Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Okay, You Be the Doctor and I'll be the Dead Hooker...

"I received a copy of the film with accompanying vinyl, catchy, creative and collectible bumper sticker from who, I can only imagine, are the fabulous, flying Soska Sisters. This led me to believe that somewhere in this great blue marble a force beyond me, somewhat awe inspiring and highly influential (that's Kristy Jett folks)told me to write this review. And then something about, if I write... they will come.. then I got freaked out and peed. After seeing the movie, I peed again, vomited and put my jock strap with pre-inserted cup on (because if the Soskas are coming, it's worse than if they entire cast of Hostel was given your home address and a buy one, get one free coupon)."

This is just a small part of the beginning of the new review of 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' from the hilarious and charismatic from Dr. James 'Jimmy' Terror of Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors. What is the Blog of Horrors?

"DR. TeRRoR's BLoG oF HoRRoRs

Introducing, for the first time on this stage or any other, a HORROR Host for a generation that does not want or realize that it NEEDS A HORROR HOST... yet... From the bowels and brains of American International to the rib cage and eye sockets of Amicus, Dr. James Terror will write your eyes shut with, well ... TERROR!!! (and perhaps a bit of camp now and again for flavor)"

The doctor's use of language is comical, graphic, and awesome. It's a very fun and informative blog - without spoilers - meaning you can read them without finding out who kills who, what goes into where, and Bruce Willis was dead all this time until you're good and ready. I really enjoyed reading this review, it's great for those of you who haven't seen Hooker yet and are going spoiler-free until you do. Here's one of my favorite parts --

"There's nothing like a creepy old man with a goat. Further I say there's nothing quite like that man fucking a dead body. I haven't seen necrophilia like that since grade school (Clerks). This movie is the Breakfast Club in drag or the blood equivalent of drag. What happens when the whiny emota-Christians with their hymnals meet up with the dope swallowing, vamp-punk, pee while standing up crowd? It's Abbott and Costello meets Frankenstein. It's Molly Ringwald giving her earring to Judd Nelson... or at least it feels that way. Stereotype bending, youth growth film with the best damn hand gun blasts to the head and love that chainsaw scene. Savini would love the originality of the texture of the brains (if not realistic it certainly was aesthetically pleasing)."

Thank you, doctor. I'm feeling much better after that. I'll read it twice more and call you in the morning. So stoked that you dug the flick! Thank you for passing along the word about it. Very fucking rad. Read the whole medicinal piece here. Enjoy!


Monday, August 30, 2010

La Prostituta Muerta En Un Tronco!

Brazil is a beautiful country and the largest country in South America. It is the world's fifth largest country, both by geographical area and by population. It is the only Portuguese-speaking country in the Americas and the largest lusophone country in the world.

Amongst the beautiful people, culture, and scenery there is a thriving and strong horror community -- making it perfect as the home of the 5th Cinefantasy - Brazil Fantastic Film Festival. The festival takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is in its fifth year of featuring some of the best horror, sci-fi and fantasy films. This year 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' will be playing in the festival and we couldn't be happier! But first, allow me to let you know a little more about the festival --

"Brazil is not only the country of carnival and soccer. It’s a country with rich folklore, many dark legends, obscure rituals, UFO mysteries, beautiful fairy tales and, of course, Coffin Joe. That’s why Brazil needed a fantastic film festival like Cinefantasy.

Cinefantasy happens annually in São Paulo, the largest city of Brazil and the most economic and cultural influential of the Latin America. It’s an international event dedicate to fantasy, sci-fi and horror movies that screens short films and features in competitive sessions, as well as tributes, retrospectives, thematic and especial screenings, premieres, conferences with guest filmmakers, lectures and workshops.

