Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Traumatic Cinematic Talks to the Twisted Twins

"AL: What does Women in Horror Month mean to you ladies personally? Does it hit close to home for you? 
SS: WiH is a celebration for the under-recognized heroes that have pioneered and changed the industry in so many ways. There is a misconception that horror doesn’t appeal to women, the roles within it are misogynistic, and that women are not working behind the scenes to tell these stories. If we can change that viewpoint in horror, where we have this huge uphill battle for reassessment on gender equality, then there is hope for the rest of the industry.

JS: I feel it is about equality, celebration, and recognition. We should be well versed about the history of our industry and I was surprised how little I knew, initially, about the women who were our earliest trail blazers. It’s because they are simply not celebrated nor recognized to the level that they should. It’s also important to recognize that sexism is not a male against female issue as some of the most derogatory, sexist remarks out there come from girls being hateful of other women. And there are some phenomenal male feminists out there."

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

We Live Film Talks to the Twisted Twins

"1. February is ‘Women In Horror’ Recognition Month. Who are your favorite female film directors? 
Sylvia: Mary Harron is the reason why I went into directing, she’s phenomenal. Alice Guy-Blache pioneered early cinema and the industry wouldn’t be what it is today without her contributions. Dorothy Arzner is hugely inspirational as the only female director during Hollywood’s golden age. I’m a big Punisher fan and loved Lexi Alexander’s vision and she’s got real balls, I really admire her. I’m really looking forward to Tammi Sutton’s Isle of Dogs this year! Also, Kathryn Bigelow is brilliant.

en: That’s tough. There are so many women that inspire us and our work. Jennifer Chambers Lynch is amazing. I love her body horror. She’s so unique and original. BOXING HELENA is one of our favorite films. I am so honored to be working with her and Mary Harron, Jovanka Vuckovic, and Karyn Kusama on XX. We also had the amazing opportunity to work with a collection of phenomenal female filmmakers for this year’s WiHM Massive Blood Drive. Maude Michaud, Patricia Chica, Isabel Peppard, Jessica Cameron, and WiHM founder herself, Hannah Neurotica."
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Viewing

"With Valentine’s Day imminent, Fangoria has decided our round of Valentine’s lists was just missing something. After all, we hoped our eclectic and eerie choices would help provide a gruesome alternative for any horror fan’s romantic evening. Perhaps, some of our readership may truly believe that romance is dead, and perhaps, that required some further convincing.

So FANGORIA reached out to Jen and Sylvia Soska, writers/directors of last year’s fan favorite AMERICAN MARY, and asked if they could add their twisted touch to the proceedings. Luckily, they obliged, offering us their top ten romantic horror films, guaranteed to warm even the deadest of hearts. So trust the twins and let these films become psychotic staples of your Valentine’s Day!"

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WiH Massive Blood Drive PSA 2014!!!


HERE IT IS, BOYS AND GRRLS!!! Our 2014 Collaborative Women In Horror Recognition Month Massive Blood Drive PSA with Patricia Chica Filmmaker, Actress Jessica Cameron, Hannah Neurotica, Isabel Peppard, Maude Michaud, and Your Friendly Neighborhood Twisted Twins, me and my doppelganger, Sylvia Soska.

Every Women In Horror Recognition month, we encourage everyone across the world to donate blood for the WiHM Massive Blood Drive. You can't think horror without thinking blood and the main reason most people don't donate is because they're afraid of needles. It's time to be brave, roll up your sleeves, and give. You can donate everywhere and anywhere. Send in your photos and do a truly selfless act. After all, it's in you to give.

PLEASE share and enjoy. We wanna see pics of you donating and your own PSAs!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jennifer Cooper on the Twisted Twins

"Jen and Sylvia Soska - It Takes More than Just Good Looks to Get Them to Where They Are Now. They Work Hard, and Still Have Fun!" 
- Jennifer Cooper

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Troma Surprise Engagement at SDCC!


This was so fucking cute - we got to be the fake out at the beginning of a Troma marriage proposal at San Diego Comic-Con! Happy marriage to y'all.
"The most original marriage proposal ever occurred at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con!"


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tavern of Terror Talks Twisted Twins

"And the Soskas, I've seen larger, widely read blogs, that bemoan the fact that they're attractive young women who dress like attractive young women have every right to, so this somehow cheapens the quality work they've done thus far. Just what the righteous fuck does their clothes and curves have to do with what they do behind the camera? Please explain! Frankly, I like looking at Jen & Sylvia, if they're using their looks to market what they do, then good on them! If one random dude sees a photo of them, likes what he sees, and rents/buys a copy of "American Mary" out of curiosity, then-mission accomplished!! And, also, fuck that!! Nobody is telling Norman Reedus to look even more greasy than he already does (seriously ladies, what's the fucking deal? 'Cause you all know if you saw Daryl Dixon on the street, you'd be like "ewwwwwww! who's the smelly hill-jack?") because it somehow de-legitimizes "The Walking Dead"! Grow up, some chicks are hot, and they have actual functioning brains, and they make cool shit-deal or move the fuck on."

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See No Evil 2 Release Date?

Whoa, Yahoo News - could this be true?

"The Soska Sisters’ “See No Evil 2″ will also be released by Lionsgate in October."

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Monday, February 10, 2014

American Mary, ja?

"Look who made it into the new issue of Redrum - Das Filmmagazin again 
The article is about the meanest girls in movie history. Our beloved Mary is just next to Annie Wilkes and Pamela Voorhees  
I hope someday I can put an article about you two inside the magazine, that would be awesome!

Greetings from Berlin, Germany!" - Christopher Reuter

Would love it!!!!


Scream Kingdom Talks Women In Horror

"The inaugural episode of my new podcast "The Scream Kingdom" is live-with news about Chainsaw Sally, Alexis Iacono, Time To Kill, Deidre Stephens Cemetery Temple and the kingdom becomes a "Queendom" when Canada invades in the form of Actress Jessica Cameron, Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska who discuss sex bias issues for Women In Horror Recognition Month! Sponsored by horrormerch.com!"


Bloody Disgusting Talks WiH with Hannah Neurotica

"WiHM Founder, Hannah Neurotica Forman, decided such a month should be set in place after becoming engrossed in feminist studies during college, while at the same time indulging a deep passion for horror and slasher films—leading to feelings of feminist guilt and discomfort. Loving these films yet understanding why they were problematic sparked an internal conflict for Hannah. She felt guilty. It wasn’t until she discovered Carol Clover, author of Men, Women, and Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film that Hannah was able to reconcile these two passions. Loving horror and fighting for women’s rights didn’t have to be oil and water.

Although she initially faced a few disgruntled consumers, the cause gets stronger each year, bringing in new advocates and fans in droves. Two of WiHM’s biggest advocates are those sexy albeit crazy twisted twins, literally The Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska. Best known for their unapologetic attitude toward horror, and female-driven genre films Dead Hooker in a Trunk and the recent cult success American Mary."

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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Get All The Tracks from American Mary to Treat your Ears to Rad!

Love the American Mary OST? There is no official soundtrack release - but you can still get all the music HERE!!

The link will bring you to every track and make it possible for you to make your own playlist. Thank you for listening and please support these fantastic artists.