Monday, November 29, 2010

The Realm Cast is Realm Awesome

One day left in November before the big countdown to the AMERICAN MARY teaser release on December 11th. You can keep track with the new countdown calendar on the front page of the site (million thanks to CJ Wallis for creating something so pretty and dirty).

I'm getting realmy realmy stoked and that's not just because our friends at The Realm Cast is getting the word out about the upcoming sneak peek. Well, maybe it IS because The Realm Cast is getting the word out. Thank you, Sam the Horror Man, for saying this --

"My favorite twins are back and have loads more to offer us."

Aw, shucks. The feeling is mutual, sir.
"Oh the lovely Soska sisters. They truly do make my black heart skip a beat. They brought us the gritty fun flick Dead Hooker In A Trunk, and now they plan on giving us more horror goodies to enjoy starting December 11th.

The date is an important one to the women as it also happens to be the two-year anniversary of their production company’s formation."

Read the whole piece here. Then, because you're already on a rad site for fans by fans, you should mill about. Loitering is fine and you're going to love it. It's a must read for horror fans.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

There Will Be (monthly) Blood

Monthly Genre celebration BLEEDFEST FILM FESTIVAL announces schedule for its Thriller installment December 5th, 2010

The schedule for the highly anticipated second BleedFest Film Festival has been announced. It includes a dozen female filmmakers' short films and concludes with international genre superstar's Caroline Du Potet's thriller feature IN THEIR SLEEP, her follow up to the sensational and disturbing INSIDE.

Special guests sitting in their own VIP section include World Famous Scream Queens/producers Michelle Tomlinson and Tara Cardinal, prominent journalist/filmmaker Heidi Martinuzzi, Emmy winning filmmaker Barbara Stepansky, and horror filmmaking duo Marichelle and Drew Daywalt.

The Bleedy Award, a bronze statue designed by Neal Harvey of, will finally be revealed in a video presentation at the Awards Ceremony. It will be awarded to the In Competition short voted on by the audience, and to the feature IN THEIR SLEEP. All films screened will receive an award certificate and Winner laurels to add to their publicity.

The In Competition category is comprised of five short films by female writer/directors. They are BAD GIRLS by the Soska Sisters (sensational feature films DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and AMERICAN MARY), ALGESIA by Cathy Alberich, DEAD BOYFRIENDS by Xstine Cook, MOCKINGBIRD by Marichelle Daywalt, and MORBID CURIOUSITY by Cindy Baer (acclaimed feature film PURGATORY HOUSE).

The Out of Competition block screens short films produced and/or written by women. December's BleedFest will feature SCREAM MACHINE written by Julia Camara (screenwriter of Spring 2010's Brazillian sci-fi blockbuster AREA Q), and UP UNDER THE ROOF produced by Danielle Stallings.

The Works in Progress section of BleedFest gives the audience top secret first looks at short films by several acclaimed female filmmakers including an Emmy winner, and are screening unofficially to get editing feedback from the audience of genre lovers and and generate buzz with BleedFest's press partners.

The festival will have two Open Bar sessions featuring free wine and beer, giving the audience a crucial chance to network. During these breaks, BleedFest will screen trailers of upcoming genre films (World famous Tara Cardinal's actioner LEGEND OF THE RED REAPER, and trailers of genre work that is now available online (Marion Kerr's acclaimed feature GOLDEN EARRINGS Music videos by Sophia Segal will also be played at this time.

BleedFest's coveted Partnership Award is bestowed each month to a male filmmaker whose genre film has captured the spirit of BleedFest in its unusual, bold, and refreshing female protagonist. The recipient of December's Partnership Award is feature filmmaker Dave Reda, whose music video THE HORROR OF OUR LOVE will screen.

BleedFest has a red carpet, an event photographer, a VIP Guest section, and an open bar for only ten dollars cash at the door. You may buy half price tickets at Goldstar the week before the event, and can get two tickets for $12 by donating to their IndieGoGo campaign or using the PayPal link on

Local renowned artist Kami Lerner will be present with a display of paintings and jewelry available for purchase.

