Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sexy Mary Mason Art

Very fucking cool.


Horror Movie Reviews Chats Up Twins

"What is the funniest thing that has happened on set? 
Sylvia: We had a very fun set filled with people who had a great sense of humor. One of my favorite moments was when we needed jizz for a scene for an actress to spit out of her mouth and our props master, Brad Shemko who we just love, came over with this cup of what looked very much like semen and told me that here’s the jizz and he’d been working all night on it. I laughed and asked if it was OK to go in her mouth. ‘It has to go in her mouth?’ ‘Yup.’ ‘Oh.’ Then he walked away with it. 
Jen: On DHIAT we set some fireworks off and when the park ranger showed up we blamed “a group on teenagers that ran off.” I still can’t believe that line worked. I’m so sorry for supporting a negative stereotype, teenagers of the world."
Read the lovely piece here!


Bloody Disgustingly Good Chat with The Twisted Twins

"Jen and Sylvia Soska are the Canadian ladies behind Twisted Twins Productions. After the release of their first grindhouse-inspired feature, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, the twins went on to release American Mary, a critical darling of the indie horror scene last year. On top of their filmmaking careers, the Soska’s are dedicated advocates for the Canadian horror industry and they made an appearance at Rue Morgue’s “Festival Of Fear” over the weekend as part of the Vancouver Fan Expo.

Jen and Sylvia sat down to chat about their upcoming monster movie, their love for comic books, Sinister Cinema, and plenty more."



Ravishing Dead Ringers Red

Phenomenally beautiful illustration by Andrea Tarella featuring Katharine Isabelle in DEAD RINGER red as Mary Mason.


American Mary Comes to Fantaspoa Fest 2013!

10 days to the opening of the festival, here is the trailer of Fantaspoa Fest 2013! Join the fun and share - a real killer lineup scheduled here, enjoy a taste of the horror glory to come, including our American Mary.


MEGATechNews Chats with us Twisted Twins at Fan Expo Vancouver

The wicked awesome folks at MEGATechNews cover the radness that is the Vancouver FAN Expo!! Check it out, boys and grrls AND they chat with us Twisted Twins. RADCORE.

http://www.megatechnews.com - The MEGATechNews team had a great time covering the 2013 Vancouver Fan Expo this past weekend. Although there were lots of big celebrities like Amanda Tapping, Michael Rooker, Michael Hogan and more, we decided to shine a light on some of the equally important things at the show like the comic artists (Kurtis Wiebe), voice actors (Michael Banyaer), and background actors (Peter Kent) that also make the experience unique. We also talk to two of the biggest fan clubs, the Ghostbusters of BC and the 501st Legion, to find out what their experience was at this year’s event plus tons of costumed fans of all sorts.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Disown Your Children If They Haven't Seen American Mary

Made by Jean-Sébastien Marsolais who is fucking brilliant.

If you haven't seen American Mary yet:


We love Sadie

The youngest lady to watch American Mary!!

We LOVE Sadie Spyder-Simmons ♥ She's got the coolest folks in the world that fully encourage her love of horror. AMAZING FX artists, Bill Corpse and Sandra S-buckshot of UndeadFX. LOVE these guys.

ASSJamming With The Twisted Twins and Little Miss Risk!

Have you had your ASSJam today? Well, shit, son. Let me hook you up - Jen and I join Mike and Ike's three-timers club with Tristan Risk talking in a very spoilery interview chatting about American Mary, Scooby Doo, Evil Dead, and a very fucking killer (and SPOILERY) American Mary song (which I love).

If you have not seen the film and do not want spoilers, there are spoilers. IF you have seen the film, then enjoy the shit out of this. These stoners are two of my favorite interviewers and we always have a pretty awesome time chatting with them. Please enjoy!!


The Twisted Twins Are Coming to Fatality Fest

Jen and I are thrilled to be coming to Fatality Fest WEST PALM BEACH this summer. See you beautiful people there! Huge thanks to the very fucking cool Andrea Albin for having us there with so many cool folks.

"We are pleased to announced that Jen and Sylvia Soska will be joining us at Fatality Fest in West Palm Beach! These girls do it all- and wowed horror fans with DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK... and did it again this year with the Katherine Isabelle-starring American Mary! The girls will be with us at the convention all three days!"


