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Appearances Are Everything in Creating Mary Mason

With a tagline like ‘Appearances Are Everything’ - everything about AMERICAN MARY had an huge emphasis on look and presentation. One of the biggest points to hit was our Mary Mason to give her an iconic look, that 1950s glam with surgically stunning attire. Scream Siren Magazine goes into the look of Katharine Isabelle as stunning Mary Mason from makeup to Enigma Arcana’s genius wardrobe in their new issue’s ‘Beyond the Screen’ style section.
”Horror Style Culture. Our mission is to focus on Independent and Foreign Horror films, women in the horror industry, events, edgy artists, killer style and “diy to die for”. We are the essential go-to source for all things horror and culture for women across this zombie infested planet. 10% of each print issue sold will be donated to charities that help women survive and succeed.”

Get inside the mind and creators of American Mary! Scream Sirens goes “Beyond The Screen” style/design and makeup, get yours here!


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"American Mary was one of the most talked about films of FrighFest 2012, and certainly one of the most original.

Writer/director/actresses/twins the Soska sisters (best known individually as Jen and Sylvia, and occasionally known as the Twisted Twins) talk us through some exclusive images from the film in the new issue of Total Film magazine (out now, and available for only £1.99 on your iPad).

On top of that, the Soskas (and one of their actresses, Tristan Risk) have also introduced an exclusive clip from the film, which you can watch below.

American Mary sees strapped-for-cash medical student Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) delving into the weird world of black-market body modifications to earn some extra money.

Watch the clip now."



Spend the Mayan Apocalypse with Us for Merry Christmas Horror Bliss!

Celebrate Christmas and potentially the apocalypse with Jen, me, and Little Miss Risk at The Rio Theatre's bloody horror extravaganza with Jason Eisener's brilliant TREEVENGE before an intro with Steven C Miller and his Santa slaying SILENT NIGHT. 

Show starts at 11pm tomorrow. $8 at the door, or get two bucks off by wearing a hideous Christmas sweater. AND THEY SERVE BOOZE!!! 

Get your cool friends together, come on down for the merriest of horror holiday fun, and get pegged by candy canes in the dark - it's worth the tiny concussion.


Tis the Season!

From the wickedly rad, Christopher Michael Jimenez, of SINFUL CELLULOID. Mary Christmas!!!


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The Rio Grind Film Festival Happened, & It Was Fucking Awesome


Missed the RIO GRIND FILM FEST? For shame. Then, you missed Jen and my intro. It's cool - IF - you come out next year to support the hottest genre film fest on the Canadian West Coast. You will? Ok, we're cool then.


Horror Channel Director's Night Interview

We fucking adore the Horror Channel.

They have been behind these Twisted Twins since we had a DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and in all likeliness if you live in the UK and you've seen DHIAT, it's because of them.

We were and remain ECSTATIC that we have been invited to have our very own DIRECTOR'S NIGHT on the HORROR CHANNEL. That means you get THREE delicious, disturbing, and unforgettable flicks courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Twisted Twins.

On December 27th from 9pm. Please check listings for your time zones ;)

And what's on the menu? Three of our very favorite delights...


It's no secret that we love Clive Barker and that his HELLRAISER and body horror was a massive inspiration behind AMERICAN MARY. It's a classic and a must see for every horror fan and more so, it's a must see you should enjoy over and over again. When's the last time you sat down and watched HELLRAISER?



On one magical day, not too long ago, Sylv and I were playing the "I pick one, you pick one" horror game we love to play. Always on the quest to see every horror movie ever made we dabbling into the french extreme. I pulled out INSIDE and Sylv brought out MARTYRS. Both we had no clue about and that is the best way to go into MARTYRS. If you've seen it, take the ride again. If you haven't, don't read anything about it. Let it blow you away.


Truly a phenomenal film and one that not enough people have seen or even HEARD about. We uncovered this incredible independent Canadian gem one day and we were floored. Again, I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but in a world of careless reboots, heartless remakes, and senseless sequels, a little originality goes a long way. And PONTYPOOL has more than a healthy does. Mayhaps, it's even a delightful overdose of originality. The most important thing is that you share it with as many people as possible. Mainstream films, even and especially the craptastic ones, get millions in advertizing, but the indies need our support and our voices to get them out there. PONTYPOOL deserves it be seen by everyone. It's outstanding.