Last year the event has had astounding growth. There were almost 200 submissions, 80 short films selected for the competitive screening and 12 winners who won the awesome “Dry Corpse Trophy”. The festival exhibited more than 160 films in total at three screening places. The 4th Cinefantasy showcased features like the Italian horror film “Shadow”, the Thai movie “The Forbidden Door” that won the best movie in Puchon, and the French sci-fi movie “8th Wonderland”, 3 awards winner on Fantasia. The guests were the master of the Brazilian horror-comedy Ivan Cardoso and Marc Price, director of the zombie film that wows Cannes, “Colin”. There was also amusing thematic programs like the “Dark Little Tales” screening with gothic short films, the DayGore that was an entire day with gore and exploitation movies and a tribute to Fauzi Mansur, a Brazilian underground director.

With five editions, the Cinefantasy is already one of the most important fantastic film festival in Latin America, hosting a lot of fans and media.

Cinefantasy Festival is one of the founder members of FANTAFESTIVALES - Latin Fantastic Film Festivals Federation.

This year Cinefantasy will be running it’s 5th edition that happens from August 31 to September 12."

I know, I know -- pretty fucking awesome, right? You want to see all the features and the shorts because they will be spectacular, but here are the Hooker dates especially for all you die-hards south south of the boarder --

September 2nd , 8pm, at Centro Cultural São Paulo

September 11th , 5pm, at Cine Olido

See the film (with subtitles!) and let us know what you think. We want to hear your thoughts, joys, everything about the film. Thank you so much and if you know any folks in the area please pass this along. Gracias tanto! A very special heartfelt thanks to Vivi Amaral, the festivals director, who invited 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' to the festival and for all the support - may your event rock even harder this year!!

(photo from the ole modeling days, lol, enjoy! Brazil makes me think of the sun)

~Jen and Sylv

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blue Locks and Hooker Frocks

Jen and I are stupidly fortunate. We have some of the raddest, coolest, hippest 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' supporters ever!

Living proof -- the lovely miss Nadine L'Esperance sporting that fab Hooker T. Not only did she come out with hoards of Hooker aficionados to this past Vancouver screening, but she got a shirt and showed it for the world to see. Nadine, you are wonderful! Thank you for spreading the decaying, street walker goodness.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Insane, in a Good Way

When you creatively make something - films, artwork, music - the part of yourself, your own personality, makes it stand out. It's for this reason that I feel incredibly naked and vulnerable when 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' is screened. If you look closely, you get to know so much about Jen and me. What makes us laugh, what we find creepy, what makes us the twisted twins that we are.

I am in love with this recent review on us and our film from Jonathan Weichsel, of filmradar.com. What is film radar? Let's see what they have to say for themselves --

"(Our) goal is to bring the virtually endless world of specialty film-going in Los Angeles right to your fingertips. This site covers revival, repertory, and special film events and the venues which house them. Whether your taste is classic Hollywood, documentary, avant-garde, foreign films, silent films, or cult classics ... FILMRADAR has it covered!"

Back to Mr. Weichsel. His sharp intellect and mastery of language gives the review a depth and life that makes me feel like I am looking at the film with new eyes. Which is hard to do after being married to our hooker for going on three years now. Bravo to you, Jonathan, and thank you for your most rad review.

How rad is it, Sylv? Well, it's off the meter in radness. Here's the deliciously rad intro --

"There are certain filmmakers whose personalities shine through in every film they direct. As examples that everybody knows, I would cite Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino. You can not watch a Tarantino film without just knowing who Tarantino is. Based solely on their debut film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, I would also cite identical twin sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska. The personality of these two filmmakers shines through so strongly in this film, that after watching it I felt I knew exactly who they are.

So, what do I know about The Soska Sisters, who wrote, produced, directed, and star in Dead Hooker in a Trunk? For starters, I know that they are insane, but in a good way. I know that they have a twisted sense of humor, and don’t merely tell sick jokes, but revel in them. I know that they are outrageous, irreverent, whimsical, sarcastic, stylish, and imaginative. Dead Hooker in a Trunk is a film with lots of personality, and one of the most stunning debuts I have seen in years."

I know, right? Totally fucking rad. Revel in the article's entirety here. Treat yourself to checking out more of his work on the site. The gentleman has a way with words and gives a fresh perspective on even your most memorized favorite films.

There are two films that we are in the midst of pre-production on, some new darkly fucked up stories we are dying to tell you, girls and boys, so keep an eye out. We'll be posting as with as much details as we get these bad boys (or girls) up and running.