Festival founders and directors Elisabeth Fies and Brenda Fies are a filmmaking duo whose critically acclaimed feature thriller THE COMMUNE was embraced by the genre community in 2009 and 2010. They are thrilled to be filling a hole in the community by providing access to fantastic genre content by indie female filmmakers, and to disprove the widely spread myth that there are no female filmmakers making indie genre. Explains Elisabeth Fies about the discrepancy between reality and industry attention for genre female filmmakers, "It's not even about being taken seriously. It's about being discounted to the point that you're invisible and told you don't exist. BleedFest aims to prove to the world that hundreds of us ovary-challenged filmmakers are here, and we're making bold, exciting movies filmlovers need and don't want to miss. We're positive, we're fun, we're in partnership with men, and we're unstoppable." The Fies Sisters thank everyone for the outpouring of support and excitement about BleedFest that helped them reach their IndieGoGo fundraising campaign in under two weeks.

The BleedFest website will be updated Sunday November 28th 5pm Pacific time at with the full schedule, and include bio info and links for each filmmaker featured in the festival. There will also be a Paypal link to purchase tickets now at a discount of 40%.

The lineup for the January 2nd BleedFest event will be announced live on the 5th, and includes a sci-fi western feature and a fairytale thriller. The schedule will be released to the press December 6th.

Submissions are free to filmmakers, and BleedFest is always looking for quality genre work. There is only one space left for the January and February screenings. Submit your film.

Tell us about a film we should screen

Find out how you can participate, attend as a vendor, VIP, or support us with a donation

Sunday December 5th, 2010

TIME: 11am-3:30pm

Location: CAP Theatre

13752 Ventura Blvd.

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

$10 cash at door for all day ticket and open bar

Schedule subject to change, personal appearances dependent on schedule:
11am-11:15 Mixer and greeting

Works in progress:
Titles are top secret and will be revealed at event
(32 minutes)

11:40-12:00 break (open bar)

In Competition:
ALGESIA by Cathy Alberich (15 minutes) Q & A
MOCKINGBIRD by Marichelle Daywalt (3 minutes) Q & A
MORBID CURIOUSITY by Cindy Baer (6 minutes) Q & A
DEAD BOYFRIENDS by Xstine Cook (7 minutes)
BAD GIRLS by The Soska Sisters (7 minutes)
(39 minutes)

Ballots collected from audience

Partnership Screening and Award:
THE HORROR OF OUR LOVE by Dave Reda (6 minutes)

1:05-1:25pm open bar

Out of Competition:
SCREAM MACHINE Written by Julia Camara (15 minutes)
UP UNDER THE ROOF Produced by Danielle Stallings (20 minutes)

Reveal of the new Bleedy Award design
Bleedy present to the Audience's choice

IN THEIR SLEEP (90 minutes)

By Caroline du Potet and Eric du Potet, the duo behind Inside. The film stars Anne Parillaud, Arthur Dupont, Thierry Fremont, and Jean-Hugues Anglade.

Now, you better start driving, pack all your friends in the car, and get your bum to Bleedfest Film Festival and support some rad film makers that you wouldn't get the chance to see otherwise!


Geek Tyrant Teases Something Cosmetically Twisted

Our good friend, Brian Shirley, of Geek Tyrant, had a sneak peek of the upcoming teaser (Dec. 11th - second anniversary/second feature film) and had this to say --
"The two awesome twins Jen and Sylvia Soska who brought us Dead Hooker in a Trunk are at it again, this time with American Mary. What's happening on December 11th? Well I'm glad you asked my friends. The Twisted Twins are celebrating their two year anniversary of Twisted Twins Productions and will drop the new teaser trailer for American Mary on their website on that date. I've been lucky enough to witness this teaser and after going over it several times this looks like another winner from our favorite Canadian twins. I'm not allowed to say too much but I will say this, "American Mary is cosmetically twisted"!"

It's getting closer! Read the whole piece here - you'll be glad that you did, boys and girls. More news to come and maybe a little versus...


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Proud Mary Keeps on Rolling

The countdown to the release of the AMERICAN MARY teaser on December 11th continues as November comes to an end. Our good friends are helping spread the word. A very humble and gracious thank you for all the support. You are the people who made DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK the success that it is today. AMERICAN MARY is especially for you.

