Sunday, October 30, 2011

Round Two With the Twisted Twins & Ravenous Monster

"I have always been a die-hard feminist when it comes to the horror I love. I fist pump in triumph every time Jennifer Hills mutilates a perverted mountain man in I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE. Ripley and her alien-whoopin’ ways will always hold a tender spot in my heart. Danielle Harris’ portrayal of Marybeth in HATCHET II offers one of my all-time favorite “fuck you!” moments, when she goes berserk on Victor Crowley at the end of the film.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that a film made about two bad-assed chicks by two bad-assed chicks would rank amongst my top favorites. The Soskas’ driving force and my deep-rooted love for the bad-assed X chromosome is a perfect match. When Sylvia snarled the epic line “like dying could kill me”, I immediately made room at the top of my 'Most Bad-Assed Moments in Horror' list.
-Justin Hamelin, Ravenous Monster

My sister, Jen, has given me so much strength in my life. I lived a nightmare for two years when I was 21 years old when a customer at the Starbucks that I worked at became infatuated with me. He was thirty years my senior and decided he wanted to fuck me. He would show up constantly, grab at me, even touch himself while watching me work. You'd think a big corporation like Starbucks would have done something to protect me, but they simply transferred me to another location where the harassment could continue.

Despite the police reports, despite all my efforts to stop it, this went on for two years before the circumstances and reports would allow me to take the case to court. The judge was so angry that he could barely speak and the ruling was five years - no contact. The event left its mark on me and I wasn't myself anymore. I didn't want to leave my room. I got rid of my apartment and Jen and I returned home. But Jen would never allow me to feel weak for long. She forced me into private, hardcore martial arts training and created Badass.

When we wrote the script, I had to be that character in her mind, even though - Jen more appropriately would get those parts. All these feelings came back to me when I stood in front of the flame bar and said Jen's fucking ridiculously tough line "Like dying could kill me." Ironic that I saved her, because she's always been there saving me.

I am one of the luckiest girls in the world because I have the most amazing people in my life. One such amazing gentleman is Justin Hamelin who took the time to do a massive interview with us. He's one of these people that honest to fucking goodness love the genre and when he speaks about it - you tend to like even your most beloved favorite flicks that much more. Speaking of incredibly kind, love the genre, gentlemen - here's a little peek at the part two of our interview --

RavMon: Eli Roth is a big time supporter. I love the fact that he seems very pro-“women can be bad assed, too”. How did you get in touch with him?

Jen: Eli is amazing. He’s been incredibly supportive and a very good friend to us. We sent our DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK trailer around to every director from GRINDHOUSE as they had each inspired us. We couldn’t believe that only two days after we messaged him, Eli Roth wrote back to us and asked if he could see the finished film. We spoke back and forth and he gave us some really good advice. And you know what? He still does.
His films are very pro-feminist. We loved HOSTEL 2, especially the Blood Bath part. It was incredible. It was so empowering to see a female murderer that was every bit as blood thirsty as any man.

Sylvia: Eli Roth has to be one of the nicest, most down to earth, honest to goodness horror nerds in the world. He started with CABIN FEVER, so he knows what it’s like to be there. What I love about his work is that it isn’t the same shit you see in every other movie. In the first HOSTEL, you’ve got an openly gay, crazed doctor-wanna be. He wasn’t some outrageous stereotype with a lisp; he was a badass, creepy motherfucker who liked to cut people up. In the second part, you get this beautiful, intelligent female protagonist and guess what? There’s an evil bitch that gets her into the hostel. There’s a sequence in that film with the bloodbath that has to be one of the best horror scenes I’ve ever seen. With two incredibly talented actresses that killed it in that scene.

I hate when you see a film and the female characters are just written so pathetically that it’s fucking annoying. Give me a strong character that I can watch and say I wanna be like her. Eli writes women like that and he’s been an amazing supporter of our stuff. The script for AMERICAN MARY came from him asking about what other scripts we had. He’s a great guy.