PS Have a fabulous Monday!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Deadly Indie Drive In checks their Trunks for Hookers

There's just something unmistakeably nostalgic about a drive in. Even if you've never been to a drive-in, it sticks in your mind as somewhere sexy and exciting to park in the dark and let the screen (or whoever you're parked with) move you. It was an absolute treat to be taken to the Deadly Indie Drive In for an interview with the charming and witty Walter Ruether. Seriously, what's not to love about a site that lives, breathes, and bleeds indie - their tagline 'send us your screeners and we'll promote you' says it all. A good friend to us indie flickers.

Here is a small taste of interview bliss, it's an indie one --
"What would you like to say to other indie filmakers out there who may be struggling ?

S: Film making is a very difficult and tough industry. There's a saying that if you can do anything else and still be happy you should do that. But for those of us that love, we're fucked. My advice to indie film makers would be to not give up. There are a lot of naysayers that try to discourage ambitious people and it's important that you don't let them deter you. Use creative problem solving to combat your modest budget and it'll make your film great. We had Rodriguez's book - 'Rebel Without a Crew', which was the record he kept all the while making his debut feature 'El Mariachi' - on set with at all times. We had nicknamed it 'The Bible', a lot of good things in there.

J: Never give up. There are so many obstacles and hardships that come up during the making of your film. The first one is the most difficult. You have nothing else to show to prove that you can do it. You have to win people over and get them to pay attention. My best advice is to never give up. So many people do and they just give up on their dreams. You don't want to be going to the movies for the rest of your life and be filled with regret, thinking that you could've tried and followed your dreams. I'll tell you right here and now, it's not easy. If it were, everyone would be a film maker because it truly is the greatest, most fun and fulfilling thing I've ever experienced. There's always a way to do something creatively if you can't afford to do it expensively. You just have to take a page out of Robert Rodriguez's book, "Rebel Without A Crew". It tells the story of his first feature, El Mariachi. It's incredibly inspiring. I highly recommend it."

That's right, girls and boys, we love our Rodriguez. If that man makes a film about cleaning his driveway go see it. You'll have the best fucking driveway on the planet. Now get on over there and read the whole interview. Do yourself a favor, and check the whole site out. You never know what new treasures they will be promoting next!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Dream Of Egon

Greetings, grrls and boys and a very special greeting to all you geeks out there!

Often I am asked how close I am to the character I play in Dead Hooker In A Trunk. Am I truly a Geek? Or am I a secret Badass? I mean, who DOESN'T wanna be Badass? Well, the answer is, and yes it is a bit of a cop out, I am little bit of both. I decided to take a little break from our usual blogs and post something deliciously nonsensical and geek~gasmic. I do indeed have deep geeky roots and have, as many others, loved many great geeks of comics, video games, television, and film. Fox Mulder of X-Files, Donatello of the Ninja Turtles, and, the man I dreamed of marrying in my youth, the epidemy of geeky gorgeousness, Egon Spengler.

That's right, ladies. Drink it in. That's some sweet ass Egon for you. Hungry for more? Here are some facts you may not know about my "intended/beloved"...

1.) The character of Egon Spengler was named after Oswald Spengler and a classmate of Harold Ramis' at Senn High School named Egon Donsbach who was a Hungarian refugee. Yes, Egon is, like me, presumably of Hungarian decent.

2.) He is the creator of the Ghostbusters' equipment along with Raymond Stantz, thus making him the brains of the Ghostbusters.

3.) Egon, though scientifically adept, is socially inept and relies largely on Dr. Peter Venkman to do the talking for the group.

4.) Reportedly due to legal issues concerning character/actor likenesses, Egon's likeness was changed from a brunette to a blond sporting a pony tail. Maurice LaMarche stated that when he auditioned for the part of Egon Spengler in The Real Ghostbusters, he was asked not to do an impression of Harold Ramis, a request he ignored because impressions were one of his strengths as a performer and there was no other way he could imagine properly portraying the character other than to follow Ramis's example.

