN HORROR month, check out the site here!

And for more on The Stiletto Film Festival, check out here!


Jennifer's Bodies

Once upon a time ago, the world had never seen a little film called DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. It's first cut was two hours long, a but rough around the edges, but still its heart and soul were intact. Last year, Women in Horror month marked the dawn of a new day. DHIAT premiered not only at one festival, but TWO celebrating WiH month.

The first was the GHOULS IN FILM festival held in the UK (special thanks to miss Nia Edwards-Behi) and the second was the DOA PRETTY SCARY BLOOD BATH film festival in Texas (special thanks to the wonderful Andrew Rose).

Cut to now. We have arrived firmly in the future. WiH month has grown greatly in ONE year. Now small feat by any means. Props to WiH month creator, our beloved sister, Hannah Neurotica. The month has returned with a plethora of new festival delicacies and I want to take the time to announce that our beloved DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is a' comin' for you, Scotland! The very appropriately named film festival from the very lovely Jennifer Cooper, boys and grrls, here come's JENNIFER'S BODIES.

"I shall be hosting the Scottish premier of my gore-geous Canadian twinlings Jen and Sylvia Soska’s acclaimed debut feature, Dead Hooker in a Trunk. I saw this film last year at Ghouls on Film (this was the UK premier) and it is just so downright awesome and I’ve been going on about it ever since that I thought argggh, this has never been shown in Scotland… I shall take away its Scottish virginity, mwahahaha." ~Jennifer Cooper

She'll be announcing the full line up in February along with more festival details. If you have a submission, get in touch with this very lovely lady asap. Heck, drop me a line, I can get you in touch her.

For more on Women in Horror month and the WORLD WIDE events taking place and how you can take part, check out the official site HERE.

Bloody Best!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boo La La!!!

There is a hidden treasure for British Columbian, West Coasters to discover. Since we were little twisted twins, we would go in and look at all the rad. There we would find the means to properly celebrate the holiest of holidays, Halloween. We would become Beatrix Kiddo, GoGo, Elle Driver, Nancy (SIN CITY), Catwoman - my God, the number of times we have been Catwoman - Katana and Mileena, Sindel, Maharet and Mekare, Mary Jane Watson, and so on because of this fine establishment. It's a pity you can't play make believe everyday, unless you go into film making. That's a Bingo.

As you might know from reading earlier posts, we recently collaborated with the fantastic CJ Wallis of FortyFPS Productions on a project promoting the utterly fantastic Nokia N8, and there was a costumtunity - an opportunity for a costume. We met with our good friend and the shop's owner, Laurie Sluchinskiat Boo La La Costumes - Life's More Fun In Costume (and it is) - and she hooked us up with some incredibly beautiful and unique costumes for the short. It's not everyday that you can walk into a place and get a penguin mascot suit (that's right folks, twisted twin, Jen, is a majestic penguin) and a Starchild suit both - plus hundreds of other costumes that are just fabulous.

Boo La La prides itself with an inventory of over fifteen thousand costumes. Sorry no costumes for the kiddies here - and those little 'uns hog up all the inventory everywhere else anyhow. Not only does the store accommodate the casual and seasonal costumer but also styles for local theater and film productions with their expertise. Get Laurie to help you on a project and you're going to be a very lucky film maker indeed - the costumes worked wonderfully.

I've loved coming to this place for years and the team is just wonderful. We adore Laurie - she's just about the coolest lady ever and she always gets you the best stuff. If you need a wardrobe on this side of fantastic whether it be for film or fun, come by her shop for a boo or two...


Meeting Mary Tomorrow

Casting is going along smashingly for AMERICAN MARY. Much more news to come in the following weeks.

I might have just jinxed the entire thing, but tomorrow we are meeting Mary Mason - or rather the ridiculously talented actress who will be bringing her to life. If we don't fuck up too badly tomorrow. Wish us luck.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Help Get Connor Stanhope to 1,000 Followers

As many of you know, tomorrow night is the Nokia N8: Direct and Project premiere and party at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Nokia N8 Direct and Project is a competition which will see talented local film makers direct a minute-long movie with a Nokia N8… and then project it through the device onto a big screen, in front of a live audience.

We Twisted Twins were happy to again be working with CJ Wallis (of FortyFPS Productions) on his entry, RUNAWAY. Though we aren't able to share the details of the film just yet, we can say that it is starring an incredibly talented young actor, Vancouver's own Connor Stanhope.

Fans of Smallville will know him as the young Lex Luther. This is certainly one talented actor that you'll want to keep an eye on. He's someone we Twisted Twins stand firmly behind. You'll be seeing much more of him and we look very forward to working with him once more.