No more previews, click here to read the entire lovely piece. If you missed the first part, get caught up here.

A very humble and sincere thank you to Justin for taking the time and dealing with our crazy schedule to have this chat. It was a wicked time and hope to come back and bug you with news about AMERICAN MARY!


Two People We Love Got Married Today

The world can be a fucked up place and life can be quite the battlefield. It's made that much better when you find wonderful people to share your life with. People who are true friends. People who see you and are genuinely happy to rather than saying, "where the fuck you been?"

Today, two of the most kind, giving, selfless, and all around outstanding people we have ever had the pleasure of calling friends have married. Kristian Hanson wed the beautiful Fernanda Lins today in gore~geous California. They are the very best of the best and it fills us with so much happiness to see that two such phenomenal people have found one another. Never being one to believe in marriage or happy ever afters, these two have changed my mind.

Kristian, Fernanda. All our very bloody best to you both. You deserve all the happiness in the world and we cannot tell you how much we love you guys.

Blood Soaked Best!
Jen and Sylv

Master Gio Plays 16 Questions with the Twisted Twins

"I reviewed the amazing Dead Hooker in a Trunk last month and was blown away by it. I greatly admired the work put into by the two talented and beautiful film making twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska, who wore multiple hats in front of and behind the camera. It was such a pleasure to talk to the both of them. They talked to me about making this kick ass flick, their love for horror and movie making, and even talk a little about their highly anticipated second movie American Mary as well as lots other exciting and cool things. As a matter of fact, after conducting this interview my admiration for them grew even more." -Master Gio

When we started making DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, a lot of it was to entertain one another. We had felt so bored by what was in theaters for entertainment and longed for the vast, gory, insanity that we grew up on. After so many ho-hum flicks hitting the big screen, the multi-collaborative GRINDHOUSE was announced and we waited anxiously for the release. We were at the theater with all our friends for the first midnight screening - we were not disappointed.

The film and its fake trailers changed our lives by inspiring us to make our own balls to the wall fake trailer and that was the start. Our greatest ambition was that people would watch the film and be able to turn their brains off and have a wild thrill ride. One of happiest moments I have is when someone has seen the film and contacted me about what a good time they had watching it. Enter Master Gio -

"I'm a freelance writer based in New York, as well as a life long horror film and metal fan. I also enjoy video games, pro-wrestling, MMA (though I don't really talk about that in this blog, cause I feel there are others better at doing that), superheroes, Star Wars, Transformers, BSG, James Bond, and other geeky stuff. Of course, I love beautiful women, in particular Asian women. I have an undying love for porn and porn stars."

My kind of guy. It was a very kind and generous offer when Gio, after reviewing the film, asked if we would like to have a chat. Naturally, the answer was a resounding yes - in stereo. Now, it's a very cool interview and I don't want to give too much away, but here's a delicious morsel to get you hungry for more --

How does one exactly go about directing themselves in a movie?

Sylvia: Jen and I can be so brutal to one another, but we are best friends, so when we talk creatively - we don't bullshit one another. If I think something is shit, I tell her so. It's nice to not have to sugar coat things. She's an excellent actress - she's auditioned against me a lot and they usually cast her instead, ha ha. As for Badass, I wanted her to be like the badass heroes I grew up watching. She was my version of El.

But there are disadvantages to not being solely behind the camera, sometimes things get overlooked when you're not there overseeing everything. For that reason and a few others, we'll be stepping back from acting to focus on writing and directing. We have a pretty fun final cameo in our upcoming AMERICAN MARY.

Jen: Oh, I'm very hard on myself, ha ha. You check the monitor after the fact a whole lot. I'm a bit too in my own head when I act usually, but I found that with so many other things to be focused on, I didn't get caught up in all that. I think I'm a better actor because of it, which is a bit too bad as after we have a brief cameo in AMERICAN MARY we will be retiring from acting.

Sylv is great to direct. You don't have to worry about her not wanting to do something, she's always game. We like to say, "anything for the shot."