5.) He collects spores, molds, and fungus.

6.) Egon is, admittedly, a sugar junkie, his favorites being "twinkies" and "nestle crunch bars".

7.) He has been romantically linked to Janine Melnitz, in both the films and tv series.

8.) Egon Spengler has a family history of witchcraft (three ancestors, Zedekiah, Eli and Ezekiel, were wizards), of which he is not so much ashamed as strongly considers irrelevant, mainly because he sees science as relevant.

9.) He grew up in Ohio.

10.) I'd still marry him today.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Five Bucks Can Get You a Dead Hooker (in Boston)

Do you remember our friend Mike Snoonian from 'All Things Horror'? Go here for a refresher, but trust your friendly nieghbourhood twisted twins that he is incredibly rad. So rad, in fact, that if you are in the Boston area - thanks to him - can see 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' for five bucks this September 1st. But that's not all. Five bucks usually can't get you a lot, but in this case, it gets a fucking sweet evening filled with rad films --

"All Things Horror is kicking of September with a positively insane lineup of movies. Our feature attraction comes to us from Canada. Maybe it's the easily available triple strong beer, but they've given us one demented thrill ride of a film in Dead Hooker in a Trunk. After a night of hard partying a pair of twin sisters and their friends wake up to find the spare tire is missing from the car, with the body of a dead hooker taking its place. What follows is a thrill ride of violence and mayhem which makes The Expendables look like a children's holiday special. Fans of 70's Grindhouse fare, Roger Corman flicks and beautiful women busting heads and kicking tons of ass will not want to miss this film.

We've also got three terrific short films. Side Effects shows what happens when an otherwise virtuous school girl resorts to pills in order to stay sharp for the SATS. If you only see one erotic tale of lesbian vampires using only dolls this year, make sure it's Taste of Flesh ,Taste of Fear. Finally, we have a local film Rubber Whore Hell rounding out the night. This is one of the more bizarre films of lust, betrayal and murder that we've come to love, and it features some sweet dance moves by a maniac in a rubber Halloween mask."

I have had the pleasure of seeing 'Side Effects' - the Audience Favorite winner at this past Viscera Film Fest - and 'Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear' - another winner from Viscera - and these flicks are dark, fun, and a real viewing treat for you horror fans. Heck, drop ten bucks and share this event with a friend. Get your details here, girls and boys. Drop us a line after the show to let us know what you thought. We love to hear from you!


PS It's going to to be the 'All Things Horror' site's first anniversary the day before the screening! A very happy anniversary from us, keep up the wonderful, fucking awesome work. Oh, and for you Hooker fans, there will be giveaways and prizes to celebrate. Maybe you'll can get something hookeriffic!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Geeks Unite!!!

Holy fuckballs, Batman, Geek Tyrant checked out our little DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and, lemme tell ya, they liked what they saw. And you know what? We just happen to love ourselves some Geek Tyrant.

So, who better to express geeky love and tell you about GEEK TYRANT than yours truly, me, Jen, better known from DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, Geek.

Who is Geek Tyrant, you ask? It's made up of fanboys and fangirls who have studied the art of film making and worked in the industry. Add their incredible enthusiasm for movies and games (and all things of geeky greatness), and you have yourselves the bestest Geek Movie Blog on the web. It's you one stop shop for everything you need to know. Averaging 12+ posts daily, these beloved and hard working geeks do the research, so you don't have to. Most of you have heard of and been in love with Geek Tyrant for ages. For those of you coming late to the party, don't fear! Check it out here and now!

Now, what exactly did Geek Tyrant have to say about DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK?

"Don't mess with The Twisted Twins aka Jen and Sylvia Soska! These two beautiful twin neighbors from up north have an underground hit on their hands simply called 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk'. The two co-wrote and co-directed this first offereing and have succeeded on so many levels. I have watched this film now a number of times and love it more everytime I watch it."
~Geek Tyrant

AND that's just for starters! Check out the full review HERE and understand the reason we Twisted Twins can't get enough of Geek Tyrant. Aside from being true geeks ourselves (let's face it, the VERY best people are!), we want to thank one of the coolest sites out there with some of the most informed and talented writers there are for their support of us and our DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK!!

