Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fucking Wicked Art with Two Fucking Wicked Folks

I love these two so fucking much! The remarkable Roni getting her American Mary-inspired vase by the brilliant Billy Houlston. Get yours too! I'm getting mine, finally something to make flowers look rad.

Get yours here! Send me pics when you do - I live for this radness.


We All Scream For American Mary at Screamfest!!!

"Screamfest, the preeminent horror festival in the country, and what the LA Weekly calls “the best place to get a jump on tomorrow’s cult hits” kicks off its 12th annual event in Los Angeles on October 12 through October 21 at LA Live Regal Cinemas (1000 W. Olympic Blvd. LA, CA).  
This year’s films include Morgan O’Neill’s long delayed The Factory (check out the first ever images inside!), starring John Cusack, Jennifer Carpenter and Mae Whitman, as well as several other interesting selections including the incredible Canadian thriller Resolution (review), and the Twisted Twins’ awesome American Mary!" - Mr. Disgusting, BLOODY DISGUSTING (full article here)

AMERICAN MARY is coming to Los Angeles, and man, will her schedule be filed up with clients for elective surgery. Jen and I will be in attendance with the best and bloodiest in the horror genre at the festival dubbed 'the Sundance of horror' and would love to see you there in the darkened theatre!

Holy fucking hell - AMERICAN MARY is having her LA premiere screening! Cannot wait for you guys to see it.

Thank you for supporting the film like you have, you are the blood that runs through a film like this's veins.


Mary American Fucking Mental with a Side of Rabies

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen! Tomorrow, Jen, me, and Tristan Risk (Katie flies in after us) fly to Austin for American Mary's American Premiere at Fantastic Fest. 

May I ask you a favour? Would you go absolutely fucking mental posting, reposting, and talking about the film? Like, people remove you from being a friend because you've caught viral American Mary rabies?

I don't know if I'll have much access to the internet, but I want to scream this screening from the top of the mountains and I need your lungs.

Going to fucking KILL IT tomorrow. I don't know how I'll sleep because I am so excited to see you all and watch MARY in that beautiful Austin Theatre with you all.


American Mary Makes Mayhem in Nottingham

Hey UK! Come and see AMERICAN MARY in Nottingham at the Mayhem Horror Film Festival on November 4th!! Get your plastic surgical scrubs and your operating assistants ready - it's going to be bloody fantastic.

"6.30pm Dirs. Jen and Sylvia Soska (18) US/Can. Katherine Isabelle, Tristan Risk  
Mary Mason, drop-out medical student, turns to the gruesome world of underground surgery with devastating results. The return of Dead Hooker In a Trunk‘s Soska twins with an utterly disturbing and hilariously satirical film."

“A stylish, artful and darkly funny tragedy… game-changing.” Brutal As Hell
Get more info and your tickets here! Do not miss out when AMERICAN MARY brings her scalpel to back to the UK.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Proud Mary Keeps on Rolling to the Festivals

AMERICAN MARY has screened at Film4 FrightFest, Motel X, is coming to Fantastic Fest this week, then opens Grimm Up North, then closes Monsterfest, and announced today - we will be in the Sitges Film Festival.

Proud Mary keeps on rolling - hope to see you at the screenings in your surgical best.


Introducing Doctor Mary Mason

Inside the Hollywood Reporter at TIFF. Here's our American Mary.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Legendary Billy Chainsaw Immortalizes American Mary

American Mary-inspired fucking gorgeous as all holy hell vases commissioned and created by the legendary Billy Chainsaw. A one of a kind major awesome piece for Mary fans.

"inspired by the soska sisters' magnificent 'american mary' - commissioned by the equally magnificent rob and roni. this is a bespoke art piece, as are all my vases. if you fancy commissioning your own, message me. chainsaw xxxxxx"

I fucking adore these - so utterly beautiful and unique. It's a thrill to see something so amazing inspired by our MARY. Love Billy and love his work!

Get them here through Billy.


Fantastic Fest Schedule Now Live with Two Chances to Check Out American Mary

Fantastic Fest schedule is LIVE!!! Lots of rad flicks and events, American Mary plays on the 20th and the 24th - and I have a beef with Jen, might have to see her in the ring on the 22nd for the Fantastic Debates.

Get all your info here.


Monsterfest 2012 Promises to be the Monster of all Parties

Holy fucking hell, ladies and gentlemen, Monsterfest 2012 is fast approaching and is shaping up to be one of the most epic festivals and parties in the genre today. Do not miss out it will be boss.

Click here for the program to get a full helping of the fucking awesome that you will experience at the festival.