Please click this link to the full piece and enjoy! Also, if Master Gio's interests seem similar to yours, please do creep on his blog Lots of fun, fascinating, and entertaining things there. Thank you for reading and much more mayhem to come!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Jen Soska and Assly's Hollywood Date

Assly and Jen have been writing to one another for a long time. She finally came to Hollywood and they got to go on their date to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company along with a meeting with Clive Barker and a walk down The Hollywood City Walk by Universal Studios. It was a magical night ruined by The Douche aka Kristian when he would not allow Assly to go up to Jen's Hotel Room. Enjoy for some laughs and a magical night in the life of Jen and Assly. For pics and more Assly videos go to

I must admit, from the moment I laid eyes on Assly's big, beautiful, brown eyes, I was way beyond smitten. I'm a sucker for the dark hair and dark eyes combo, throw in an accent and some foul language and I'm a grrl in love. I dreamed of having my date with Assly for ages it seemed and when The Aliens To Zombies Convention brought us to beautiful Hollywood, but bet your sweet ass that I locked that shit down. What followed was a true classic Hollywood romance.

A very special thanks to the man with his hand up my beloved Assly's ass, Kristian Hanson and his beautiful lady Fernanda for double dating with us. It was an unforgettable day.

Please enjoy and stay tuned for the EPIC Craptastic Puppets Halloween Special~!!

And, baby, once you go Puppet, you don't go back ;)

Bloody Best!

Bloodshots, Twins, and More Twins!!

Feeling a little evil? Well, it is that time of year. Speaking of evil - allow me to introduce you to the very talented Evil Patrick Shannon who used his powers to make our blue steel shine. Why Evil? Clickity click right here for a side trip into his rad filmmaking and photography stylings.

We were lucky enough to be able to attend last night's BLOODSHOTS screenings at the fabulous Rio Theater in Vancouver. But what is BLOODSHOTS? Allow me...

"As hundreds of DV filmmakers the world over have already learned, making a short film in one weekend can be terrifying.
Lack of sleep is just the beginning of your problems when you are trying to corral actors into repeating their performance with more energy at 5 in the morning and you know you have only got another 6 hours to get a final edit of your masterpiece put together. Well, start brewing your coffee now, because the people who brought you Vancouver’s CINEMUERTE FILM FESTIVAL (1999-2005) are getting set to bring you the 8th annual BloodShots 48-Hour Horror Filmmaking Contest – 25 Teams of filmmakers all fighting against the clock to make the best horror film they possibly can. There will be celebrity judges, fabulous prizes and several tons of fake blood!

In 2009, we did compete in the BLOODSHOTS and it was a fucking trip. I had a great time - first time we collaborated with Miss Paula Lindberg who would go on to be our Ruby RealGirl in upcoming AMERICAN MARY. Here it is for a boo or two -- BADGIRLS --

We didn't win, the silence in the room was deafening - but I take that as a compliment. That year's competitors to beat were CHLOE AND ATTIE - starring my new favorite pair of twins, Joyce and Jacqueline Robbins, and JACK - made my friends that almost always kick my ass in these fast film projects.

Both are excellent shorts and please click on them to see their horrifically awesome, very different takes on the genre.

So there was a suggestion that we double mint girls - the four of us - should collaborate and I think that's a fucking fantastic idea. You can never have enough twins and these ladies are talented as all holy hell! Keep an eye for them.

Their BLOODSHOT - CHLOE AND ATTIE - is turning into a feature, there was a Kickstarter that passed very successfully - but if you ever want to put money into helping finance a film, pick this one because it will be fucking epic.