Here is more tease for the upcoming teaser --

Read the piece from MORE HORROR.
"We can't wait to see what the girls have in store for us next. We'll keep you posted."

Read the piece from DREAD CENTRAL.
"Twisted twins Jen and Sylvia Soska, the masterminds behind Dead Hooker in a Trunk, are back at it with American Mary, a film they're keeping quite close-lipped about other than promising its trailer will debut on December 11th."

I just want to tell you everything in every tiny detail, but for now, we must wait. Thank you for being at our side for this journey. It's going to be a real mother-fucker.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Let There Be Bleedfest Every Month!

What is Bleedfest?

"We are passionate about raising the visibility of awesome indie genre movies by female filmmakers.

BleedFest fetes the women who love writing, producing, directing, and watching badass genre movies: horror, thriller, action, sci-fi, western, exploitation, B-movie, and erotica. We also screen a few male filmmakers who have empowering, badass and edgy female protagonists; their work screens out of competition and receives our "Partnership Award". Our mission is to spotlight these edgy films and their fearless makers, and prove to the world that the derogatory term "chick flick" needs to be retired."

Agreed, ladies.

The very first Bleedfest took place this summer in sunny LA in sisterhood with the Viscera film festival. It was fucking incredible. Seeing these wonderful films with such a great horror crowd was awesome -- let me tell you, boys and girls, film making powerhouse sisters Elisabeth and Brenda Fies know how to throw a party. It was with great sadness that we packed our bags and headed back up to Canada after the fest. But we knew there would be another festival the next year and were excited to return again.

Hold the phone. Call your dad into the room. Get ma from out back. You don't have to wait until next year.

"The festival is the first Sunday afternoon each month. We feature shorts and features in and out of competition, works in progress, and student films. We also program Q & As, networking opportunities, and forums with noted Hollywood luminaries to explore issues facing women auteurs in the industry."

What an incredible opportunity to see and screen fantastic indie movies that often go unnoticed against the big studio blockbusters. From experience let me tell you, the ladies really know their horror shit. They are smart and they welcome you to the festival with a level of kindness and sincerity that makes you feel like family. It is a great event to showcase your work. This fast approaching December 5th marks the first of many upcoming Bleedfest, a bloody good time. Our short film, BADGIRLS, will be playing. Submit your films too, so we can all play together! Can it get any better? Yes. Yes, it can --

"BleedFest provides what filmmakers need to be successful. Our filmmakers are all official winners, and will have a new Winner Laurel to place on their press materials. Each filmmaker will receive an award and have a Q& A and photo moment in front of a red carpet Step and Repeat banner. Many of the films will be in competition to receive the Audience Award."

Awards and laurels are great to get recognition for new independent films. They especially come in very handy when it comes to distribution time. Studios dig that stuff. So, it's already a fantastic event that gives indies the opportunity to shine and brings the horror community closer together, how could it get any better. Um... I don't know... who likes booze? What if the booze was FREE!? Yes. The Fies knock it out of the park with an open bar. Ten dollars gets you a great night of films and an open bar.

Get your tickets here.
Submit your film here. This is a great indie event that supports indie film making. Please pass this around to your cool friends and check out the Monthly Fest. We guarantee that you'll enjoy yourselves!


Jesus Loves Zach Shildwachter

"You son of a whore that fucks his mother. I'm going to miss my youth group for this shit, you fist fucker? I'm going to get that dirty motel manager to ride your fucking ass. What do you think about that, cowboy? You ever been skull fucked after an ass rape? Jesus doesn't love you."


Completely cool and completely a random act of awesomeness, our friend Zach Shildwachter - of the Blood Sprayer - made this beautiful water color rendition of Goody Two-Shoes/CJ Wallis. The 'Jesus Doesn't Love You' banner is the knockout punch of fucking rad town and Zach is the mayor!

You don't know Zach? Get caught up here. And read his sweet-ass articles here.

Zach, I think the three of us have a big(ger) crush on you.