This will be our first time in Australia and we are dying to meet everyone, show them AMERICAN MARY, and party in epic portions. Get your tickets now and see you down under!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Going Universal & Staying Original Interview Part 2 with Kim Layman

"First I want to say what an honor it was to even get an interview and a second one, even at that! It's not everyday you get to interview people you admire, here is my take.... It goes to show if you believe in yourself you can achieve ANYTHING, they are a GREAT inspiration to fans everywhere, whether you a horror film fan or not, simply because they won't settle for what Hollywood wants to put out there, the same regurgitated films recycled over and over, it's like wait.. I have already seen this, with the resurgence of horror films, you would think that they would want to put out quality, not just quantity, they hurry to get these films out with even the slightest care or thought of the horror fans themselves, they treat us like were are ignorant, and actually they treat the genre the same way, it shows by what they put out, and to me, that's what sets The SOSKA'S APART, they cater to the fan, not some Hollywood Factory shoving these films out by the bucketloads.."

I love having the opportunity to speak to people who truly love the genre, especially a person as cool as Kim Layman. We got treated to a second round of very thoughtful questions regarding AMERICAN MARY, moving forward with a company like Universal while still staying true to our unique indie voices, gaming, and all sorts of radness!

Please click here for the whole interview! Thank you to Kim for being a wonderful supporter of ours and for taking the time to chat with us.


Submit to the Rio Grind Film Fest!


We want to see your films play in Vancouver at the very first annual The RIO GRIND FILM FESTIVAL! Wicked awesome genre, horror, thriller, nerdy, sexy - submit it all and be a part of this wicked festival. 

Submission cut off is October 15th, so get those flicks the fuck to Canada, eh?


American Mary in Motel X Film Festival

MOTELx – Lisbon Internacional Horror Film Festival aims to stimulate the production of genre films in Portugal, screen the best of horror produced all over the world in the last couple of years, and to contribute to educating younger audiences and to help contextualize recent production trends by programming selected retrospectives.  
To pursue its objectives, MOTELx programs five intense days of new and classic films of all styles and sub-genres, invites international guests, and highlights the only competitive section of the festival: the MOTELx Award – Best Portuguese Horror Short Film, which encourages every year dozens of participants to produce horror shorts to be projected at the big screen of the festival's venue.  
Since its first edition in 2007, MOTELx has screened films produced all around the world, and brought to Portugal some of the living legends of horror, such as Brazilian Coffin Joe, and Americans George Romero, John Landis, Mick Garris, and Eli Roth.

It's an American Mary/Canadian team invasion at this year's Motel X Film Festival in Lisbon, Portugal! The film will play on the last day of the festival and will be your first opportunity to see it in this part of the world. Call your cool friends and get out to the show!

I wish we could make it out, so if you do hit the festival, please send us a message and let us know how our girl does!


AMERICAN MARY premieres in Australia at MONSTER FEST!!!


MONSTER FEST is not your normal film festival. It is “gore~geousness and gore~gosity made flesh” – a genre love-in for drooling cinema fiends with a fetish for the fantastic.

What started in November 2011 as the Fantastic Asia Film Festival (FAFF) has miraculously transformed into this larger, more imposing, more aggressive beast called MONSTER FEST. The opportunity to open up FAFF into a monster-sized celebration of genre cinema in all its gruesome glory was just too good an opportunity to miss.

Horror, fantasy, science-fiction, action and erotica from every corner of the globe – premiere screenings, special guests, master-classes, parties, events, short filmmaking competitions and much more… MONSTER FEST proudly pits itself as the ultimate celebration of all that is weird & wonderful in the international cult cinema palette.

Beginning on Halloween night 2012, MONSTER FEST is a partnership between Melbourne’s iconic Cinema Nova and Monster Pictures, Australia’s most notorious film distributor.

Get ready, cine~maniacs... MONSTER FEST will light up the city with thrills, spills and chills the likes of which have rarely been seen in Melbourne cinemas ever before...

MONSTER FEST 2012 – Miss it if you’re DEAD!!


Not only is this festival FUCKING EPIC all on its own, shit just got real.

SYLV AND I WILL BE THERE!! For the FIRST TIME EVER in AUSTRALIA!! Live and in person and ready to drink with you and  hand out hugs.


And of course we're coming down with our new feature creature, the highly anticipated AMERICAN MARY, starring Katharine Isabelle (GINGER SNAPS) as our very own Mary Mason.