Mary Hits Monsterpalooza Tonight!

Hey MONSTERPALOOZA goers! Screamfest Horror Film Festival will be presenting a special screening of American Mary tonight!! Do not miss it and bring all your cool friends.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bring American Mary to Theatres In Your Town

Dearest Americans, Jen and I want to know, do you want to see American Mary in your town? We want to know. Get your darling tweeting voices ready and let the very rad folks at Screamfest Horror Film Festival know that you want to see the film in theatres at your home!

Tweet your mother-tweeting sweet-tweet twitter hearts out - Tweet loud. Tweet @screamfest and let them know where. We want the film to screen near you!!!


Graphic Novel FERN

Graphic novel twisted twins, Jen and me, drawn by the very talented FERN. LOVE IT!!


Inked to Perfection

Very fucking cool American Mary artwork by Jason Miller featuring Jen and me as the Berling twins and the lovely Katharine Isabelle as Mary Mason.


Auteur Appetizers by Adrian Syrja

"This drawing evolved from a simple sketch of an anonymous contortionist into a surrealist drawing of Vancouver actor/performer Tristan Risk pinning the heads Vancouver filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska with her spideresque fetish boots, preparing to consume them. Such is the state of my mind these days. Ha ha!"


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Random Ass Part Two

"Confession. I prefer a lot of sequels to the originals. The Unforgiven II, Murmaider II: The Water God, Blade 2, Predator 2, Aliens. So, when I found out I could do another interview with The Twisted Twins, The Soska Sisters, The Terrible Twosome (I made that one up) I jumped, again, at the chance.

Only fitting to have a second interview with twins. However, I’ve never had any one make it to the second round. I’m going to have to get even weirder for this one. Or just make it longer. I’ll probably just make it a longer interview.

I did not prefer Bad Boys 2, but this shit just got real."
Read the whole interview here!


American Mary in America

Hey North Americans - you can see American Mary in the theatres, on VOD, and even take her home this summer. Brand spanking new release news.

"Directed by “Twisted Twins” Jen & Sylvia Soska, Xlrator Media recently announced yesterday that American Mary (read our review) will open in limited theaters May 31. Already on home video in the UK, we now have the US secondary market dates for you. The film will be available on VOD on May 16th, 2013 (that’s two weeks before the theatrical release) and on DVD June 18th, 2013. No word yet on if there’s a Blu to be released concurrently with the DVD."



American Mary Coming to San Diego

Cinema Junkie will be presenting American Mary May 31 and June 1 at the Digital Gym Cinema with a special something exclusive to the screening. 

San Diego-ians bring your buddies, your family, people you don't know to this killer screening for necessary unnecessary surgery!


This Saturday at Monsterpalooza

Bummer bad news, Jen and I are not going to be able to be atMONSTERPALOOZA this weekend. That said, the Screamfest Horror Film Festival presented free screening of American Mary will still be on this Saturday at the con, please bring your buddies and enjoy the living heck out of the film. 

We're going to be back in CA at the end of May for XLrator Media's Screamfest label's US theatrical release of American Mary and hope to see you all there. Thank you for the support and promise to make it up to you guys.


Monday, April 08, 2013

The Amazing Adventures of the Soska Twins

"Jen and Sylvia Picnic Shenanigans: This piece again features Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska. The image for this popped into my head shortly after the first piece. With this i used multiple stock images and put them together to create a sort of insane sunny day. I drew Jen and Sylvia myself but the other images are from stock PNG images. This was just thrown together for a laugh really..." -Discord C Bam Bam


Friday, April 05, 2013

The Last Will & Testament of Rosalind Leigh in Theatres this May!

May 9th as a part of the Raven Banner Entertainment & Cineplex presented Sinister Cinema, Rodrigo Gudiño's beautiful The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh will be playing in theatres across Canada. This was one of my favorite films that I had the pleasure of seeing on the festival circuit last year and it's easily one of the best horror films I've seen in the last few years.

The genre needs more original voices telling their own stories. I don't want to be greedy, but please share this, grab as many people as you can and see this in the theatre, prove that horror like this does have an audience in the theatres.

In case I was subtle in any way, this film is fucking awesome. Please share this photo on your wall and be a part of supporting this film.