And tune in on the 27th!! Tweet us! Let us know how you enjoy this collection of dark delicacies!


American Mary (2012): An Interview With The Morally-Corrupt Underground Degenerate Soska Sisters [AUDIO]

Moral corruption at its finest with Sylvia Soska (left) and Jen Soska (right)
I derive a very special kind of pleasure from being called morally corrupt. After all that would put me in some very good company. The latest horror degenerate charged (and this time quite literally) with moral corruption is Canadian FX artist Remy Couture for his "too real" prosthetics and gore.

Recently we had the esteemed pleasure of speaking with Evil Argento of YELL MAGAZINE. We love a man who knows his horror.

Here's a little prelude to our delicious AUDIO INTERVIEW. that's right, boys and grrls. None of that pesky reading with all those damn words. Just click and enjoy.

"Meet the Twisted Sisters (aka, the Soska Twins; aka, Twisted Twins; aka, Morally-Corrupt Underground Degenerates; aka, Jen and Sylvia Soska), two of horror’s most promising prospects. Together they write and direct visceral, intelligent, thought-provoking (if you’re capable of seeing their vision), and bloody awesome films with titles that sell themselves. Seriously, who doesn’t want to see Dead Hooker in a Trunk? Actually, who doesn’t want to see a dead hooker in a trunk? All rancid with gaping maggot-infested wounds?

The twins’ latest film, American Mary, was most recently screened at the Whistler Film Festival, and while we weren’t there to witness the repulsed audience slip on their own vomit as they ran for the exit during the screening of the film, we did see it, review it, and interview the sisters."

Here you are, my dears. Please enjoy THE FULL INTERVIEW AND ARTICLE RIGHT HERE.

And a very special thank you to Evil Argento for chatting with this Twisted Twosome.

Fatally Yours,

MARY Christmas

 It's been one incredible year. AMERICAN MARY has taken the world by storm and we've been lucky enough to along for the wild ride as she made her trek across the globe. It was fucking incredible to not only get to share AMERICAN MARY with the world, but to have such an overwhelming response from critics and fans alike have been a dream come true. This year is coming to an end. A time for new beginnings and to look back and reflect. It's a privilege to see MARY gracing so many lists.  We want to thank each and every person who came out to see the film and spread the news on her. She's only come this far because of you and your support. Thank you more than we can say.
"1. American Mary

Oh, don’t act like you’re surprised. While the rest of this list could be fairly changeable in the numerical order I’ve placed it, American Mary would proudly sit at the top of the pile irrespective of anything else. I’m not sure there’s much more I can say about the film, having briefly reviewed it back in May, and more recently and extensively in August. Many more people have seen the film by now, and the response seems to be overwhelmingly positive. It’s been one of the most highly anticipated and talked about films of the year. With hype, though, comes disappointment and backlash, and the film – quite fairly – has its naysayers. But – *dons hipster glasses* – some of us unreservedly loved the film before the hype machine took over, and for me the film stands up to multiple viewings, and so it shall stand to multiple more." ~ Nia Edwards-Behi
On a personal note, we love Nia. Nia was the first person anywhere ever to screen DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. She's believed in us and supported us from the very beginning. There was no greater feeling than showing her AMERICAN MARY and showing her how far we've come. She'll be among the very first to get to see BOB, as well.
For the FULL REVIEW & LIST click here and PLEASE ENJOY.

"American Mary  
Those with a penchant for the perverse had to search hard for the best of genre cinema. Elijah Wood’s starring turn in Maniac is a masterclass in subliminal horrific intent, but it has only played festival slots to date. The deconstructionist puzzle The Cabin in the Woods finally surfaced to fandom satisfaction. Only Josh Trank’s terrific debut Chronicle got the studio-marketing push denied most other worthy genre works. The hottest new names on the horror scene are Canadian twin sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska, who unleashed upon the world the supremely stylish, body-modification ickiness of American Mary."
 For the FULL LIST, check out SBS Film's FULL LIST right here.
Thank you so much to BRUTAL AS HELL and SBS Film for believing in our independent darling. It's been an incredible year and we have a lot to be thankful for. Thank you for spending it with us and Mary. 
Fatally Yours,

Antonio Cupo Takes the Cover for Impress Mag

Check out the newest Impress Mag featuring American Mary's stunningly talented, Antonio Cupo.