We will close the whole messy affair off with our new film along with an AMERICAN MARY CLOSING NIGHT PARTY~!!!! So, warn your livers, hide your children, and thank the amazing people at MONSTER PICTURES for making this dream a reality, THE SOSKA SISTERS are coming to MONSTER FEST~!!!

We hope to see each and every single one of you there!!! We'll be easy to find. We'll the ones fangirl~ing over the Queen of Macabre, Elvira herself. This is NOT an event to miss.

 Fatally Yours,

Dead Hooker Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap & Right

Ben Bussey's latest for Brutal As Hell - DIRTY DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP: When Microbudget Horror Gets It Right. And fucking awesome - our DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK makes the cut!

Dead Hooker in a Trunk (Jen & Sylvia Soska, 2009)
Production budget: $2,500  
I rather doubt this film or its writer-directors require any introduction at this point. However, I’ll be the first to admit that on seeing the film at its world premiere over two years ago, I was initially dismissive of it, owing largely to that knee-jerk reaction to DV that I spoke of earlier. It was only when I took a step back that I realised just how much Dead Hooker In A Trunk breaks with conventional wisdom. Where so many first-time filmmakers restrict their action to a single location and a minimal cast, the Soskas keep things moving at all times, hopping locations as gleefully as they cross genre boundaries.  
Once again, good writing and acting really saves the day, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that there are stunts and special effects which are significantly above average for films made at this budgetary level, not to mention how good CJ Wallis’ soundtrack is.

Fucking awesome to be included on a list with some great indie gems like: ABSENTIA, BLOOD CAR, SMALL TOWN FOLK, COCKHAMMER, and COLIN. Check out the whole rad piece here.

And if you haven't heard of or seen these flicks - go ahead and treat yourselves, they will renew your love of the genre with the fine work of these filmmakers! Thank you to Ben for getting the word out about these films.


Live the Experience of An American Mary in London

AN AMERICAN MARY IN LONDON? Missed Fright Fest? Live it through Haunted Digital Magazine who gives us fours uncensored pages every month for Jen and my Mary twin misadventures in horror land. Please enjoy!

Click here to get caught up on your Haunted Digital Magazine where the Twisted Twins have four utterly uncensored pages every month.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

American Mary to Have Her American Premiere at Fantastic Fest 2012

"Fantastic Fest is the largest genre film festival in the U.S., specializing in horror, fantasy, sci-fi, action and just plain fantastic movies from all around the world."

I fucking love Fantastic Fest. I love the films they show, I love the experience they create with their festival, I have wanted one day to have a film that would be selected to screen at this festival and today that ambition has become a reality. AMERICAN MARY will be having her US premiere at Fantastic Fest 2012.

Thrilled to have this amazing opportunity, Jen, myself, Katharine Isabelle (Mary Mason), and Tristan Risk (Beatress Johnson) will be making our way down to the festival to watch the film with the fine folks of Fantastic Fest.

If you can make it out, please come and check out the film, meet the cast and directors, and have a bloody wicked time for our AMERICAN MARY American Premiere.

A huge thanks to the team at Fantastic Fest for making a pair of identical fangirls' dream come true with this acceptance!


Doc Karen Talks to the Twisted Twins Post American Mary Screening at Fright Fest

Fucking wicked interview with Jen and me with Doc Karen Oughton at Film4 FrightFest after our American Mary screening where we talk body mod, appearances, amazing designs by Enigma Arcana, and our thoughts on how women are depicted in horror.


"Jen and Sylvia Soska, collectively known as the Twisted Twins, discuss their film AMERICAN MARY with Dr Karen Oughton at a special screening in London at Film4 FrightFest 2012."


Sunday, September 09, 2012

AMERICAN MARY review by Fangoria's Own Chris Alexander

"Happily, not only is the considerably pricier AMERICAN MARY an astonishing improvement on DEAD HOOKER in every respect, it’s a quantum leap in another tonal direction; a gorgeously art-directed exercise in psycho-sexual grand guignol full of strange characters, grotesque imagery and bizarre, black-as-night humor. It’s a definitive body horror film, elegant, disturbing but never oppressive and if nothing else, it’s the work of two powerful, loud voices whose joy of moviemaking screams from every frame." ~ Chris Alexander, FANGORIA
There are names in this business that are synonymous with horror and you don't get much cooler, much more badass, more much with your fingers on the pulse, and much more legendary than FANGORIA. If you don't know FANGORIA, welcome out of your cave.

To be mentioned by this epic beast is a massive honor, but to have your film reviewed by Chris Alexander, Editor in Chief himself, leaves us speechless. Chris is one of the very few to receive an early look at our newest feature, AMERICAN MARY. Now if you haven't heard about MARY yet, again, welcome out of your cave, but for those of you joining class late today, here's what she is, beautifully stated by Chris...