Mary Loves Her Ax Wound

It's two weeks before the AMERICAN MARY teaser release and Twisted Twins Productions' second anniversary. We were introduced to miss Hannah Neurotica, of Ax Wound, a little while ago by mutual friend, Eli Roth. Since then, we've become very close - like sisters. Hannah was one of the first people to read the script for AMERICAN MARY and as the project progressed, we've spoken back and forth excitedly.

As the excitement spreads with the upcoming teaser trailer, Ax Wound gives an insider look on the new film and here's a little tease --
"AMERICAN MARY tells a very different story then DHIAT and is less Grindhouse, more straight up horror. This is a story that really gets under your skin. It’s as if they took what scared them most and used AMERICAN MARY as a vehicle for exploring that creepy reality. This is a movie nobody will be able to ignore – it will explode & this post is proof that I said it before the storm of much deserved horror fandom comes raining down on AMERICAN MARY."

The subject matter comes from something that did indeed disturb the shit out of us, the twisted twosome. It's going to be a very dark ride, girls and boys. Things are coming together beautifully and things will start happening faster and faster. Read the whole scoop from Hannah here. Hannah, thank you, sis. You fucking rock!


The American Maryth of December

This December 11th is Twisted Twins Productions' second anniversary. It's been an amazing adventure since we started our first film, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, in October 2007. Since then the film has traveled the world and we have met many wonderful folks in the horror community - for those of you that haven't had much experience with them, the horror community consists of the best people on the planet.

On our second anniversary, we will be showing the teaser trailer for our second feature, AMERICAN MARY. Remember what I said about the best people on the planet? Fellow twin and friend, Richard Parsons, made this (look up, WAY up!) awesome calendar for December. The 11th looks very special in particular! Thank you, Richard, for being rad and or being a friend.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Back for Bloody Fun at Bleedfest!

Bleedfest is going to be a monthly event. Holy fuck. There will be even more genres included for films featured and made by female film makers.

A modest $10 for a seat and... OPEN BAR. I do believe it says OPEN BAR! Wow. The Fies sisters - Elisabeth and Brenda - are kicking ass and taking names.

Be sure to get your bum in those seats and bring your friends. We had an amazing time at Bleedfest and will definitely be coming back!


I am Woman, Hear Me Roar

What an exciting genre to be a part of. Horror. Where else will teenage girls defeat unspeakable evil, even younger girls become the epitome of evil, and the final girl will rule? Last February, men and women, from all over the world came together to celebrate the first annual Women In Horror Month.

It's still a few months away, but we want you to be in the know, girls and boys. You, reading this blog right now, can be a part of it. It's a great comradery event in the horror scene. This appreciation and awareness month was started by good friend and sister separated at birth, the incredible - Hannah Neurotica. And that lady never stops working. Here is the latest --

The first way to join in the fun is a WiH Month Poster Campaign. And here are some rad ones that have been submitted --

The first flyer submission from Zach Shildwachter.

New WiH Month poster by Alison Lilly.

New WiH Month design painted by Michelle Moricola.

"You may have seen my manic clogging up of your Facebook/Twitter/Myspace pages with a proposal for “FEBRUARY AS WOMEN IN HORROR RECOGNITION MONTH: February has 28 days so it seems appropriate. PASS IT ON.” I posted it originally as just that- a proposal. That is no longer the case. Instead I am fucking claiming it. As a woman I have spent most of my life afraid to claim space for myself in the world. Building this website is about confronting that and from my impression I am so far from alone in this. It is not un-common for a lot of woman living in our openly patriarchal society to feel the burdens of their gender on a daily basis. Examples: Walking outside alone at night with the constant fear of attack, still being paid less for equal work, reproductive rights constantly threatened, body image self esteem massacres in women’s magazines/popular media, etc etc. So who’s to say I need some outside source to grant me their godly permission to claim February as WOMEN IN HORROR RECOGNITION MONTH? Easy: I don’t. Just like I didn’t need someone’s permission to start Ax Wound ‘Zine, I don’t need anyone to grant the creation of this much needed month. So, in the spirit of punk rock, DIY (Do-It-Yourself), and a little sprinkle of blood saturated glitter… I officially claim February 2010 the first annual WOMEN IN HORROR RECOGNITION MONTH. If I have to celebrate by myself so be it but I really hope to have the support of horror fans of all genders! Now let’s get into the nitty-fucking-gritty about why this is necessary and how you can bring this alive from the dark cold underground where it lays dormant and waiting for us to animate."