Everyone Hates Bad Neighbours

'The idea behind this photoshop composition is an explanation for the strange noises coming from your neighbor's apartment ;) Thanks to Jen and Sylvia for letting me use your picture! Y'all rock!' - Nadine Anderson

A huge thank you to the wickedly talented Nadine Anderson for creating this fucking awesome image of a couple of sweet twisted twins just trying to get their kill on while the asshole next door watches tv. Evil neighbour... Mwa ha ha!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dick Smith & Dead Hooker in a Trunk

This just happened. Thank you to a man as kind as he is talented - Todd Masters, of Masters FX and the man behind the effects on upcoming AMERICAN MARY - who took this pic of Dick Smith, prosthetics and effect GOD - in front of the fabulous New Beverly Cinema.

If you can make it to the New Beverly Midnight screening of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK - it would be an honor. The flick plays sick in front of a crowd, so bring your cool friends and have a blast!

OMFG - Dick Smith is the man!!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The First Annual Aliens to Zombies Convention - A Weekend of Wicked Awesome

After 10pm, Thursday night, we arrived in beautiful and eerily summery Los Angeles for the Aliens to Zombies Convention. We were met by Todd Masters not only one of the coolest guys that I have the distinct honor of calling a friend but also someone whose work I have admired for years. Here's a little catch up for you newcomers.

We checked in at the notoriously haunted and historical Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. Who haunts this place? Well, when Marilyn Monroe started her career as a model, she stayed at the hotel for two years in room 229 where she could overlook the fabulous poolside. Spoiled rotten, we got the room across from hers, yet did not experience anything otherworldly in the sense of the blond bombshell. It was also where the very first Academy Awards ceremony was held.

Now, if we had only gone to the convention - it would have been the best time of our lives, but Todd Masters doesn't do anything half-assed. The con would start with the kickoff party and Halloween Book Festival Awards on the evening of Friday, October 22, but before that we would go to the Tim Burton Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) - the largest art museum in the western United States.

"The exhibition brings together over 700 drawings, paintings, photographs, moving-image works, storyboards, puppets, concept artworks, maquettes, costumes, and cinematic ephemera, including art from a number of unrealized and little-known personal projects. Many of these objects come from the artist's own archive, as well as from studio archives and private collections of Burton's collaborators."

When I was a little girl, I would hang out in the massively decorated horror section of our local video store. One day a full-sized Edward Scissorhands cardboard standee was placed in the section. Despite having a love of gore and monsters, Edward scared me. My mom noticed and asked what was different. I told her that the man with knife hands scared me. She rented the film and I learned a very important lesson - which was actually the heart of the film - not everyone who looks like a monster is a monster and not everyone who looks like a good guy is a good guy.

I got to actually see that beautiful costume that was so much a part of Edward. There was also his impressive scissorhand on display. Colleen Atwood's beautiful costume took me back to that moment and how much I had changed since I last saw it. The museum was crowded with Burton fans, excitedly looking at Burton's spooky and signature artwork, props, character designs - each person had their life touched by this incredible artist. In the same room laid the BATMAN RETURNS Catwoman suit, Jen's all-time favorite - so there was a full geekgasm for both of us there.

Our trio - Todd and the twins - then hit the street to pimp the con, no rest for the wicked. Naturally, the man was in full demand with his numerous projects, so we parted ways until the evening. It was at the Pig & Whistle that we met up with our good friends that live far too far away (until we make the official move to their town) - Miguel Rodriguez and Beth Accomando. We had some amazing food, then went back to the hotel for a very sexy interview on our bed. I kid you not. Not just anyone can make it to the twins' bed, but these folks are something special. Click here and here for a catchup on our mad love affair.

Stayed tuned for the full interview. We chatted until it was time to head to the Oscar Room of the Roosevelt. Party time. We sat with TESSERACT CONFIGURED author and her lovely friend as we chatted about horror and had some great nerding out conversation. It was also where we met the incredible, Martin Olsen, author of THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HELL and the voice behind ADVENTURE TIME'S Vampire King. Also, one of the most bitingly witty and interesting men I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know - and guess what? He even took a DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK home with him.