Check out the site for the Dead Hooker review, but do yourselves a favor and bookmark the site. It's your one stop shop for all your geeky needs and, man, do I love to get my Geek on... ;)


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vancouver Loves Its DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK

now showing
Friday the 13th is one hell of a day, regarded as bad luck to some and celebrated by others. This Friday the 13th was one of great celebration as the cult classic, underground sensation, debut feature film from we Twisted Twins, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, made a long awaited premiere for the public at the beautiful Rio Theatre.
badass & makeup
We arrive to the theatre early and find that there are already people lining up for the show. We sneak in, unnoticed, ninja style. We meet up with producer, MaryAnn Van Graven, who, like many other members of the DHIAT crew, doubled up on jobs on the project. She was also our incredible talented key make up artist. Our other beloved producers, our wonderful, supportive parents arrive shortly and we take to hiding, after a quick inspection in the projection room.
run to the red room
The green room is, in fact, a red room. We wait and here the audience arrive, but are unable to see them, so we have no idea how many people are out there, waiting to get themselves some Dead Hooker ;)
twisted twins productions
We wait. It's an incredible and indescribable feeling waiting to show your film to an audience (though I will try my best to describe it). You feel nervous and excited, terrified and happy. You hope so sincerely that the audience will enjoy the film, catch all the little jokes, laugh at all the big ones, be entertained, and, in this case, even inspired. When we finally emerge to thank our wonderful audience for attending, we're floored by the applause and cheers. We see our audience for the first time and couldn't be more grateful for having them there.
We thank our guests from the bottoms of our twisted little hearts and invite them up the street to Bandidas Taqueria and Cafe Kathmandu, two restaurants good enough to house us all for our after party.
waiting part 2
We take our place among the audience in the darkness and wait.
The film starts... there's no greater feeling in the world than sitting in a theatre and hearing people react to a film you put everything you've got into. Every laugh, every cheer, every "oh God!" is incredible. At multiple times during the screening, our guests broke out in applause and cheers. In the darkness, sitting with together with our mom and MaryAnn at our sides while CJ busily made sure everything ran smoothly, we smiled, overjoyed that our audience loved the film and that we had been able to bring it back to the beautiful city where it all started and to the people who supported us and the film before they even got a chance to see it. To be surrounded by so many wonderful friends, some old and some new, it was simply a dream come true.
mirrored image
The film ends, and the audience erupts in cheers and applause. It's the most wonderful feeling ever.
At long last, we steal our way into the foyer to meet and greet our guests and thank them all for coming. A flurry of hugs, endless embraces, smiling faces, laughter, smiles. We're honored to give autographs and take photos with our wonderful audience. We are blown away to see so many old friends, many that we haven't seen in ages. We meet facebook friends for the first time in person. Hands are shaken, hugs are had, everyone is all smiles. We thank the incredible staff at the Rio for their kindness and professionalism. They're quite wonderful.
It's party time!
Off we head, just up the street and easily within walking distance (even in stilettos), to our after party! It's side by side, allowing room for all of our lovely guests and not overwhelming either restaurant. It's wonderful as we FINALLY get a chance to sit down and talk with everyone. We dart about, hugging, thanking, and talking about DHIAT and film. So many smiling faces, such a great feeling from both restaurants, and it's not just because of the abundant shots and pitchers ;)

It's also the birthdays of a VERY special couple, Miss Gory Rae (Horror Hostess Extraordinaire) and her beloved, Dissolved Paul. We twisted twosome are sure to show them how much we love them with a Spider en-crested chocolate cake and a little song.

We'd like to thank everyone from the bottoms of our twisted little hearts for coming out. We'd like to thank the Rio, Cafe Kathmandu, Bandidas Taqueria, all our wonderful guests, and our amazing cast and crew. There's nothing like showing your film in the city where it all began with true fans and friends. Your support means more to us than we can ever say. Thank you so very, very much.

Check out more pics from the night HERE!