Connor is trying to reach 1,000 followers on Twitter. As I write this he has 815. Boys and grrls, I think we can do even better than that. Please show your support and follow him HERE.

And wait till you see him in RUNAWAY with Sierra Pitkin and yours truly.

Coming soon...



Monday, January 17, 2011

Dexter Cockburn -- What An Artist

I am floored by all the kindness, support, and love we have received since stepping into the horror scene. There have been so many wonderful people and opportunities we have been given. One being introduced to the fabulous feminist and horror writer, Hannah Neurotica, who interviewed us in her edgy, awesome, and insightful zine - Ax Wound. If you haven't read this zine or heard about it before, educate yourself here. It's a must have for any horror fan.

Not only is it written intelligently by smart folks that know their horror and their writing, but the layout and the artwork is beautiful, too - which brings us to Dexter Cockburn. He is a talented Vancouver (hey, I live there!) artist who is responsible for cover lettering on Zine #3. He asked if he could use some photos and then surprised us with this incredible kind and touching piece about us. This quote made my day --

"I have a confession... When my daughter grows up & if she wants to make movies like the Soska twins , I would be hard-pressed to feel any prouder! :) Of course if my son wants to direct horror, he's got my blessing also... it would just seem cooler if it was Savara on the other side of the lens directing the splatter!"

That is one of nicest things I have ever heard. Let me try one back at you. We're filming our next feature in Vancouver, you ask Savara* (and your son, Sebastian*) if they are interested in visiting a movie set and we'll be sure to bring you out on a good day to see if it's something they might be into. That'll teach you for being nice to me and Jen, mwa ha ha. But in all seriousness, thank you for your great art and your considerate words.

Now, I took a look at your other artwork, Dexter - you saucy sir - and I loved what I saw. I've included examples for those of you that may be unfamiliar with The Comix Company and Dexter's work. It reminds me of some Hungarian sexy comics I found when I was little - men and women's sexuality satirized with clever proportions, portrayal, and situational humor. For those of you that are less cheeky, you certainly wandered onto the wrong site, eh? Dexter has a very hip and cool style of drawing - I enjoy his drawrings.

Dexter's piece ends with hoping that we keep this up long enough to inspire his daughter as she grows up. Rest assured, sir. We are too stubborn, driven, and insanely ambitious to ever stop. I am beyond honored for your kind words. If you want to see more of Dexter's artwork and the Comix Company, check it here! It's adult themed, so if you be prepared for the before-mentioned cheekiness.


*Mr. Cockburn has let me know the kids are a bit young still (under 3 years old), but will be visiting a future production. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's an Honor to have a Shrunken Head Named After You

Yup, you totally did read that right. The above shrunken heads are named after yours trulys, Sylv and myself. Although, I'm not entirely sure which is which. What is certain that we are quite touched that our friend, film maker Mike Ascher, would think of us when naming his shrunken heads.

You, sir, kick ass.

Bloody Best!

Twisted Twins Join Director CJ Wallis for "Runaway"

Ladies and gentlemen, it's about to get wicked up in this bitch.

CJ Wallis would have to be our favorite person to work with and you bet your sweet ass that goes double, nay, triple when a 46" HD television is on the line. We are as happy as a 12 year old at a Bieber concert to be working together with him on his entry, RUNAWAY, for the Nokia N8: Direct and Project contest. CJ was approached by Chris at WOMWorld/Nokia to participate in this competition. You can get all caught up here.

Though we must, as always, keep our lips sealed on the particulars and plot of RUNAWAY, we can reveal that it will be directed, of course, by mister Wallis, it will be shot ENTIRELY on the gore~geous little Nokia N8 to showcase the handy little camera's impressive capabilities, we Twisted Twins will be lending a hand with the story, the sensational Jeffery Zablotny will be providing visual embellishments along with CJ, and the talented Connor Stanhope (above), seen as the young Lex Luther on SMALLVILLE will be appearing in the film.

Please read the FULL STORY HERE.

The top three entries will get to keep the Nokia N8 and have their short film uploaded onto the Nokia Canada YouTube page. The top film selected will also receive a "huge screen TV" and two free cinema passes for the year. The finished clips must be submitted by January 13th, 2011. The winners shall be announced live at a huge celebration held at the Vancouver Art Gallery on January 19th.

Stay tuned...