"Katherine Isabelle (the GINGER SNAPS trilogy) stars as Mary, a med student who is in dire need of extra scratch. In a desperate bid, she applies for a job in a greasy strip club as a rub and tug masseuse and during the “interview,” when revelations of her surgical intern status is revealed, is called on to repair a screaming thug who had been roughed up a bit too much by some club underlings. This quickie cash “meatball surgery” leads to an impromptu appearance by Beatress (Tristan Risk), one of the club’s dancers, at Mary’s apartment. Beatress has had her face grimly “revised” to resemble that of Betty Boop, skin pulled tight, mouth pursed, skull implants re-shaping her face, and after witnessing Mary’s “performance” asks if she would be willing—for a tidy sum—to operate on her friend, another body modifier who wants her nipples removed and vagina sewed shut so that she resembles a living Barbie doll. Mary complies and her success and growing obsession lead her to becoming “Bloody Mary,” one of the most in-demand underground body-tweaking surgeons in the city."
 As much as DHIAT was a "sit up and pay attention to us" film, AMERICAN MARY is a "now let us show you what we can do". She has made an early appearance at the wonderful FrightFest Film Fest in gore~geous London with a theater packed of horror fans and now she begins to peel back her own bandages and give the world a better look. There will be several film festivals across the globe where she'll be turning up and we truly hope that when she makes an unveiling near you, you'll be able to attend.

We'd like to thank Chris and FANGORIA for not only taking the time to review AMERICAN MARY, but for being the voice of horror.

Also, Chris' birthday is tomorrow. Happy fucking birthday, you badass, you.

Please do check out the FULL FILM REVIEW right here!

Fatally Yours,

Friday, September 07, 2012


- Sylv

An American Mary In London

Jen and I hate censorship. Thankfully that is not an issue in Haunted: The Magazine and Blog because they do not censor us. Thank you to Paul Stevenson for this honour of four pages where we can speak our mind, share our adventures, and you know we love to do it!

AN AMERICAN MARY IN LONDON. Missed Film4 FrightFest? Live it through our adventure there! Please enjoy. Check it out here.

- Sylv

Mary, Mother of Mod

Mary, mother of mod.  
Our American Mary, Katharine Isabelle, with real rad folks from the body modification community, with work by our flesh artist, Russ Foxx. 


AMERICAN MARY Hits the Cover of the Hollywood Reporter at TIFF, Overlooked at the Fest

    American Mary didn't get included in TIFF, but we are representing strong here on today's cover of the Hollywood Reporter. Our MARY has bite and balls.

    Kevin McCormick: They have this whole CANADA: A WORLD OF TALENT section in the issue and you guys aren't even MENTIONED >:(
    Sylvia Soska: ‎Kevin, we aren't mentioned on the cover either, but you guys - the people who have supported our work to get to this point - know how all of us got here. You made it possible. You continue to make it possible. Even if others refuse to acknowledge us, you standing by us gives the films power and makes it reach a huge audience. Thank you for being here with us for this - and we have some pretty fucking epic festival screening news coming soon!
    And it's completely fucking true. Exclude to include or mention us, it doesn't matter - because you wonderful people in the horror community made this all possible and continue to make it all possible.

    Thank you for standing here with us. We promise to continue to work hard, to make unique films that you will love, and never let anything stop us.


    Breaking the Barrier, Wicked Poem by the Wonderful Kim Layman


    Two cool gals named Sylvia and Jen 
                     Would change the world of horror

    With paper and pen

    Breaking the barrier

    Of a genre onced ruled by men

    With style and character

    Setting out to become 

    Great writers & directors

    And then some

    ...with great ambition & vision

    They have clearly proven....

    Never to give up on your dreams

    Tuesday, September 04, 2012

    American Mary in Scream Magazine!

    "Here’s the front cover art of SCREAM #14 (Nov/Dec 2012 issue) on sale in time for Halloween! Ooh the horror!"
    The new issue includes interviews with Katharine Isabelle our American Mary as well as a nice chat with Jen and me. Please check out for a boo or two - this zine rocks!


    Chris and Phil Present a Rad Time at Fright Fest the 13th

    "Craig and Mike break their FrightFest cherries working for FrightFest TV. Here’s a behind the scenes look at what went on featuring contributions from Chris, Phil, Stuart Barr, Steve Blackwell and the inimitable Billy Chainsaw as well as a few directors and film makers who clearly didn’t know what a shambles this podcast truly is."