After the awards and partying subdued, we rejoined the incredibly hard-working Todd Masters and got the thrill of any horror geek's life - we got to see his LA shop. Bodies, monsters, chunks of remains, my personal favorite was the two naked pregnant women that held up a glass slab that made up their conference table. We grabbed goodies to pimp the next day and hit Hollywood Blvd with a decapitated head to entice the fanboys and fangirls to come meet the monster makers for the next day. Oddly, we didn't really stand out that much. Hard to be the weird ones on that Blvd.

We were up and at them at 9am the next morning. We met up with Todd and hit up a grocery store for the $22 PRO MONSTER MAKER'S CHALLENGE supplies. Professional artists would work with household supplies to show you how to make a monster that looks awesome for cheap. We got the honor of hosting the event - I guess with a $2500 feature, we know a little bit about making stuff for cheap. That said, we spent a grand on our DHIAT effects.

The Convention was spectacular. There was a monster museum with creatures for various shops that are the stuff that make your favorite flick memorable. Regan, the Slither beast, a head wounded Rainn Wilson, gorillas, zombies, aliens, even the War Machine suit. At this time, I must inform you, gentle blog reader, that Jen loves Iron Man. I'm surprised that the suit didn't end up in her carry on. That said, it was War Machine fangirl mania when she had the opportunity to speak to Michael Manzel of Legacy FX about the suit and her deep love of the design work for those films.

Here's the itinerary of all the Aliens to Zombies awesome that was to occur that epic day --

ACADEMY ROOM 11:00 a.m. Aliens Keynote – Bryce Zabel, producer of NBC’s “Dark Skies” and author of “A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact” in a conversation with Alex Ben Block, Senior Editor, The Hollywood Reporter

OSCAR ROOM 11:45 a.m.-1 p.m. Beginning of the End
Moderator: Bruce Haring, Aliens to Zombies
Martin Olson, author, “ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HELL”
Joe McKinney, author, “DEAD CITY”
David Moody, author, “THE ‘AUTUMN’ SERIES”
Scott Kenemore, author, “ZOMBIE, OHIO”
Rhiannon Frater, author, "THE FIRST DAYS"

ACADEMY ROOM 11:45 a.m.-1 p.m. – Aliens Among Us
Moderator: John Fasano, writer, "Alien 3," "Zombie Nightmare"
Steve Murillo, State Section Director, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Los Angeles
Alec Gillis & Tom Woodruff Jr., ADI Inc. Oscar-winning FX creators, “Starship Troopers”, “Alien vs. Predator,” “The Thing”
Shane Mahan, “Aliens & Cowboys,” “Terminator” series, , “Real Steel”

OSCAR ROOM 1:10 to 2:00 p.m. Pro Monster-Maker $22. Halloween Challenge
Hollywood’s top monster-makers are challenged to make a monster from simple household materials with limited budget. A great how-to for anyone seeking Halloween costume ideas. Hosted by the Twisted Twins, Jennifer & Sylvia Soska,
“Dead Hooker in a Trunk” and the crew!

Dan Rebert, MASTERSFX “6 Feet Under, True Blood”
Steve Johnson, “Ghostbusters,” “Species”
Mike Manzel, FX “Iron Man”, “Real Steel”
Shaun Smith, “Dawn of the Dead,” “300,” Conan the Barbarian”

ACADEMY ROOM: 1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. – “Fearnet – Trick-or-Treat Shorts” writer, director, producer Michael Dougherty, “X-men”, “Trick or Treat”

ACADEMY ROOM: 2:00 to 2:15 p.m. – “Beast Wishes” Trailer - Bob and Kathy Burns, Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger, Producers

ACADEMY ROOM 2:15 to 3:30 pm – The Cinema’s Simians: Monkey Men of the Movies
Jason Barnett, documentarian/producer, Founder, “P.E.G.” PRACTICAL EFFECTS GROUP
Bob Burns, special effects, “Ghostbusters”, “Kogar”, “Tracy the Gorilla”
Tom Woodruff, Jr. “Aliens”, “Zookeeper” “Jumangi”