One final thing I can say is that we want that TV. We want it bad. It is a downright, bloody shame that a household that loves and lives for film like this one doesn't have a beautiful HD TV to enjoy our movies on. We WILL win that TV. If for nothing else, to see my exquisite Solid Snake in his full, high def glory.
Mmmmmm... hmmmm... that's some good Snake. Soon, my darling, soon.... I'm gonna go take a cold shower.


February Preview

February is home to Women In Horror Recognition Month, but what exactly does that mean? Before we move further into this question, let's take a moment to look at who we're sharing February with. February is also home to these other great causes--

Black History Month (in Canada and the US)

Heart Month (in Canada)

Raynaud's and Scleroderma Awareness Month (in the UK)

American Heart Month (in the US)

AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month (in the US)

National Children's Dental Health Month (in the US)

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 3rd Feb - 9th Feb (in Canada)

Tinnitus Awareness Week, 4th Feb - 10th Feb (in the United Kingdom)

Contraceptive Awareness Week, 11th Feb - 17th Feb (in the United Kingdom)

Australian Organ Donor Awareness Week, 21st Feb - 28th Feb (in Australia)

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 6th Feb - 12th Feb (in Canada)

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 24th Feb - 1st Mar (in the United States)

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 25th Feb - 2nd Mar (in the United Kingdom)

Give Kids A Smile Day, 1st Feb (in the United States)

National Wear Red Day, 6th Feb (in the United States)

Sexual Health Awareness Week, 14th Feb - 21st Feb (in Australia)

National Condom Day, 10th Feb (in the United States)

Sexual and Reproductive Health Day, 12th Feb (in Canada)

National Donor Day, 14th Feb (in the United States)

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day, 14th Feb (Worldwide)

National Impotence Day, 14th Feb (in the United Kingdom)

There is a huge focus on human rights to liberty, life, and health here and I think that is amazing. Please take this time to make yourself aware of these causes - especially the ones you may have never heard of before. In example, scleroderma -- which is a horrible sickness not enough of us are aware of the fight against. It's an awful one and it needs to be put away for good. Here is a great foundation that great research for the cause, the Scleroderma Research Foundation.

With the Women In Horror recognition and celebration, we thought of (well, Jen thought of...) a cool concept that not only embraces a very special element of horror (blood) but also raises awareness to something that people find scary (donation) that is actually a bloody good cause... a Massive Worldwide Blood Drive. Here, our good friend and fellow PSA participant, Jennifer Cooper speaks Women in Horror --

A new PSA, but more of a healthy tune to inspire those scaredy cats amongst us to have some bravery, some humor, and get yours (and as many butts as you can take with you) down to your local blood bank is on its way. It will feature some ladies from the horror scene from around the world that have the balls to bleed for a cause and they are huge inspirations.

So, back to the original question. What is Women In Horror Month actually about? Power, unity, respect, acknowledgment, feminism, horror - where we started, how far we've come, and the bodies (I use the term 'bodies' figuratively as in the issues we have fought against - our right to vote, sexism, and the constant battle of medieval notions of what women are 'supposed to be', etc.) left in our wake. This is a month to recognize women like Mary Harron, Mary Lambert, Kathryn Bigelow - who are behind the camera, directing incredible work. Outdated are the days were women are a tit-flash here and an ass cheek there, then off to the male characters to save the day. I think there is a gross misconception that horror degrades women rather than empowering them and that is a great deal in direct result to some of the films out there. The genre is filled with lots of films - some remarkable and meaningful, some an utter waste of time where you feel bad for all involved.

So many people have fought, are fighting, and will fight for feminism. For the concept that men and women are created equal and should be respected equally. There is a change coming and each and everyone of us have to be responsible for that change. You don't have to take a shitty part that you hate or work on a film that is fluff, if you don't want to. The industry not giving you something challenging with substance? Create your own films with your won characters and be a part of what you want to see changed. As the brilliant Hannah Neurotica (of Ax Wound Zine who this event is the brainchild of) so perfectly said:

"If I have ever been sure of anything in this life it is that the last thing women need recognition for is their breasts, just as we do not need a month to raise awareness about porno films ending in women getting a hot load of cum shot all over their face lifts."

Read the whole article where Hannah alongside Heidi Marinuzzi speak feminism and the real message of Women In Horror here on the incredible (and shame on you if you don't creep this site daily) Fangirltastic.

Let's raise awareness of what women have contributed and continue to contribute to the genre. Let's recognize the women standing on the front lines, saying the things that some of us haven't found our voice to say yet.

Let's celebrate the strong female characters - Ripley, Regan, Laurie Strode - that make us feel strong who we grow up wanting to kick ass like. The month is almost upon us. Stay tuned.