Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weapon Chic with Gory Hole Tees

Best t-shirts ever. No grrl should be without one. Get yours HERE.


All Please Subscribe Photos up on Flickr

All the BTS, pretty lights, rad big game animals, and, of course, YouTube personalities are here on Flickr. Check em out, boys and girls.

Thank you and Enjoy!


Monday, March 22, 2010

The Jaded Viewer sees and reviews DHIAT

Months ago, we read a review on our Dead Hooker in a Trunk trailer by the Jaded Viewer. We had never spoken or contacted him before, but he had found our film and because he liked what he saw, he reviewed it and promoted it.

It only makes sense that we would want such a rad guy with such a rad horror review site to check out the full feature length film.

Well, he did. Read it here, and check out the other reviews -- this guy knows his shit. It breaks down the story, the feel, and all the gory, naked-ish, wtf moments anyone would love to hear.

He states: "Would Dead Hooker in a Trunk live up to its awesome title? Oh most fuckin definitely."

Thank you, Jaded Viewer. We think you're pretty fucking awesome, yourself.

~Jen and Sylv

It's someone special's birthday today...

Happy Birthday, David Choi!!! Here's a little BTS mashup to celebrate this rad guy taking down another year. Really talented, great guy. Check his stuff out, you'll love it.

Also, I LOVE this cover. Enjoy! Happy Monday, girls and boys!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ax Wound Zine is here!

The newest issue of the fabulous feminist horror zine, Ax Wound, produced by the talented and witty Hannah Neurotica, is now available! Back issues of the zine are also available. For those of you that have never heard about Ax Wound zine before, should check it out, it's rad. Utterly rad.

Ax Wound is the derogatory for a menstruating vagina. How fucking perfect is that for a feminist horror zine? Check the site here. Check Hannah here.

What's in this zine? Well, there's a rad interview with Eli Roth where he talks about the Twisted Twins, which led to an interview with twins for the same issue. It was also how Harry Met Sally, how the Twins Met Hannah. The woman who started Women In Horror month. She's really smart and she makes you love horror even more! You can order the newest Ax Wound here.

Thank you, boys and girls.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Please Subscribe Completed and Already Off to the Festival Circuit

Early yesterday morning, we drove out to the airport to drop a finished copy of "Please Subscribe" to a delivery depot that would fly it overseas for its first go at the festival circuit.

It's really weird after everything is done after a film is completed. It's an odd calm. This was one of the best experiences I have had making a film, and my first time working on a non-fictional piece. The talent, David Choi, Happy Slip, Tay Zonday, and Daxflame, that we had the pleasure of following, and filming are some of the most genuinely kind and interesting people ever. The collaboration between the Twisted Twins and FortyFPS Productions was a lot of fun, in particular because this was the first feature the three of us, CJ Wallis, Jen and me, had worked on together since "Dead Hooker in a Trunk".

Once we have our future plans with "Please Subscribe" underway we will be posting more for you, girls and boys, but until then, the film is done! Wo-hoo!

New BTS photos have been added to Flickr, so check it out for a boo or two!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coming Soon...

A brilliant new project is in the works from your Twisted Twins and fellow film maker extraordinaire and visionary, Adam Wojtowicz. It'll be a project like none other. Stay tuned, girls and boys. You don't wanna miss this one!

Your Twisted Twins

Monday, March 08, 2010

Nobody Likes Mondays

It's the first day of your work week- well, traditionally it is- it's usually a clusterfuck of FMLs and WTFs. Today, I had to leave my 9-5 because my apartment was being a really bad apartment and was so full of leaking water that is was pouring out into the other apartments.

After a frantic rush from there to here, I discovered that it was a load of crap. There was no leaking. The plumber, nice enough dude, looked high and low and found that my apartment was behaving itself. Probably.

Apparently, step two is to start looking inside the walls by sawing holes. Whatever, it's a Monday thing. Enough bitching, here's some pictures that Jen took of me with my ladies wearing my new favorite shirt, courtesy of Miss Gory Rae. You can get yer own here.

May the rest of your week be as pleasant as being covered by tarantulas. Sigh. It really is the best!


Friday, March 05, 2010

DHIAT Reviews Are Coming In!

As you all surely know by now, last month was WiH month (the first annual Women In Horror recognition month). DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK was fortunate enough to show not only at one, but TWO film festivals that took place in celebration of this special occasion, 'The Ghouls on Film Fest' in Birmingham, West Midlands UK-- Hostessed by horror heroine Nia Edwards-Behi-- and 'The Damnation Books Pretty Scary BloodBath Film Fest' in Addison, Texas USA-- organized by power couple extraordinaire Andrew and Dione Rose.

We have been receiving incredible reviews, emails, and messages from fans as a result. Here is a collection of reviews that DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK has received.

From Theron Neel...

From Cinematical...

From Flowers of Flesh and Blood...

From Horror Squad...

From Brutal As Hell...

Thank you to everyone who made this possible and a special thanks to all the fans out there, new and long time! The film will be receiving another batch of reviews soon and will be embarking on a venture in the festival circuits. Please contact us if you'd like to see DHIAT in a city near you!!

Your Twisted Twosome