Women In Horror Month is coming fast. February 2011 will mark the second annual Women In Horror Month! What will you do? Plan now. Make your mark.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Carl Manes is Very Talented

Noticing a lack of fan art for DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, Carl Manes of the wicked awesome site, I Like Horror Movies, took matters into his own, very capable hands.

The result is the above gore~geous image. Someone sure knows how to get into these twisted little hearts...


Monday, November 22, 2010

Project Greenman

Introducing Project Greenman. Here's their story...

This video is brought to you by CJ Wallis of FortyFPS Productions. Twisted Twins Productions was there on set to assist this noble cause. What noble cause? This one --
"Start by being aware of issues affecting our environment and what you personally can do to make a difference. Now imagine what an informed and organized group could accomplish! Discover the art and science of gardening as you embark on an awesome lifetime adventure.

Project Greenman will allow you to follow a tiny seed through its life cycle. Planting seeds and growing plants represent the continuation of life; a rebirth of our world and promise for tomorrow. We want you to be part of this future. When you become an "Agent for Change" you will have the chance to assist other members fulfilling a commitment to rejuvenate our Earth. Plant a tree, share seeds and draw public attention to what we're doing right and where we're going wrong. You will have pride in knowing you are part of an organization committed to the betterment of our planet. Demonstrate compassion towards others and offer assistance whenever possible."

I remember on Earth Day as a kid in school, we went to this huge site where there was a bunch of us with bags and bags of seedlings to plant. It was really fun and I got that 'Wo, I'm helping make the world a better place' feeling. You hear a lot about environmental issues and the problem sometimes seems so overwhelming that you don't know how to start. Education for young people, heck, us older fucks too, is the best way to introduce people to greener thinking. Project Greenman is one of those initiatives that gets you thinking, starting just with a small seed.

Narration by: Clay St. Thomas

Agents: Connor Stanhope, Megan McKinnon, Eric Clark & Janette Bundic
Couple: Maggie & Chuck Wallis

Direction & Editing: CJ Wallis
Client: Jeff Arsenault
AD: Jen & Sylvia Soska

Camera: CJ Wallis

Music by: The Belle Game


PS Adam Nanji of The Belle Game is the artist behind the music in the end sequence of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. Check him and his song, 'Won't Get You Now', here.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Viscera 2011 Submissions Open

Definition: The large internal organs of the body collectively, particularly those within the abdominal cavity.

Last year was our first time at the Viscera Film Festival. Did you miss it? Catch up here, Charlie, then come back and join us for the new news. A very huge and humble thank you to Shannon Lark, Heidi Martinuzzi, and Elisabeth Fies for inviting us to the event and screening our hooker. Never heard of the Viscera Film Festival before? Well, it's time you begun...
"Viscera specifically focuses on women gaining self confidence, knowledge, and growth through the creation of horror films.

This process is to achieve equality in the film industry, not domination.

Specializing in short horror films made by the female gender, the Viscera Film Festival hosts an annual bloody carpet event in Los Angeles for the selected Filmmakers, Special Celebrity Guests, and a live audience. Each Filmmaker receives a hand crafted Viscera Statue, along with promotional materials and the option to be distributed on the next Viscera DVD Compilation. Throughout the year, Viscera is continuously working to get the Viscera films screened and promoted all over the world."

We had a fucking blast, met lots of rad horror film makers and horror community folks, there were some bloody wonderful, funny, disturbing, smart, scary, sexy, graphic, and all completely rad films showcased there.

There is a huge focus on community and with ladies, lets face it - most of the time we're encouraged to rip out each other's throats, but what if we joined forces and ripped out throats together? That's the beauty of Viscera. Simply incredible. Submit today (before February 28th, 2011) and you'll be damn proud that you did. The site has been uber vamped, take a stroll through the amazing, then become a part of it!


Getting Pretty Excited.