Get yours here!


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Party Hard, Party Hard, Party Hard, Party Hard, Party Hard, Party Hard, Party Hard...

I’m a very lucky girl. I got to spend my day with one of my favourite bands, Anchoress, on their new music video shoot for PARTY HARD. Not only is their music killer, but they are the coolest, most down to earth, hilarious gentlemen you could ever meet.

A huge thanks to the wonderful, Denyss McKnight, for bringing that much awesome in our lives. Cannot wait to share the video and new album with you, guys. It’ll make you want to party hard (for realz)


Horror Calendar Girls for More Horror

Jen and me as October in the 'More Horror Mistresses of Mayhem 2013'. 

Shot by: Shimona Henry
Girls: Bianca Salazar and Jacqueline Breakwell
Gentleman: C. Ernst Harth

For each calendar sold, 48 meals will be given through the charity Feeding America . Click here for yours!


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Send Us Your Mail - Autographs & Letters & Limbs

Hey Ladies & Gentlemen! Got a DVD/BluRay/Poster/what-have-you to get signed? Well, send that shit to our new office and we'll get it back to you!

If you have mail you'd like to send to us or stuff you'd like signed, please send it to our office at:

Twisted Twins Productions
#911 1641 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 2J5, Canada

Jen & Sylv

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Brand New American Mary Trailer

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting American Mary & sharing the new trailer. 

To those of you that haven't had a look & those who want to throw some views in - with a Youtube tally going strong - let's see how many views we can get on this thing!


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Fangoria Sits Down With the Twisted Twins

Sylvia Soska adds, “I think we’re really fucked up, though, because we never thought we were making horror movies; we just made disgusting, horrible things happen. People were like, ‘Oh, it’s a horror movie.’ ‘Oh, I guess if you eviscerate someone, that’s horror.’ ” 
When it comes to their collaborative approach, Jen explains, “We dabble in everything, but we absolutely divide and conquer. With AMERICAN MARY, Syl focused more on our primary cast and our cinematography, and I did a lot of the effects and the prosthetic work as well.” 
Sylvia adds, “Jen’s a real nerd and a stickler for detail, and I just go insane into the look and things like that. I honest to God don’t know how people do it when there’s only one director, because we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off half the time.” 
The so-called “Twisted Twins” are a unique force in the horror genre, and Jen believes that carries over into AMERICAN MARY as well. “It’s unlike anything being made right now. Our goal was to create something very, very different. As long as there’s a reaction; indifference is the worst thing. Either love it or hate it, and I’ll be fucking thrilled.” “Ditto—she stole my answer!” Sylvia deadpans.



New Mary Trailer Released, Clive Barker Shares His Thoughts on the Film


Brand new American Mary trailer, HERE on Empire Magazine Online.
An hommage in character name to one of our biggest inspirations, Clive Barker.

Please take a look and share it with your cool friends. Absolutely blown away by these incredibly kind words from one of our heroes and the artist that first introduced us to body horror.

Antonio Cupo (Billy Barker) & Katharine Isabelle (Mary Mason)

“Fucking amazing. Extraordinary. A really superb picture. 
Katharine Isabelle is awesome. She gives a wonderfully modulated performance. 
It’s disgusting and distressing and the makeup is brilliant. It made me think about the effects of horror. Why is has done what it does to us and why it continues to move us.”  
- Clive Barker

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Jen, Sylv, & Katie Talk Mary to eFilmCritic

Brand new interview with Jen, me, and Katharine Isabelle from eFilmCritic's Jason Whyte?! - well, shit the bed, I'm reading this now ;)

What is the single, greatest movie that you've ever seen at a film festival?
Sylvia: Isabel Peppard's BUTTERFLIES was masterfully created and really touched me. All the crying people who fell under the spell of the beautiful stop motion piece will attest to that. I saw her in the bathroom afterwards and started to cry like a bitch, it was so emotionally accurate and honest, I found it hard to even tell her what it meant to me. One of my favourite new directors that I have discovered at a film festival.
Jen: That's a tough one. MANBORG introduced me to Canadian treasures, filmmakers "Astron-6". I laughed, I "aww~ed", I cheered. It came out of nowhere and we both fell madly in love with the filmmakers, who also appear in the film and the love they have for what they do that just drips off the screen. It was, in all ways, superb. If you don't know Astron-6, check them out and you're welcome.
Katharine: AMERICAN MARY. Seriously. I’m not just saying that. AMERICAN MARY.