ACADEMY ROOM 3:40–4:50 p.m. – Werewolf’s Bane – Howling to The Underworld
Moderator: Todd Masters, President of MASTERSFX. “Underworld 4”
Steve Johnson, FX guru, “The Howling,” “Fright Night”,“American Werewolf in London”
Kerry Gammill, artist, MONSTERVERSE (“X-men”, “Superman,” “Flesh and Blood”)
Michael Dougherty, writer/director, “Trick or Treat,” “X-men”

OSCAR ROOM 5:00 p.m Talking Dead – Michael Rooker, “The Walking Dead,” “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” in conversation with James Gunn, writer,/director, “Slither”,“Dawn of the Dead,” “Super”

8:30 p.m -1:30a.m. ALIENS TO ZOMBIES - Monster-Makers Bash, presented by MASTERSFX and JM Northern Media at Velvet Margarita

It was an extreme honor to be joined by the EL MARIACHI himself at the con, Carlos Gallardo. A constant supported of the indies and the DIY (do it yourself) innovators of the film scene - it was very cool that he could attend and help pimp the release of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK in which he so appropriately played God.

We started at the alien panel - both non-believers which ended with Jen turned believer. They often cite proof as the reason why aliens cannot possibly exist, well one panelist not only had never disproved images, but he supplied verified report after repost of unidentified flying objects and others that simply leave a lot to think about. If I wasn't such a cynical bitch - he would have gotten me to. He did give me a lot to think about.

Next up was the $22 PRO MONSTER MAKER CHALLENGE and the challengers were the stupidly talented Steve Johnson (GHOSTBUSTERS, SPECIES), Dan Rebert (SIX FEET UNDER, TRUE BLOOD), and Todd Masters (everything awesome ever). We were joined by the Zurvived team that covered the event. Well, guess what? You can make some pretty fucking wicked stuff with shit that you probably already have at home in a pinch to get your monster on.

At the challenge, we met the incomparable and charming, Michael Rooker. I really thought that we would at most get a polite chat and he would be on his way to do what actors do - be awesome at a distance. I never thought that not only would we get to chat, but we also got to hang out, and there's nothing quite like talking to the HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER and realize he is one of the coolest guys out there. He would join his good friend, James Gunn (SLITHER, SUPER, PG PORN) a little while later on their panel.

They bicker hilariously like an old married couple (something about being pooped on), but both men are absolutely brilliant in their own respective ways. Michael is a real actor with so much that he brings to his roles. James is a cinematic badass - he can make a flick for cheap and it's going to be gory, sexy, and exciting.

For the event, Todd had hand crafted Rooker's hand for badass flipping off severed hands. These will be on sale, ladies and gentlemen, and I do hope they take Canadian.

Next was the cab ride from hell. The Monster Maker's Bash was only a few minutes away, but we were driven to the middle of fucking nowhere and told to get out at a barred off building. So... $200 later, we arrived at the party and with some tequila, the night was completely awesome again.

The best people on the planet make up the horror community. I can't believe how lucky I got to spend so much time with people who I admire so much and were kind and generous to spend the evening with a couple of rowdy twins. We returned to the Roosevelt around 6am. I would have enjoyed passing out, but there was a mini rave occurring next door. I would find out the following morning that the hellraisers were rocker pedigrees and there were people doing all sorts of mind-expanding substances, even some I had no idea what they were. I think that's the PC way to put it.

We were picking up by dear friends and soon to be Mr. Kristian & Mrs. Fernanda Hanson - with the adorably crude puppet of Jen's dreams - Assly. These two are some of our dearest friends and it was hip as fuck to finally meet them in the flesh. And Assly in the Puppet flesh. We had a date with a real hellraiser - the master of horror himself, Clive Barker, at the Dark Delicacies. Now, HELLRAISER changed my life. I was very young when I saw it and it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. The world of the cenobytes that seduced their victims fascinated me. I had no previous experience with pain and pleasure being intermixed and Pinhead, the gentleman sadist, was a monster that I would never want to fall victim to, but would love to be able to meet.