And we promise, there's a lot more in store from your friendly neighborhood Twisted Twins...

X's and O's,
Jen and Sylv

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK checks into the Late Night Horror Hotel...

What, pray tell, you may be asking yourselves, is the "late night horror hotel"? Well, boys and grrls, you are in for a treat. Rob Dimension, John Cannon, and Pigamortis are gents that we twisted twins have a lot in common with; sick yet humorous tastes, a passion for film, and a wicked awesome independent spirit. Their show, Late Night Horror Hotel, ensures thrills and chills, laughs and tears, and even features a devious and delicious cooking segment.

We were absolutely delighted to send gents of our own kind, with demented and gore~geous tastes, our beloved baby, our debut feature, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. A special thanks to mister Dimension for reviewing the film.

Want a little taste of what he thought of the Hooker pie...?

"The deeper I dig into the background of this film, the more I am delighted. Female directors and writers are finally getting respect they deserve and the go ahead to release some insane flicks; The Soska Twins, who apparently are very warped, just ripped a big hole in Woman’s Rights in film making. Jen and Sylvia Soska are Canadian twins who, while extremely cute are also, more importantly, extremely gifted. My hats off to them, Dead Hooker in a Trunk will be fully endorsed by me...the movie, that is." ~Rob Dimension, late night horror hotel

Check out their show, EVERY Thursday and Saturday Night at 12 Midnight on Philly's public access television, check out their site here, and check out the film review HERE.

A very special thanks to all the gents at the Late Night Horror Hotel!


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Win an Autographed Official DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK Film Poster!!

poster design: dead hooker in a trunk

What, you say? How can YOU be the one to have a personalized poster from your favorite Twisted Twins? Autographed just for you with a personalized message? Is it too good to be true? Nope, it's totally true! Want it? Here's how!

As you know (or damn well SHOULD know), DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, after traveling the world (we're still mid festival run), winning multiple awards, blowing away audiences, and receiving stellar reviews from fans and reviewers alike, is returning to the city where it was born, beautiful Vancouver. August Friday the 13th, DHIAT (at 9pm sharp!) will be rocking the gore~geous Rio Theatre (1660 E. BROADWAY). There will be an after party at TWO side by side restaurants (because ONE restaurant couldn't possibly hold all this awesome), Bandidas Taqueria (2781 Commercial Drive) and Cafe Kathmandu (2779 Commercial Drive).

But how, you ask, does this information come into play for this coveted prize? Simple. You're coming (of course) and you're probably not coming alone. Get as many people as possible to come with you and the DHIAT personalized and autographed poster is yours! Just get AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to come with you! Whoever brings the most, wins the poster. Winner to be announced at the after party!

So, get on it, boys and grrls! Tickets can be purchased at the door, but to ensure yours, get them at our site HERE!!

See you on the 13th!!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

This Is What A Hooker Fan Looks Like

We were so stoked when we saw this picture of Kristy Jett sporting the Dead Hooker T! Fucking sweet. And it looks awesome.

Thank you for supporting the film in such a fashion-conscious way! If you, boys and girls, have any Dead Hooker pics send them our way. We love the way you've been supporting the film. Thank you kindly!


To the (Horror) Extreme, Part Two

"Hellbound Heart: Steve asked me to ask you both for nude photographs. My question therefore is, how do you think Steve should be killed?"
Now, I bet you're just dying to hear what we had to say? Let me tell you, it doesn't fair well for "web master Steve". But fear not, you can check out the promised "To the (Horror) Extreme" interview right now! Except you, Steve. You go right ahead and be very afraid.


Who are our heroes?

What do we think of how women fit into the horror scene and how we're accepted?

What do we have planned for the future?

It's all there and more! Don't delay, have a little looky poo. You'll be glad you did.

And a special thanks to "hellbound heart" for this truly wicked awesome, in depth, and enjoyable interview!

Blood soaked best!