Read the whole rad interview HERE!


Two Twins, One Ben

When I got the call to come meet Jen and Sylvia Soska for lunch soon after they’d landed in Melbourne for Monster Fest, I spent the entire time in the car on the way over repeating to myself ‘Be cool. Don’t get nerd goo on them. Be cool. Don’t get nerd goo on them. Be cool…” That mantra flew right out of my head the moment I met them. Talking to Jen and Sylvia is like hanging out with old friends you haven’t seen in a while. Old friends who understand that you’re a little creepy and have almost non-existant social skills and for some reason like you anyway. Old friends who laugh uproariously when the waitress at the restaurant you’re dining at forgets that you’re even there and walks off without taking your order. I knew then that I had met two very special people. 
And because it was like hanging out with old friends, I spent most of my time with them talking comics and bizarre internet porn instead of, say, getting an interview with them for the Monster Pictures website. So then I had the great idea of getting my very talented and hardworking colleague Zak Hepburn to come up with some interview questions that I could then take credit for and get the sisters to answer them while they were in Sydney, Perth or Brisbane, because you know, what is there to do in those cities besides sit in your hotel room and type stuff out on a computer? Of course none of that mattered because I didn’t email them the said questions until they were on the plane headed back home anyway. Lucky for me the twins are on the ball and I found all the questions answered and sitting in my inbox before anyone could get fired *cough* and now I present them for your reading pleasure.

READ THE WHOLE INTERVIEW HERE! Also, it's no holds barred, so enjoy the brutal honesty and cussin'.


God Bless American Mary

 "American Mary is a dazzlingly audacious sophomore effort from the Vancouver-based twisted twin sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska. With this new picture, the sisters are on (at least for some) shaky moral ground (and/or crack), but happily, they maintain the courage of their convictions and do not tread lightly upon it. This movie is some mighty nasty stuff - replete with elements of slashing satire that hack away and eventually tear open "normally" accepted versions of right and wrong whilst grasping the exposed nerve endings of morality, holding them taught and playing the jangling buggers like violin strings. The picture will provoke, anger, disgust, horrify and scandalize a multitude of audiences - it's one grim, horrific and darkly hilarious fairy tale. On its surface, the picture is a rape revenge fantasy set against the backdrop of body modification, but deep below, it roils with the sort of subversion Canadian filmmakers have become famous for all over the world." - Greg Klymiw, Klymiw's Film Corner (full article
 "American Mary is a psychological thrill-ride that will make you question your own morals as it pushes your tolerances to new limits. At the very least, it will ask you how far you’re willing to let someone go before telling them enough is 
enough. At the same time, there are enough visceral moments with excellent special effects to satisfy gore hounds. There are some moments when you’ll be forced to “suspend” your reality, but if you go with it, you’ll have a great experience with Bloody Mary." - Evil Argento, YELL Magazine (full article)
"When a movie has been kicking around the film festival circuit and winning as many accolades as American Mary has, bloated expectations are to be expected. Does it really live up to the hype or is it now a matter of a movie winning awards simply because it's already won everything else? In this instance, American Mary is a rarity. Not only does it live up to expectation, it surpasses it." - Marina Antunes, Quiet Earth (full article)
"The practical effects in AM are gore-geous. Todd Masters and the aptly named MASTERSFX are truly disgusting. Yet, this isn’t a gore-fest like say, A Serbian Film. The violence is subtle, often just hinted at, or cut away from. When the lea
kage and cuts are shown they are unnerving, yet the time they aren’t shown, when the imagination fills in the gaps are almost worse. Don’t think the Soskas don’t realize this. They know how to get under your skin. How to leave a lasting scar.