What I didn't know was that Kristian had gotten one of Clive's novels to us. I had been excitedly chatting about how Clive's work inspired the subject matter in AMERICAN MARY and when we got to the front of the line and went fangirl mute, he refused to let me escape. I told him about the film, how his work changed my life, and you know what? - he stopped the line and we talked about ___________ (sorry that's still a surprise) and he invited us to his home to speak further.

There is a character in the film with his last name in hommage to him and he really dug it. Then the most amazing thing happened - he described the image of Ruby RealGirl that was on our one sheet from the title and mixing the American imagery of beauty with the needless sexual organs of Mary, mother of God. I said, so you've seen our one sheet. No. Fuck off - that IS our one sheet. As I type, a package with DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and some AMERICAN MARY goodies are heading to him.

I'm a highly sentimental girl and this made me cry. Literally, we went to the side to wait to get the contact information and had a wipe tears from our faces. It was literally one of the happiest moments of my life. I will never forget what Kristian and Fernanda did for us. I truly love those two fuckers.

As if that wasn't spoiling enough, they took us to Universal Walk where Jen had her date with Assly at Bubba Gump Shrimp. I bought some red hot heels which have become my lucky heels as this trip has definitely left its mark on me. I drank Duff energy drinks, went to the coolest boutiques, and was thankful that I didn't bring more cash as it would have all been spent at the most amazing comic shop on the planet.

Next we hit up the iconic New Beverly Cinema where DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK was to play on the 28th at Midnight. We ran into the ridiculously talented Tate Steinsiek (FACE OFF) who joined us in our Halloween horror flick picks for Assly's Halloween special. I met the owner, Michael Torgan, who is just as cool as the theater he runs. It was so cool to be standing there were in a few days, folks would go get their DEAD HOOKER on in a special midnight screening. We went back to the hotel to sign a stack of posters to drop off for all attendees.

After that our time was up. We took our severed head and all our goodies to the airport and went back home to Vancouver and back to the lady that I am obsessed with, AMERICAN MARY. Back to full prep mode and I couldn't be happier. That said, I cannot wait to return to that mesmerizing city and the incredible people who I can never thank enough for their kindness. Thank you for having us at the event, monster makers. Thank you for making this possible, Todd. Thank you to my team at Industry Works that got us out there.

And thank you, gentle blog reader. How about we make plans right here and now to meet up at the 2012 Aliens to Zombies Convention? Bloody wicked epic time for all.


Saturday, October 08, 2011

Ravenous Monster's Justin Hamelin Interviews the Twisted Twins

When we say we that the people that dig our work are our reason for getting up in the morning we're not just saying it because it's a nice thing to say. We damn well mean it.

It's a dream come true for a couple of hopeless horror nerds to be creating their own stories and sharing them with the world. What's even cooler is that people like it and we love them for it. It quite literally makes our days to hear from people who have seen DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK or are asking about AMERICAN MARY. And I know I will always be just as excited to hear from anyone who has been so good as to check out our shit and tell their friends.

I was so happy to hear from one Justin Hamelin of RAVENOUS MONSTER. He had seen DHIAT and loved it. Clearly, he's a man of taste. He wanted to chat with us and we're were more than excited for the opportunity to talk with him. And he got in touch with us just before we went into heavy pre-production on MARY and thus have had to shut up for a while (probably for the first time in our lives). That, to us, proved it was meant to be.

Justin is a wicked awesome writer and a truly kick ass human being. He has reviewed our beloved first born baby, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. If you missed out on that, I, as always, have got you covered. Here is his FULL REVIEW OF DHIAT.

And, onto the main course, may I present to you PART ONE OF OUR RAVENOUS MONSTER INTERVIEW.

Stay tuned for Part Two.

And may I just extend our sincere thanks to Justin for taking the time to drop us a line and talk with us. Not to mention, thank you for checking out DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK in the first place.

Bloody Best!