Search My Trash Finds a DEAD HOOKER Worth Keeping

"Dead Hooker in a Trunk is one of these all too rare cases where a promising title actually leads to a good movie..."~Mike Haberfelner, searchmytrash.com

You may remember Mike Haberfelner and his site searchmytrash.com from our interview with him on July 30th (2010) as seen on our blog. If not, jeez, guys! Go take a sick day and cuddle up with a bottle of Jack and some popcorn and catch up on the goings on of your friendly neighborhood Twisted Twins. We were introduced via the beautiful, badass, and very talented Scream Queen Tara Cardinal. Those of you who are up on your Twisted Twins Trivia will know that we're Hungarian. Mike is from Austria and we couldn't have been more happy to send our beloved DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK back to our homeland (well, almost).

Treat yourself to his full review of the film HERE.

But don't stop there. Search My Trash is full of well written, in depth, and thoughtful reviews for many other films, too, so treat yourself to a little look around.

After all, you're worth it ;)


Friday, August 06, 2010

What About Bob (and Barbara)?

DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is coming to Bob and Barbara's in Philadelphia! It's the East Coast premiere and they're even having a dead hooker costume contest! Check it out...

Bob & Barbara’s is really the only spot in the city that deserves to screen the east coast premiere of the Canadian movie Dead Hooker in a Trunk.

But deceased ladies of the night aren’t all that Greg Christie is interested in. “Mounting repertory film in Philadelphia has always been difficult,” says Christie. “I think its struggling right now in the wake of Netflix because showing the film, even if it’s on 35 mm, isn’t enough.”

The former TLA Video manager recently got back from a stint in Austin, where he was impressed by the formidable Alamo Drafthouse. “They have programming every night and it’s always sold out because it’s not just film,” says Christie, siting the ATX moviehouse’s drinks service and their penchant for activities on the side, like quote-a-longs.

So when it came to putting on his own weekly screening series at the lovable South street dive, Christie thought outside the box. “I’m trying to film events that are more interactive parties,” Christie says, “rather than just film screenings.” Christie’s solution is to bring in the Swellco & Swellco Video Circus, aka the minds behind Anti-Bestiality Educational Awareness and similar exploits, to perform burlesque once a month during his events.

For their first mutual offering on Tue., Sept. 14, Christie and Swellco will present the aforementioned Dead Hooker in a Trunk (watch the trailer above). Along with the movie screening and performance there will be a dead hooker costume contest and a performance by the one and only filthy Neil Diamond impersonator Dirty Diamond.

Other events include a screening of Cory McAbee’s sci-fi/Western/musical Stingray Sam and a film from the makers of Tokyo Gore Police and The Machine Girl, with a special presentation by Japanese burlesque group Tokyo Dolores.

“I don’t want to get pigeonholed,” Christie says about his film choices. “I want to program films that will work in a bar setting. We want to make Bob & Barbara’s a premier setting for independent and foreign film.” ~Philadelphia City Paper

We wish we could be there, but we want to hear from everyone who attends! At this time, I'm unsure if actual Hookers may take part in the costume contest, though I assume when Dirty Neil Diamond starts singing, anything goes! If you're in the Philly area, definitely come by for DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and stay for a drink or ten.

Stay tuned for more!
And a special thanks to Bob and Barbara's for having our Hooker at your party! ;)


The Best Laid Plans

A few months ago we showed 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' to director Eli Roth who took a shine to the film. Since then, he has been incredibly supportive of it and our work. He asked if we had a more 'straight-forward' horror script that he could read. What came from that request was 'American Mary'.

We had originally planned on shooting a teaser/sneak peek for it this Saturday and it was going to be awesome, but, as with any production, there were a couple problems. Our original actress had scheduling conflicts so we had to recast. Last night, things fell through with my prosthetics team. Scrambling to fix the situation, we have one day to figure things out and it doesn't look like it will happen.

I'm sad to inform you that this advanced look at the film will be put on hold until I can reschedule it's construction. Very sorry, boys and girls. I've been excited about this story for a long time and had hoped that this would work out, but it won't.


Sunday, August 01, 2010


Created by the disgustingly talented, CJ Wallis. See you in a couple weeks, boys and girls!!! Print it out, get a personal message written by the cast for you at the screening.


PS It's almost 3am, yo!