The growth between their first film, and this film is incredibly impressive. Not only is the tone much darker, but the camera work has switched from a cinema verite style, to a much more stable style of camera work. It’s nice, especially in this world of found footage-athons, and shaky cam films which block out the sun. Imagine it, skillful framing, and shots designed to hold an image in the frame, and not zoom right the Hell past it before we can even appreciate the composition. Truly surgical precision is used in these shots. The cinematography is inspiring, and all praise goes to Brian Pearson for that.

There are still great one-liners, but the writing has also evolved. We are still treated to some familiar Soska themes and devices. The film stays true to the style they’ve developed, yet shows a whole new shade of black, all the more obsidian. If Dead Hooker was cooked medium, American Mary is positively charred."
- Sean Thompson, Spooky Bloggery (full article)

Meet The Twisted Twins, at BIFF

Jen and I finished our fantastic whirlwind tour of Australia, thanks to the amazing people of Monster Pictures, with a screening at the Brisbane International Film Festival! There we popped into an alley, I flashed my La Senza pinks (I guess always wear black with a skirt that fabulous), made sure we could cuss, and got to the real meat and potatoes of AMERICAN MARY.


Please enjoy this interview. It's chalk full of twinny goodness and has some peaks at scenes in the film that you probably have not seen as of yet. MROW!!


American Mary Has US Distribution Through XLrator Media

American Mary is coming to the US. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. XLrator Media, the team that released THE BRAWLER, will be bringing AMERICAN MARY to America.

"LOS ANGELES (Dec. 5, 2012) – XLrator Media has acquired all U.S. rights to the horror sensation, AMERICAN MARY, written and directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska (Dead Hooker in a Trunk). The female-centric surgical horror-thriller will be released on XLrator Media’s newly announced Screamfest label in Fall 2013. AMERICAN MARY follows the story of medical student Mary Mason (played by Katharine Isabelle of the Ginger Snaps franchise) as she grows increasingly broke and disenchanted with medical school and the surgeons she once admired. The allure of easy money and notoriety send Mary into the shady world of underground surgery and body modification."



Monday, December 03, 2012

The First Weekend's Club Captures the Q & A of AMERICAN MARY at the Whistler film Festival

Actress and burlesque performer, Tristan Risk, who plays the exotic and captivating Beatress Johnson in AMERICAN MARY, is asked how her burlesque background came into use in the role.

Director and writer of AMERICAN MARY, Sylvia Soska, speaks about the creative process of the film and how much body modification was an inspiration for the project and the role that it played.

Leading lady of AMERICAN MARY, Katharine Isabelle, talks about the project and the character of Mary Mason.

Thank you so much to the First Weekend's Club for capturing this wonderful experience and the very first time that all five women of AMERICAN MARY, Jen Soska, Tristan Risk, Paula Lindberg, Katharine Isabelle, and Sylvia Soska have been together for a festival screening. So proud that it happened in Canada.

Whistler Film Festival Photo Diary for American Mary

Jen Soska, Katharine Isabelle, and Sylvia Soska on the Red Carpet
Jen Soska, Tristan Risk, and Sylvia Soska sitting pretty post screening
Katharine Isabelle on the Red Carpet before the AM screening
The beautiful miss Katharine Isabelle
Jen Soska, festival director & founder Shauna Hardy Mishaw, and Sylvia Soska
Jen Soska, festival programmer and badass Paul Gratton, & Sylvia Soska
The Soska Sisters aka The Twisted Twins and the sensational Sparks Twins
The Twisted Twins and The Sparks Twins, together at last
The Twisted Twins chatting with the Hollywood Reporter at Whistler
The Twisted Twins at the Sorel Suite with their beautiful new Sorels!
Jen Soska, Katharine Isabelle, and Sylvia Soska at the American Mary Red Carpet

The Twisted Twins with Glen Schaefer of The Province at Whistler Film Fest

"Twin writer-directors Jen and Sylvia Soska pushed some buttons at the Whistler Film Festival with a late-night screening of American Mary, their thriller about a med student who drops out to do black-market body-modification surgeries.
Walk through the Whistler village centre with the self-styled Twisted Twins, and they stand out like a pair of ravens at a Canada Goose convention, as they have a good cackle about the wholesome mountain types who walked out in the movie’s first half.