20 days away from Twisted Twins Productions' 2nd Anniversary and the release of the new teaser for our 2nd feature film.

We're pretty excited. We have been working to spread the word, but we're not alone. Here is what our cool friends are saying...

Monster Island Resort - teases a our tease for our teaser.

All Things Horror - speak about things to come and a girl named Mary.

FortyFPS Productions - worked with us on the teaser and now on the tease.

I Like Horror Movies - big time supporters of we Twisted Twins and Dead Hookers everywhere... and they liked our film, too! ;)

Kristy Jett - friend to Twisted Twins, dead hookers, and American Marys alike had this to say on the Bloodsprayer.

Dai Of The Dead – #2 Hot Women, Mummified Old Men, and Some Cool News!

Ken of Killing Boxx, the incredible site that's a community of like-minded creators, a place to speak and learn and exchange and promote and present art.

Thank you kindly for all the love and support -- this new film is for you, girls and boys.

~Jen and Sylv

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Malcolm and The Moonlight BTS Photos Up

BTS photos from the Malcolm and the Moonlight music video shoot for 'Bothered At All' are up on Flikr. This is Fake Shark-Real Zombie! (you will remember them from their punk rock radness on the DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK soundtrack) drummer, Malcolm Holt's solo project and first video for the new album. Video by CJ Wallis of FortyFPS Productions, read the whole story here. Below is the video for y'all that might have missed it. Click here for the photos!

A very talented group and Malcolm is one of the coolest dudes ever. If you like what you hear, check out more of their music, and pass it along to your friends!


Mary, Mary...

A little screen-saver that CJ Wallis of Forty FPS Productions (also Goody Two-Shoes from DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK) created for us. Only a few weeks away from the big teaser reveal on December 11th. Stay tuned, girls and boys!


PS Click for the full image, then right click it to set as your desktop -- then we can be twins! lol

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Like Horror Movies and They Like Us!

I have been told by those who have 'made it' that this industry is hard and lonely and if it's not the only thing that you will make you happy, if you can be happy doing that 'something else' then it will be a much easier life. Having said that, I've also been told that, despite the difficulty and sacrifice, it is still the best job on the planet. This is all true.

What Jen and I hoped is that people would watch 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' and enjoy it. The reaction from the horror community has been overwhelming and gracious. We are the luckiest people in the world because we have the best supporters. One wonderful friend that we have made through our ventures in horror film making is 'I Like Horror Movies' - which you really ought to check out, cuz they be all forms of rad.

Carl Manes
took the time out of his busy schedule to have a chat with us about 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk', how we managed to get it made, where it's at now, and a look into the future. Here is a delicious morsel where we discuss CJ Wallis (Goody Two-Shoes) and Rikki Gagne (Junkie) who starred in the film--
"SS: ...It's funny because our characters, Badass and Goody, hated each other and in reality, we get along very well. We actually started dating during the production and had our third anniversary this past Halloween. That makes the end sequence with Jen and him very funny. People ask me if it bothers me, but I wrote it and it's sexy as hell.

JS: I love Rikki. She's so incredible, a very talented actress and stunt performer, and she's a great friend. She's full of life. It's funny that Badass and Junkie are bffs, lingering on almost being sometimes lovers, and Geek and Goody were romantic in the film, while in reality Sylv and CJ fell in love and Rikki and I became very close."

A huge and humble thanks to Carl for writing this piece, taking the time to talk with us, and for all the support he has given our work. It's a very informative behind the scenes look at the film as well as a look into the future, read it all here!

It's impossible for an independent to get the word out and move across the world without wonderful supportive folks taking the time to share with their friends. Thank you to everyone of you that has come to screenings, invited the film to their festivals, told their friends, dressed up like a hooker, and, well, the list would never end. We could never forget your kindness and support. There is something new coming, boys and girls, made especially for you. Tune in on Twisted Twins Productions' 2nd Anniversary - December 11th - to see your first look at the second feature.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shiny Self catches a DEAD HOOKER Up North

Sarah Jane Vespertine is a writer, occasional poet and freelance thinker. You can follow her on Twitter at
Additionally she was in attendance at the GRIMM UP NORTH 2 FILM FESTIVAL where film and horror fans were treated to an epic feast of films, including our DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. She also writes for SHINY SELF. She opens her article saying she was intrigued by the title which we found quite suiting as we, ourselves, are quite easily seduced by "Shiny" things, selves included...