    I love the English. I just fucking adore their dry amazing wit and the way they describe anything. Seriously, I can go through the same situation and would much rather have a Brit recount everything to me because it's just that much better.

    Missed Film4 Fright Fest the 13th? Get the best recounting of your life with Chris and Phil Present with the incredible Billy Chainsaw, Stuart Barr, and Steve Blackwell as well as words and chat from the filmmakers of the fest! Treat your ears by clicking right here.

    I think the tight schedule part is adorable.


    Premiere Scene Talks American Mary on Fright Fest Red Carpet

    "At day 5 of Film 4 FrightFest the eagerly anticipated American Mary receives it's UK premiere and Premiere Scene's Nicola Johnston and Anthony Bueno were there to interview cast and crew on the inspirations behind the film. Writer / directors Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska and actors Katherine Isabelle and John Emmet Tracy share with us how horror channels our fascination of things we don't understand, an insight into body modification and the sisters provide some useful advice for future filmmakers."


    Monday, September 03, 2012

    In Bed in the UK with Monster Island

     "Our last day in the UK! Twisted Twins Jen and Sylvia Soska were in town to screen their amazing AMERICAN MARY at FrightFest, so we joined them in their hotel room for some candid hang-out time. We got to see the world premiere of the new Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver at Forbidden Planet. And of course we got to see awesome films at FrightFest! Thanks so much for watching! Stay tuned for the end of the podcast hiatus!"

    It's no secret that Jen and I adore Miguel Rodriguez and Beth Accomando. So, I suppose it's no surprise that when we see them on the road, we take them back to our hotel room for hang outs. Here is a very candid hangout in our London borrowed pad for Fright Fest.


    EatSleepLiveMary: Twisted Twins Interview

    "As well as sitting down with American Mary star Katharine Isabelle at this year’s FrightFest, I also had the opportunity to talk with the equally humorous and insightful ‘Twisted Twins’ Jen and Sylvia Soska (following the obligatory hugs of course), about their new film. They spoke about creating a movie for a reason, their retirement from acting, a possible piss take on the romantic comedy genre, and the only reason to get out of bed: prosthetics and gore."

    EatSleepLiveFilm is a remarkable site for insight in all things film with professionals who are aficionados and lovers of the art form. So, it was an absolute pleasure and delight when we had the opportunity to sit down with Paul Risker of EatLiveSleepFilm for an interview with my twisted twinnie where we had the chance to really get into the world of AMERICAN MARY.

    You directed and starred in DHIAT. With American Mary you have been almost exclusively behind the camera apart from a cameo appearance. Do you feel this impacted the final look of the film and would you consider taking a starring role in future films?  
    Jen: Our cameo in American Mary has been kind of our retirement from acting. As much as we love acting, it really was our real passion, but it’s a real challenge to be able to direct and do all of the other responsibilities that go along with it, and be on the camera. Even if you’re going back and forth, it was very stressful to be like, “Am I using the right light?” It’s not like an actor thing when you’re directing as well to be concerned with. It’s, “Did I get the shot? Was it clearer enough? Was there another sound going on while I was talking?” We really wanted to focus on the story of American Mary, and all the different elements, so as a choice we wanted to take a step back. But we had such good support from DHIAT that people said, “We want to see you do something.” So we said, “Okay we’ll let you see us do something, one final something.” I would say we could be talked out of retirement for something really amazing, like I challenge anybody to take us out of retirement, but right now we really want to focus on our directing and our writing.  
    Sylvia: Actually in all of our other scripts that we have there is nothing at all for us to do in it. This was it that was the one final time. So we decided to do things we really like. Jen loves prosthetics so she got a lot of prosthetic work on that. I wanted to kiss a girl and I got to do that because I guess I don’t date ever. It was really fun, but the whole time in the back of my mind I wanted to be behind the monitor, and there were a few little things that were very different from how… looking at it I wish I’d done this or I wish I’d done that, you can’t do that when you’re actually in the seat, especially when you’re working on an independent. You have so little time to get everything done. So its fun, I love acting, and I hope people enjoy the final cameo. I hope it wasn’t too narcissistic like, “Everyone stop the movie, the twins are going to make their cameo now.”

    Check out the whole utterly rad piece here! Thank you to Paul for taking the time to talk to a pair of completely insane Canadian twins - you were just wonderful, sir.

    And do not miss the interview with the intoxicatingly talented, Katharine Isabelle, here where she gets under Mary's skin as she describes how she brought the final girl/every girl to life.