It’s been such a long time since we’ve had a quiet audience, or people walking out,” Jen says. The two just returned from a cross-country tour of Australia before Whistler, and earlier screened the film at festivals in Europe and the U.S. Whistler was the B.C. debut for the Vancouver-filmed movie.

They’re  not used to having extreme content, not that I would call American Mary having extreme content,” Jen says.

Indeed, if the film draw winces, it’s more through implied violence and gore.

Clearly, the Soskas clash with the Whistler vibe – the pair even got lost a couple of times."

~ Glen Schaefer

Fatally Yours, 

Meet the Artists Behind AMERICAN MARY at the Whistler Film Festival

Sylvia Soska, Katharine Isabelle, and I get to chat about American Mary at the Whistler Film Festival.


"Some people think that horror films are some sort of second class filmmaking, and the only way to bypass that thinking is being proud of the fact that we do it."
-Clive Barker

It is still true. The best film that I saw at the Whistler Film Festival? THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ROSALIND LEIGH. A masterfully told, meticulously shot, and brilliantly put together suspenseful original piece that I'm still thinking about today by the wonderful
Rodrigo Gudiño of RUE MORGUE.

It is a privilege and an honour to have the opportunity to make horror films. Anyone who sees the genre as a second class form of filmmaking has no idea what the fuck they are talking about.

Please enjoy and seek out this film as soon as it becomes available. It will be coming out from the ones who are bringing out all the best in horror, ANCHOR BAY.


American Mary kommt ungeschnitten nach Deutschland

Vor einigen Tagen haben wir euch über die britischen DVDs und Blu-rays des Films „American Mary“ mit Katharine Isabelle berichtet. Bei dem Film handelt es sich um den zweiten Spielfilm von Jen und Sylvia Soska - auch bekannt als The Twisted Twins - die zuvor den Film „Dead Hooker in a Trunk“ realisiert haben.

Universal Pictures hat nun angekündigt, dass der Film im 1. Quartal 2013 in Deutschland auf DVD und Blu-ray erscheinen wird. Dazu wurde der Film bereits der FSK zur Prüfung vorgelegt. Mit einer Laufzeit von 98:10 Minuten (25fps) erhielt der Film eine Altersfreigabe ab 18 Jahren. Dies entspricht der Laufzeit aus der BBFC-Datenbank, sodass man von der ungeschnittenen Filmfassung ausgehen kann.

Der Film soll am 28. März 2013 erscheinen.

Bestellen bei

AMERICAN MARY to hit Germany courtesy of Universal Pictures

Springtime for Soskas! ATTENTION GERMANY!! Big American Mary news from Universal Pictures!

Some days ago we reported you over the British DVDs and Blu rays of the film "American Mary" with Katharine Isabelle. The film is the second feature film of Jen and Sylvia Soska - also well known as The Twisted Twins - their first film being "Dead Hooker in a Trunk".

Universal Pictures announced now that the film in the 1st quarter 2013 in Germany will appear on DVD and Blu ray. In addition the film of already the FSK was produced to the test. With a running time of 98:10 minutes (25fps), the film received an age release from 18 years. This corresponds the running time out of the BBFC database so that one can come from the ungeschnittenen film frame.

The film should appear on the 28th of March 2013. 

American Mary Hits Germany!

Springtime for Soskas! ATTENTION GERMANY!! Big American Mary news from Universal Pictures!

Some days ago we reported you over the British DVDs and Blu rays of the film “American Mary” with Katharine Isabelle.  The film is the second feature film of Jen and Sylvia Soska - also well known as The Twisted Twins - their first film being “Dead Hooker in a Trunk”.   
Universal Pictures announced now that the film in the 1st quarter 2013 in Germany will appear on DVD and Blu ray.  In addition the film of already the FSK was produced to the test.  With a running time of 98:10 minutes (25fps), the film received an age release from 18 years.  This corresponds the running time out of the BBFC database so that one can come from the ungeschnittenen film frame.   
The film should appear on the 28th of March 2013.  



Dead Hooker in a Trunk On The Sundance Channel!

Hey Canada - catch DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK on the Sundance Channel on December 10th at 12am EST & 3am EST! 

Wandering home at 3am, a film called  Dead Hooker in a Trunk is on, and the world is a beautiful place.