I ant so badly to quote from the article, but it is so deliciously worded and thoughtfully written, boys and grrls, that I simply must tell you to GO HERE IMMEDIATELY TO READ THE FULL REVIEW. Do not PASS go, do not collect $200, go directly for a good ole fashioned rad storm.

It is a real treat for us when our audience understands our film and Sarah has a beautiful understanding of what we were going for. Our most sincere desires for our DHIAT were and remain to make a film that is pure enjoyment for our audience and to share that film with as many people as possible.

We want to thank Miss Vespertine for taking both the time to watch and review our film. Thank you to Grimm Up North for having us. We look forward to returning. And, as always, thank you to everyone who came out and has supported our work. It means more to us than we can ever say.

And on a more playful note, here is something shiny, strong, and epic. An image that promises the same thing that we do... the best is yet to come and nothing can stop us. Together, we are an army.

Bloody Best!

Blood Bath 2 a Bloody Good Time~!!

Blood Bath 2 provided exactly what you have come to expect from them ~ amazing films you've yet to get your paws on, great times, and wonderful people. DOA Blood Bath Entertainment is a privately held sole proprietorship of Dione and Andrew Rose that seeks to provide outlets for independent horror filmmakers to show their films to horror fans.

It was a supreme honor to have DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK invited back and to hear that everyone had such a wonderful time. A very special thanks to Andrew and Dione Rose for their commitment to bringing indie work out of the underground and into the daylight.

To see what's coming next, stay tuned here...

Bloody Best!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Drunken Zombie Film Fest a Great Success

Yes, boys and grrls. As expected, a Festival called the Drunken Zombie Film Fest was indeed as wicked and awesome as you may have suspected. The audience loved the films served to them and feasted on our first born flick, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. A very special, blood soaked (or should it be brain matter soaked?) thanks extended to the festival committee for making it all possible and thank you to the wonderful fans and audience, without who nothing would be possible.

A special little goody for you, boys and grrls, your Twisted Twins preparing to eat an unknowing victim. Yes, please "pose" with us... *snicker, giggle, CHOMP~!, mmmm...*

No guarantees THIS particular drunken zombie sailor was in attendance, but I imagine he would've liked to be ;)

Bloody Brained Best~!!

Horrible Imaginings is Anything But Horrible!!

In our life time, we've seen many things. We've seen the start of "comics to film craze" and seen many of our heroes brought to life on the big screen. We've seen films in 3D. We've seen the Atari give way to the PS3. We've seen the beginning of so many great things. We can now add to the list that we've seen the start of the HORRIBLE IMAGININGS HORROR FILM FESTIVAL OF SAN DIEGO.

It was a great honor to have DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK be part of this incredible event. A very special thanks goes out to everyone who made it possible. Thank you to the fans for coming out! Thank you to festival head and founder, Miguel Rodriguez, for making it all possible. Johnnie Wolf was the Projectionist for ALL the films... Lauren Way was the Bartender, Several local artists donated their time as well.. And Nicolas Simonin (Derailed producer) filmed all the Q and A's...

Countless others!!!!

And thank you to Beth Accomando and Gaaron O'Rourke Varner for these beautiful photographs... you can just see the wicked awesome~y goodness.

Mister Miguel Rodriguez

Miss Beth Accomando

Is that a needle in your mouth or are you just happy to see me?

The incredible Elisabeth Fies.

The sensational Brenda Fies.

The usual suspects

I don't know what it is, but I want that drink somethin' fierce...

Festival Head at, well, the festival.

Just awesome. Who doesn't love heads? ;)

Gaaron looking DAMN fine in his Dead Hooker~!!

The mad scientist. EVERY fest should invest in one.

Just cool.

Awesome decor~!!

Capturing all the behind the scenes magic~!!

The after party~!!

Blood soaked embraces to everyone who took part! We're truly looking forward to next year's festival~!!